Adrian Newey on the Red Bull X2010

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Red Bull X2010

Red Bull X2010

How fast could an F1-style car go if it wasn’t bound by the rules?

Red Bull design Adrian Newey has explored the idea by creating an imaginary car for “Gran Turismo 5″, which was released last year.

He talks about the project in the video below:

If we didn’t have regulations the opportunity exists to make a car that would be really quite obscenely fast quick around a lap. But it would be pretty uncomfortable to drive because the G-forces would be so high.
Adrian Newey

As seen the video a full-size but non-functioning model of the X2010 (previously called the X1) has been built. It was on show at the official “Gran Turismo 5″ launch party in Madrid, and is likely to be displayed at future events elsewhere.

Red Bull say they don’t know how much it would cost to build the car but it theoretically could be done. The design obeys all physical laws.

However they added that with their engineers working full-time on the F1 project it could prove difficult to find someone to build it even if the money was available.

Have you driven the X2010 in Gran Turismo 5? Let us know in the comments.

Red Bull X2010 pictures

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66 comments on Adrian Newey on the Red Bull X2010

  1. :/

  2. SeattleChris said on 2nd March 2011, 9:59

    Can anyone explain to me how the car in the above picture would have more downforce than the current F1 cars? To me it looks as though it may have less drag, but unless there is a magic floor this car would not corner so very well… comparatively to an F1 car (my car, oh sure).

    • It has a fan which sucks air from the underside of the car, lowering the pressure and therefore creating more downforce. Also has a rear spoiler twice the width of current F1 cars.

  3. I say. The Logitech driving force has totally changed the way I play the game. Way faster laps due to smoother lines and control. And I got one for 129$ CAD. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! And as for why it has more downforce then the current F1 cars is due to a turbine assist to suck the car to the road. It has more then twice the down force in its settings. 150 front and 200 rear where the F1 in the game is I think 70 front and 90 rear.

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