Brundle and Coulthard take over from Legard at BBC

2011 F1 season

Sebastian Vettel, Martin Brundle, Jake Humphrey, David Coulthard, Yas Marina, 2010

Sebastian Vettel interviewed by the BBC's Martin Brundle with Jake Humphrey and David Coulthard

The BBC will pair two ex-Formula 1 drivers in the commentary booth in 2011 after replacing Jonathan Legard as lead commentator.

A BBC source confirmed to F1 Fanatic that Martin Brundle will take over Legard’s role and David Coulthard will join him there.

An official announcement from the BBC is expected soon.

Legard sent the following Tweet:

Life moves on. Ask Nick Heidfeld or Narain Karthikeyan. You never know what’s next. To the critical and the complimentary, thanks for the company.
Jonathan Legard

Brundle and Legard have commentated together since the BBC resumed its F1 broadcasts in 2009.

Update: BBC have officially announced the change. Their head of F1 Ben Gallop said they wanted to use the ‘combined expertise’ of two racing drivers:

We’re always looking for ways to take our Formula 1 coverage to another level ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ and for 2011 we have an exciting new combination in the commentary box.

We’re keen to make the most of Martin Brundle’s wealth of broadcasting experience and his popularity with the audience by giving him the role of lead commentator and putting him alongside David Coulthard ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ one of the biggest names in British motorsport and a skilled race analyst.

We want to tap into their combined on-track expertise ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ together, they will provide our viewers with more immediate discussion, analysis and debate as the action happens. The results of screen tests have been very impressive and we are convinced this combination will deliver a fantastic commentary for our audience for what promises to be a thrilling 2011 season.

The change of direction we are taking unfortunately means there is no place for Jonathan Legard in our commentary set-up. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan for his great work over the last two seasons. He is a first-rate journalist and broadcaster who has been a core member of our team ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ helping to re-establish BBC Sport as the nation’s F1 broadcaster. We wish him all the very best for the future.
Ben Gallop

Coulthard added:

I’m very excited to be joining forces with Martin in this new role of co-commentator.

F1 is all about challenging yourself and this will be a big challenge for me, but one that I am looking forward to. There is a great team on the BBC F1 show and we’re looking forward to the year ahead and to bringing something new to our loyal viewers.
David Coulthard

And Brundle welcomed his new commentary partner:

I’m absolutely delighted and very motivated that BBC Sport has asked me to become the lead Formula 1 commentator, alongside David Coulthard.

We have been friends, rivals and colleagues for 18 years and, combined, we have driven in more than 400 F1 Grands Prix and attended over 700. I’ve never felt more passionate about Formula 1 and I can’t wait to get started.
Martin Brundle

Image ?ι?® Red Bull/Getty images

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238 comments on Brundle and Coulthard take over from Legard at BBC

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  1. tobinen said on 12th January 2011, 9:58

    My tuppence worth:

    Brundle can have a job for life as far as I’m concerned. Legard had to go, Too many mistakes and his commentary just grated, for me anyway.

    I still think Ted Kravitz would be ideal for the main commentator with Brundle. He has the voice for it and surely must have the knowledge after all these years.

    The BBC MUST declare DC’s employment with Red Bull at every race. Take Turkey last yeat – he couldn’t put across an unbiased view so he sat on the fence. I don’t want that.

    James Allen never did it for me. He doesn’t have the voice for it but no doubt he is knowledgeable.

    Eddie Jordan is good for comedy value and occasional gems so I’m ok with him staying.

    David Croft will always be a darts commentator for me! And Anthony Davidson’s poor grammar just winds me up so he can stay on the radio where I don’t have to listen to him.

    Let’s see how we go! DC is my main concern but I’ll give him the benefit of doubt for the first few races.

    • tobinen said on 12th January 2011, 10:01

      Forgot to mention Humphrey. I don’t like him but I know I’m probably in the minority on that. I just can’t put my finger on exactly why. Too many questions beginning with “How…?” is one part of it. Reminds me of Steve “magnolia paint” Ryder. Just not right IMO.

  2. Speckled Jim (@) said on 12th January 2011, 12:48

    See now Tobinen you can rest easy mate, you are not in the minority at all on that issue. Jake seems to me as a football focus type rather than an F1 presenter. Nothing against him personally though.

    For myself with DC, Im not sure this is the right gig for him. But having said that,a f**kin speak your weight machine would be better than Legard. At least he wasn’t replaced by another football fanatic who wouldn’t know a DFV from HNC. Just hope David & Martin can keep us all interested and have a bit of a sense of humour with it all. Not be to clinical. Good luck guys.

  3. Steven (@modtl) said on 12th January 2011, 12:56

    Feel sorry for Jonathan Legard. He was hated for not being Ben Edwards and when he started he was good enough but he ended up trying too hard to satisfy all his haters and it ended up making his commentary worse. I wish him all the best in the future.

  4. Freeman said on 12th January 2011, 13:53

    Congrats to all of you who get to watch BBC. Legard was appalling even compared to James Allen. Wouldn’t it be even better if Crofty alongside Brundle?

    Meanwhile, us Asians here have to live with Steve Slater…

  5. David Johnson said on 12th January 2011, 19:27

    No more Legard…and coverage in HD…yipeee !!

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