2010 Red Bull RB6

Autosport International 2011 picture gallery

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Autosport International 2011 begins today and there are dozens of Formula 1 cars old and new on show.

A selection of 2010 cars including the championship-winning Red Bull RB6 are on show.

There are many Lotuses dotted around the stands and an un-liveried 2009 Toyota used by Pirelli for tyre testing.

There’s also a special collection of McLarens and the Renault Lotus livery launch car pictured earlier.

Autosport International 2011

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24 comments on “Autosport International 2011 picture gallery”

  1. keith thats not the toyota 2009 car, i believe it’s their 2007 one (?).

    1. Certainly it’s not the 2009 one.

    2. sato113, wher u been m8? u hav the Hispania in F1fanatic JNR champs. its this sunday, check on forum plz m8

  2. Lotus have changed a lot their livery. That’s why I prefer teams that keep their own colour, because as soon as a sponsor goes away you have to change your livery.

    1. Or maybe go for bare carbon look, like that Toyota! It actually makes the car look faster.

      I would love it if HRT did that for this season, until they find themselves a decent sponsor. Just plain carbon with a layer of protective shiny coating. Their colour last season was almost like this only looking muddier.

  3. I’m sorry, but that looks more like the TF106 or TF107 in bare carbon fiber with pirelli logos

  4. Great pictures! Who brought the real vintage Team Lotus cars Keith?
    That JPS ’83 looks like it is on the Pirelli stand.

    A great assembly of wonderfull cars.

  5. Good to see also several very recent cars next to those great classics. That Red Bull RB6 actually seems to have a really flat nose, even if was masked for most of the season by the nose camera’s.

  6. Really looking forward to going to see these for myself tomorrow!

  7. The STR5 is infact the STR4 from 2009 :(

    Clues: Number 11 not 16, Gold pattern on side and no red pattern on the nose.

    1. Toro Rosso ran a competition on their site to win tickets to Autosport to see the STR5. Pretty annoying they couldn’t even get the right car.

      1. The ” F1 Grid”-signs were ridicoulus. Se my post on the second page…

  8. Can you graba photo of the toyota diffuser Keith, just interested to see if it was the “super-diffuser” it was claimed to be?

  9. That Toyota has some very interesting wings on it… They seem to be just springing up from the bodywork… The diffuser also seems quite tall, if I’m not mistaken, they even moved the back light up.

  10. The 2010 Lotus is the T127, not the TF107.

    1. Changed the caption, thanks.

  11. isnt the 2010 lotus car the t127 not the t107?

  12. That 97T is such a beauty *drool*. Actually, that is how a F1 car should look, low and wide. Nowadays they seem so high.

  13. So why is that Toyota there exactly? What’s the purpose of it being there? With Pirelli logos on it?

    1. The Sri Lankan
      14th January 2011, 10:49

      whys that maserati and the arrows there? go figure

  14. thanks keith! my phone’s battery died after an hour and didn’t get a photo of all of them :)

  15. Is it just because of the angle of the picture? Or does the RB6 have 2009’s wider front tyres?

  16. So who brought the vintage Lotus cars?
    Was it group or team? or are they part of a private collection?

  17. One thing I dont understand is the signs at the “F1 Grid”. They just put up signs with this years car and driver names while the McLaren was the MP4-24, the Renault was the R28 and the Williams was the 2008 also…

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