Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car

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Renault have revealed the black-and-gold Lotus livery their F1 cars will carry in the 2011 season.

Their 2010 F1 car bearing the new livery was formally launched this afternoon at the Autosport International show.

Vitaly Petrov, team principal Eric Boullier, the team’s new racing ambassador Jean Alesi and Colin Chapman’s son Clive were on hand to reveal the car.

2011 Renault Lotus livery pictures

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176 comments on Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car

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  1. Etienne Peters said on 13th January 2011, 9:58

    That’s one nice looking livery, only make the red black, leave “Total” white ;)

  2. Brawn said on 13th January 2011, 10:03

    Ive personally lost all interest in Renault and Lotus now.

  3. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 13th January 2011, 10:04

    Because of this stupid controversy that’s still ongoing, I am completely underwhelmed by what should actually be a very exciting sight to see for any long-term F1 fan.

  4. tmfox said on 13th January 2011, 10:04

    The red bits stick out like a sore thumb

  5. RIISE (@riise) said on 13th January 2011, 10:06

    Hand me the sick bag.

  6. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 13th January 2011, 10:09

    Oh look, there’s that Wolf again.

    Anyway, think I’ll go make a coffee.

  7. Rob Haswell said on 13th January 2011, 10:17

    Big shame, I really loved the yellow – best looking car on the grid. With the all-black wheels it looked like a real racing car, reminiscent of the Jap GT cars. This just looks terrible in my opinion.

    I know to some black and gold is very evocative of the Lotus glory days but frankly I’m too young – not too young to notice that black, gold and red is a bad, bad colour scheme though.

  8. Icthyes said on 13th January 2011, 10:19

    I really, really like it. Black cars are generally cool and they’ve managed to integrate the gold lines in a way that really shows off the shape of the car. I also think the red really works (which I know a lot of people here actually hate); it contrasts purely with the black (a lovely colour combination) and doesn’t interfere with the gold colouring at all.

    Thumbs up, Renault!

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 13th January 2011, 10:50

      Hm, i do not really agree. I think the gold bars should be a lot thinner to make it look distinctive. This is almost like FI dabbing the gar in gold for their first livery, just too much of it.

      I do agree that the red from Total gives the car a more interesing contrast and adds to the livery to make it more than just a dream of being the Team Lotus with JPS livery.

      • bosyber said on 13th January 2011, 11:09

        Well said Bas, I fully agree.

        The gold on the nose does show off the shape of the rather bulky blunt nose, but it doesn’t look well. With the original livery the nose just fitted in and gave it some solidity.

    • Dougie (@f1droid) said on 13th January 2011, 12:18

      I get the feeling the Gold is thicker and more prominent than necessary so that it looks better on TV at speed.

      I think pinstripe Gold will be lost on TV… though, with HD now, maybe not :-)

  9. LosD (@losd) said on 13th January 2011, 10:20

    Dammit. Compared to the dropped Team Lotus’ beautiful Black/Gold idea, this is ugly.

    Team Lotus should consider using Black/Gold again. With all that red, they would be easy to tell apart.

    • Firebreather said on 13th January 2011, 14:40

      Agreed, Team Lotus’ livery idea looked a lot nicer. Damn Group Lotus for messing it all up and making me hate them :(

    • Victor. said on 13th January 2011, 15:15

      If that’s what people in Enstone are paid for they deserve to be shot. I can’t believe that when they finished their job they went ‘yes, that’s the best we could have come up with’.

      First off, the gold is not really gold, it’s an ugly sort of brown to me. Make it brighter.

      Secondly, as everyone else has already stated, the lines are too fat. The JPS livery was beautiful because it was subtle.

      Thirdly, there’s something wrong with the black. It’s too metallic – it should be a tiny bit more matte.

      Finally, the red is stupid. Compared to the other flaws this is actually quite minor, though. In comparison, the red endplates were the only flaw of the absolutely breathtaking 2010 livery.

      Such a shame they dropped the old livery. It would have fitted the tyres much more than last year making it even more beautiful… Sigh.

  10. Butler258 said on 13th January 2011, 10:20


    They should of kept the same livery as last year but changed the yellow to gold if they are so insistant of using a gold and black livery because that one looks rubbish.

  11. last year they where in historical yellow and black renault livery, this year historical lotus livery, next year? what historical honda 2009 livery ? :D

  12. sugafree said on 13th January 2011, 10:21

    yellow was so cool :(

    • my thoughts exactly.. why’d you have to change?? :S

      • kowalsky (@) said on 13th January 2011, 17:25

        to steal tony fernandes idea. And i thought he was the nice guy. until he said he was all in for the path f1 it’s taking on the 4cyl engines. And should go even further. Tyres like on the road cars!!!
        Are thease people crazy, or am i just a dinosaur, unwilling to go with the changing times.
        I couldn’t care less about the livery, when this guys are trying to kill the sport.

  13. Last years car looked 100 times better! Why did Renault go down this path?

  14. Ant W said on 13th January 2011, 10:23

    Honestly, the worst livery I’ve seen in years. Why not make the car a Giant Lotus Logo, its not big enough.

    This team has gone from hero’s to zero’s, back to respected members after the crashgate scandal and now team with a missing identity.

    Are they Lotus?
    Are they Renault?

    I personally dont think they’re either. They’re just a team drawing everything they can on those names for sponsorship.

  15. SennaNmbr1 (@) said on 13th January 2011, 10:26

    Sidepods and fin look a bit plain. Could do with some sponsorship logos in big gold letters.

    Not all that impressed.

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