Toyota TF110 in Stefan GP colours

The missing 2010 F1 car: Stefan GP’s Toyota TF110

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Toyota TF110 in Stefan GP colours

These pictures show the Toyota TF110 chassis in the colours Stefan GP hoped to race it in 2010.

Stefan GP planned to take the place of US F1 after the team pulled out shortly before the season began. However the FIA did not grant them permission to compete.

Two TF110 chassis were built but not raced by Toyota as they pulled out at the end of 2010.

This car, TF110-01, was eventually driven by Toyota-backed driver Kazuki Nakajima in a private test session last year.

The car is pictured in its ‘testing specification’. A race upgrade package was also planned which included an exhaust-blown diffuser as several teams ran in 2010.

It also featured alterations to the front and rear wings. The team did not have an F-duct for the car, although according to Toyota “we had done plenty of work on rear-wing stalling”.

A second chassis, which remained in black, has not turned a wheel.

Stefan GP applied for the 13th grid slot again in 2011 but no team was awarded the place.

Here are a few technical details on the car:

Engine: Toyota RVX-10, 2.4-litre 90-degree V8. Limited to 18,000 rpm, produces “over 700 bhp”.
Transmission: Toyota seven-speed unit plus reverse with a Toyota-designed main case.
Dampers: ?hlins
Wheels: BBS forged magnesium
Electronics: Toyota / Magneti Marelli / McLaren Electronic Systems

Weight: 620 kg including driver
Overall length: 5050 mm
Overall height: 950 mm
Overall width: 1800 mm
Wheelbase: 3300 mm

Here are the pictures of the Toyota TF110 in Stefan GP colours:

Stefan GP

Image ?? Toyota Motorsport Gmbh

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  1. It’s a shame the car was never raced, but it would’ve only made sense if Toyota had stayed. Stefan GP had no business being on the grid, from all reports. It also would’ve been confusing seeing bright red cars that were not Ferrari on the grid. I’m by no means a Ferrari fan, but I have massive respect for the team and its history, and if I were fielding a team in F1 bright red is the last color I would think of painting my car. It could be acceptable for another Italian team (as it’s their national racing color as has been pointed out), but for anyone else it’s just kind of silly.

  2. The team that never was. I felt bad for Toyota as this is really their car, and it would have been good for the sport to have kept a powerful outfit like them involved, even if it was as new privateer team.

    If BAR Honda can end up as Mercedes, its a shame that Toyota couldn’t have a second chance as Stefan GP. The FIA only stopped them because of Mosleys comments about ‘Serbian vultures’ when US F1 announced they were pulling out. I would love to have seen them race

    1. Look at Red Andy’s comments above. The Stefanovic operation seems to be a lot of smoke and mirrors, like USF1. And we all know how that turned out.

  3. The naked photo reveals something I had not noticed on recent GP cars: just how much surface area they are able to give the radiators.

    I had no idea they were situated in such a way as to give them that much space.

  4. Has everyone who are saying it’s a shame this never raced forgetting just how rubbish the Toyota’s were as a factory team? What makes you think they would have been any better as a customer supplier? I for one was glad to see the back of them, they were an embarrassment to Toyota.

    1. Toyota had potential they just didn’t know what to do with it. Melbourne 09, they started at the back of the grid and finished 3rd and 4th, a huge achievement. It was just overshadowed by the Brawn miracle. If Toyota could have kept up that momentum they would have definitely been a podium contender this past season at the least.

  5. It is just me or most of the current Ferrari model its inspired by Toyota ’09 car?

  6. It would of been great to see these cars race for sure…. just to see if they were rubbish or not..
    looking at the pictures I can’t help but wonder if those slits in the air intake were to feed air to the “Super Diffuser”… it looks like there’s a tunnel following the intake down that way… and the nose is so thin at the tip… they definitely had the Red Bull bumps… :)

    1. and the front wing is a piece of art…

  7. Looks like the theme is that its a shame that it never raced. I would have liked stefan gp to race. Although it would have been wierd having a new team doing so well. To me brawn wasn’t he same as it was pretty much the same team with a different name.

  8. The side view reminds me of the sauber c30

  9. Sauber c29* my bad

  10. It looks like Stefan actually could have been pretty serious about what they were doing.

    Of course, whatever potential they had would have been squandered by their Nakajima-Villeneuve driver lineup.

  11. TF110 seems to generate the same amount of downforce or more than the race-winning cars in 2010 including the championship winner RB6 judged by information gathered from former TMG engineers having transferred to the other teams and TMG R&D service offering to F1 team clients after the withdraw, said TMG in japanese media.

    I’m afraid the car couldn’t run F1 even once due to financial problem of Stefan GP and HRT which were introduced to TMG from Mr.E. There are the other candidate that chinese investors group ha ve an interest in setting up an new team but he hesitates to introduce it to TMG because of twice breakdown.

    By the way, Kazuki Nakajima came home to japan and will race in Formula Nippon and SuperGT…

  12. I think realistically, if Toyota had run this car, it’s fair to say it would have at least continued their average involvement in the sport. On the other hand, Had Stefan taken over, I doubt it would have gone any better than either a massive flop, or result in a story as hilarious as Andrea Moda.

    1. Wow! Hadn’t read that, or ever seen the site I’m embarrassed to say. Thanks for the link, that’s quite an amusing read!

      1. In came Roberto Moreno, who admirably for the love of the sport would drive a wheelie bin if it was offered to him

        My personal favourite line. I think him and HRT would go together well, to bad it’s past his time.

  13. It was somehow sad to see that some team like HRT & Virgin racing turned out into the 2010 grid out of no where & then the FIA didn’t granted the slot for Stefan GP who were really the Toyota outfit.They may not have been the best car on the grid but still they would have performed much better then the three new teams.

    1. How exactly where they Toyota? They had no funding, no resources, no experienced personnel apart from mr spy gate, and only two chassis with no way to replacing one if it got damaged.

  14. is it for sale? or has pirelli bought it?

    and damn, they actually looked like they would have been fast

    1. Pirelli used the ’09 chassis, not this one.

  15. why not allow them to race? they are clearly able too. the more the merrier i say, what is the point in not allowing a 13th team? i just don’t see it at all.

    makes you sick sometimes this sport! (overreaction)

  16. It could have been the class of the field or it could have been a flop. No real way of knowing now.

    Certainly looks the part, especially when compared to any of the other new teams cars.

  17. Can they not get a cupple of sets of brigstone f1 tires now the fia cant stop them since they ended there contract get klien or chandhok or someone in it put it roud silverstone on a track day see how it would have peformed against the 2010 lot????

  18. STRFerrari4Ever
    10th January 2011, 17:34

    That car would’ve been quite something. A real shame that it never got to battle it out with the RB6, F10, MP4/25, R30 & the W01.

  19. I read in F1racing once that it could’ve been a championship contender as Toyota had allegedly corrected any mistakes on the TF109. Note that the person that said this was a former member of the team but it still looks like we’ll never know whether or not he was exaggerating.

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