Ferrari to launch 2011 F1 car on January 28th

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Ferrari F10 launch

Ferrari will launch their 2011 F1 car on January 28th.

The team will reveal the successor to the F10 live on their official website.

This is the earliest launch of a 2011 F1 car announced so far. Ferrari were also the first team to launch their 2010 car, exactly one year earlier.

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Image ?? Ferrari spa

27 comments on “Ferrari to launch 2011 F1 car on January 28th”

  1. So Ferrari wants to beat the competition again (werent they first last year as well?).

    Lets hope it is more of a WOW event than last year, when the comments were more on what part was nicked from whom and what was kept of the F60!

    1. But that’s been Ferrari’s way for a while now. They take the best parts of the previous year and work them all together. It’s a quick way to make an efficient car, but it lacks the truly innovative and dramatic ideas that others have come up with, the perfect case-in-point being McLaren’s F-duct. Ferrari are uite content to follow rather than lead, and it could well be argued that this has cost them championships in the past.

      1. In quick response to PM, don’t think that’s really true, in 09 there car wasn’t great but every car was pretty original. In 08 they had the vented front wing, if the rules had remained stable seems like we might have seen a few more of those.

        In fact it’s only last year they really did just put out the copycat car.

        Seem to have weakened my first post with a double post here but hey!

        1. Ferrari have, on occasion, innovated in the last few years (hub caps, including the almost hub caps in 2010 that performed similarly), but usually when they do, it is out right banned shortly there after (spirit of rules, borderline cheating, etc.) the following year or on a part that is homologated at the beginning of the year so that no one can copy it and is then banned at the end of the year (hubcaps, etc.).

        2. …in 09 there car wasn’t great but every car was pretty original.

          But wasn’t that because ’09 was the start of completely new rules, and no one could take anyone else’s ideas from the previous year? The same will likely be true for 2013.

      2. PM, c’mon really? Maybe I’d listen if you clarified your statement to say in 09 and 10, but over their history they have been one of, if not the most innovative and forward thinking F1 teams ever. How about the Ferrari 640??

    2. Lol, yeah, the big thing this year with Ferrari seems already to be, have they finally inovated? Been years since they’ve made something people want to copy.

      The amout of glitz might also be pretty interesting, Ferrari can be our weathervane, does F1 think we’re out of reccesion.

      1. Uh, we all know Ferrari would spend insane amounts even in the middle of the worst recession in human history.

        1. The recession isn’t actually global however – there are certain markets which are still rolling in cash; petrodollar economies in particular…

          1. Okay, let’s put it this way. It the Italian economy was in such a shape that it make the Greek and Irish economies look like the Austrlaian economy – ie, so bad that it makes two of the worst economies in the world look like one of the best – then Ferrari would still be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on their car.

    3. Most teams, even big ones such as McLaren, will launch lately this year. Maybe there are problems with the new rules?

  2. They said the car we will see on the 28th will differ from the one they will use for the race in March ….. but all say the same thing and later it comes out that they were copying each other :(

    1. Are we sure they aren’t just launching a revised livery if this is true?

      1. No, Ferrari have a habit of launching a car early so that they can get some quick development in. The car launched on the 28th will be a totally new car; the car raced in Bahrain will be the new car plus a few extra parts.

        1. Right, that makes sense! Ta for that! Lets hope they don’t do as well in Bahrain as they did this year :P

  3. Well rumour has it they have innovated a lot this year, especially with the shark fin, sidepods and rear wing

    1. Are you referring to the sketches posted by a Spanish newspaper?

      If so, they’re not genuine. If they were ever real, they’ve been rejected because the rules for 2011 ban shark fins that reach the rear wing, and those skecthes clearly show a trefoil shark fin that connects with the rear.

      1. the rules for 2011 ban shark fins that reach the rear wing

        Hmmm. I wasn’t aware of that. Wonder how that will affect the RB7. Newey seems to like shark fins.

  4. apart from LDM, who are the people in that photo?

  5. Let’s hope that this time the actual streaming of the even works well enough to follow it from here too, and with more than just the italian commenting, but also with smooth HDish video :)

  6. Could you please make a page with all the release dates?

    Lotus Renault GP Livery: 13th (tomorrow)

    Ferrari F11: 28th
    Toro Rosso STR-06 + Sauber C30: in Valencia (31st / 1st)
    Red Bull RB7: 1st*
    McLaren MP426: 4th^

    *no launch date yet, this is its first appearance
    ^interim car in Valencia

    1. Thanks mate this piece of information helps a lot.

    2. From the article:

      Use the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar to keep track of all the launch, test and race dates for 2011.

  7. Interesting Ferrari will show their car right from the word go on the other hand Mclaren will showcase a week later. It is heating up even before the cars starts their engine on the track.

  8. lol 6 days after ma bday

    1. May be a late B Day gift to you by Ferrari.

  9. An early date does suggest to me they have nothing to hide, so it will be pretty evolutionary and boring. Then they can wait for the next marvel to come out and be ready to copy it ;).

    Unless that “flexi-shark-wing” I was on about in the forum is true…

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