Renault R30 in 2011 Lotus livery

Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car

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Renault have revealed the black-and-gold Lotus livery their F1 cars will carry in the 2011 season.

Their 2010 F1 car bearing the new livery was formally launched this afternoon at the Autosport International show.

Vitaly Petrov, team principal Eric Boullier, the team’s new racing ambassador Jean Alesi and Colin Chapman’s son Clive were on hand to reveal the car.

2011 Renault Lotus livery pictures

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176 comments on “Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car”

      1. I agree. I actually like the red front wing end-plates too. And I am also quite pleasantly surprised at how nice this car looks. But I still think it would have been nicer if they’d kept their 2010 livery, and Lotus could have had something like this instead. Oh well.

    1. Decided to join the reply party :p I think this is the longest reply streak I’ve seen on F1F!

      The livery is nice, it maybe slightly better with a little less red, but I’m excited to see a livery that is mainly black!

      Talk about a mixed identity! The historical color scheme is just confusing, they should’ve started with something else not to taint the classic JPS Lotus colors!

    2. On the contrary, I am truly excited by this launch as I’m not fully bothered by the “controversy.” There is no controversy now, as who the real Lotus should be is clear with this launch and the presence of Clive Chapman too. There’s just one real Lotus outfit and the other is just a name – end of controversy.

  1. Big shame, I really loved the yellow – best looking car on the grid. With the all-black wheels it looked like a real racing car, reminiscent of the Jap GT cars. This just looks terrible in my opinion.

    I know to some black and gold is very evocative of the Lotus glory days but frankly I’m too young – not too young to notice that black, gold and red is a bad, bad colour scheme though.

    1. yeah shame the yellow renault is gone. is renault had an HRT kind of colour last year, then this change would be more welcomed.

      don’t forget people, that the car will look different flying around a track.

    2. Amen! The Black/Yellow renault last year was excellent, and it was me and my 4 year old’s favourite. “That us daddy” he’d always say, although I was always Petrov while he got Kubica :(

      I can’t help but feel the gold isn’t bright enough, there’s not enough contrast with the black.

      But yeah, I don’t really care about any historical merit. This livery holds about as much F1 nostalgia value for me as that boring Fleetwood Mac song *yawn* IT’S 2010 PEOPLE!

    3. I’m going to miss the yellow and black, it was so striking on the track. :( I also have a serious distaste for black cars. Whatever, my heart is utterly broken over this whole sorry affair.

  2. I really, really like it. Black cars are generally cool and they’ve managed to integrate the gold lines in a way that really shows off the shape of the car. I also think the red really works (which I know a lot of people here actually hate); it contrasts purely with the black (a lovely colour combination) and doesn’t interfere with the gold colouring at all.

    Thumbs up, Renault!

    1. Hm, i do not really agree. I think the gold bars should be a lot thinner to make it look distinctive. This is almost like FI dabbing the gar in gold for their first livery, just too much of it.

      I do agree that the red from Total gives the car a more interesing contrast and adds to the livery to make it more than just a dream of being the Team Lotus with JPS livery.

      1. Well said Bas, I fully agree.

        The gold on the nose does show off the shape of the rather bulky blunt nose, but it doesn’t look well. With the original livery the nose just fitted in and gave it some solidity.

    2. I get the feeling the Gold is thicker and more prominent than necessary so that it looks better on TV at speed.

      I think pinstripe Gold will be lost on TV… though, with HD now, maybe not :-)

  3. Dammit. Compared to the dropped Team Lotus’ beautiful Black/Gold idea, this is ugly.

    Team Lotus should consider using Black/Gold again. With all that red, they would be easy to tell apart.

    1. If that’s what people in Enstone are paid for they deserve to be shot. I can’t believe that when they finished their job they went ‘yes, that’s the best we could have come up with’.

      First off, the gold is not really gold, it’s an ugly sort of brown to me. Make it brighter.

      Secondly, as everyone else has already stated, the lines are too fat. The JPS livery was beautiful because it was subtle.

      Thirdly, there’s something wrong with the black. It’s too metallic – it should be a tiny bit more matte.

      Finally, the red is stupid. Compared to the other flaws this is actually quite minor, though. In comparison, the red endplates were the only flaw of the absolutely breathtaking 2010 livery.

      Such a shame they dropped the old livery. It would have fitted the tyres much more than last year making it even more beautiful… Sigh.

  4. Meh.

    They should of kept the same livery as last year but changed the yellow to gold if they are so insistant of using a gold and black livery because that one looks rubbish.

