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McLaren deny black livery rumours

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In today’s round up: McLaren stay silver, “Senna” release date and Renault’s livery launch.


McLaren on Twitter (TheFifthDriver)

“Black livery? Er, no: the same Rocket Red & chrome finish that you’ve grown to love since Vodafone McLaren Mercedes was born in 2007. That’s official, by the way!”

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F1 Fanatic on Twitter

“The “Senna” movie officially opens in the UK on June 3rd – read the F1 Fanatic review here: “Senna” movie review. Sorry but no new information on USA/South Africa/other releases of “Senna” but that may change after the Sundance Festival.”

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Bahrain to hold classic McLarens display (ITV-F1)

“A collection of McLaren’s historic Formula 1 cars ranging from the late-1960s to the present day will go on display at the season-opening grand prix of 2011 in Bahrain.”

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Renault to unveil 2011 livery at ASI (Autosport)

“The expected black and gold design will make its first public appearance on January 13 at the Autosport show in Birmingham.”

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What were the top sporting moments of 2010? (CNN World Sport Blog)

Fernando Alonso was in pole position for the title with Vettel’s fellow Red Bull driver Mark Webber just behind. But it was the German who ended up as the champion, although he didn?t know it until after the chequered flag.”

Comment of the day

KaIIe voted for Alain Prost in yesterday’s Champion of Champions round – but clearly has a lot of respect for Keke Rosberg:

Being a Finn it?s hard to vote against Keke, but clearly Prost wins this round. However, based on pure entertainment value, Rosberg should win this. The overtaking moves he managed to pull off, the incredibly difficult races he won (International Trophy at Silverstone ’78, Monaco ’83, Dallas ’84 etc…).

And to me Keke is one of the most deserving champions of all time. Why? Because he won his championship in a much inferior car. Not many drivers managed to win their championship in a car that didn?t win the constructor?s title as well. Saying that the title was gifted to him is in my opinion completely wrong. Eleven drivers managed to win a race that year ?ǣ that?s more than twice as many as 2010. 1982 was probably the craziest season ever in F1.

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From the forum

Icthyes suggests an alternative to Champion of Champions: Bridesmaid of Bridesmaids.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Sparckus!

On this day in F1

Ferrari launched their F2008 on this day three years ago. It is the most recent Ferrari to have won a championship title, taking that year’s constructors’ championship:

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