Domenicali nearly quit over Abu Dhabi error

2011 F1 season

Sergio Marchionne, Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari, 2010

Sergio Marchionne, Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari, 2010

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali said he almost quit after Fernando Alonso missed out on the drivers’ title last year.

But Domenicali said he still thinks he’s the “right person” to lead Ferrari despite the strategy error in Abu Dhabi which harmed Alonso’s chances.

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica he said:

After Abu Dhabi I raised the issue personally. I asked whether it was right or not that I stayed. […]

But I reached the conclusion that resigning would be a mistake. I know the team and I know that I am the right person to capitalise on all we have sown in these months.

From the point of view of the methodology, at Maranello, we have changed almost everything and I am sure we will soon see the results of a lot of work.
Stefano Domenicali

Looking ahead to 2011, he expects the changes to the cars – such as the moveable rear wings – to have a significant effect:

On the track we should have to get used to a small revolution, it will no longer be automatic that the person who starts from pole position will have a clear road to the victory. Strategy will be important.
Stefano Domenicali

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33 comments on Domenicali nearly quit over Abu Dhabi error

  1. Mike said on 5th January 2011, 9:34

    “I thought about leaving but I decided not to.”

    Hmmm, how heroic of you.
    Of course, this is all just PR to appease the angry tifosi, I don’t think anyone can be blamed for the pitstop in Abu Dhabi, It very well could have turned into a genius stratagem. It’s the opposite of Kamui’s overtaking, That could have gone very, very wrong. But as it didn’t, He’s widely thought of as a fantastic driver.

  2. Maksutov said on 6th January 2011, 13:37

    Domenicali nearly quit he says?

    I heard that before. Please, just quit already and be done with it.

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