      1. to steal tony fernandes idea. And i thought he was the nice guy. until he said he was all in for the path f1 it’s taking on the 4cyl engines. And should go even further. Tyres like on the road cars!!!
        Are thease people crazy, or am i just a dinosaur, unwilling to go with the changing times.
        I couldn’t care less about the livery, when this guys are trying to kill the sport.

  5. Honestly, the worst livery I’ve seen in years. Why not make the car a Giant Lotus Logo, its not big enough.

    This team has gone from hero’s to zero’s, back to respected members after the crashgate scandal and now team with a missing identity.

    Are they Lotus?
    Are they Renault?

    I personally dont think they’re either. They’re just a team drawing everything they can on those names for sponsorship.

    1. I agree, the size of the logo on the nose is ridiculous, like they’re trying too hard to prove something.

      Somebody’s already pointed out on Twitter that the main difference between this livery and the previous “reveal” last month is that the Union flag (i.e. British flag) has disappeared.

  6. What a shame the Enstone team dropped one of the best liveries for years for this.

    They have really put the gold on with a big marker on a small drawing and forgot to rescale it. And besides a prominent sponsor in Total as well as that far too big lotus plaque on the nose there is no real sponsorship on the car!

    At least last year they put the HP logo on that fin. Now we must hope next years car will not have a shark fin, so it will have less empty black space on the car.

    On a side note, how does this fit with Bahar not wanting to live on the Team Lotus glory days. The only thing connected to his company on that car is his BIG logo. The rest is sentimental borrowing of someone else’s history and a live size tobacco advert.

    1. you need to remember that when they launched last year, the R30 didn’t have the HP sponsorship on the fin,it initially just had the renault emblem and strips that if I remember correctly drew some crictics. I loved the old livery a great deal, but it wasn’t straight away. This new one just needs the time to grow on us.

  7. Is anyone else uncomfortable with the fact that this is clearly based on the old livery of a cigarette brand? Aren’t we supposed to be moving away from that?

    1. John P (nice name!), yes, my thought entirely. Ferrari were suppose to be in trouble last year because of their Marlboro barcodes and now this based on John Player Specials. (Although, now I’m craving a pack…wonder I i’ll be able to find some…)

      Thank Lotus! Get those kids smoking again!

      Go Tony!

      1. Ow! That logic is, to say it perfectly honest, pathetic. If one would follow this type of logic, Williams should not be allowed to have a blue car, since it invokes the memory of old Rothmans days or McLaren should not use silver livery, since that clearly has a West image impregnated.

        Seriously, stuff like this is why I consider starting smoking just so I do not have to be put in the same group as people who actually believe stuff like this.

        1. Klon, ok…I take your point as the sarcasim in my post doesn’t really come across in text.

          I’ll give you the McLaren livery as it is an evolution from the West brand, but NOT the Williams one as their blue livery was based on the RBS sponsorship they had and is in no way connected to Rothmans.

          Group Lotus have specifically said this livery is based on the Classic Black & Gold of the 80’s, which is the old John Players Special livery. That’s whats sits uncomfortably.

          And seriously, don’t smoke, it’s not good for you.

  8. What annoys me the most is it’s still the reshoot team just a bit owned by someone else. Group Lotus is a title sponsor who shouldn’t get involved in stealing liveries from team lotus who have not an awful lot to do with the car makers.

    1. looks like Bahar is toning down on the bombastic “we are back” a bit now as well (from

      Renault is an exceptional name, we keep the name as it is, and the chassis will be called a Renault.

      “So we stay as it is for the next two years. And what the future brings, with maybe a new Concorde Agreement, we will see. But for the moment we act as a sponsor, we have the influence as a shareholder and this is good for us as it is.”

      1. But only after first going all out on how they were Lotus, and back, thus making himself look a bit silly and eager to be noticed.

        If Ferrari does that, well, they are Ferrari, and we are getting used to it, at least they have a track record, on track, so to speak, but those Lotus big plans are unproven, and while the Enstone team is well known, the new owners/sponsors still have to prove themselves.

  9. Many very negative comments already. People do realise that without the red and the gold hugging lines, this is pretty much what Team Lotus would have done, right? In fact, looking at the Team Lotus competition winner, though it looks pretty nice it’s shamefully retro in a way that conveys desperation to be seen as the “real Team Lotus”

    As much as the saga stinks I do think people’s opinions about the livery are being coloured (ha!) by their opinion of Lotus Renault itself.

      1. Yes, the Team Lotus competition winner is retro. No, the Team Lotus competition winner doesn’t look like this, it is a lot better looking where this one is unrefined, sadly. And it is a sad contrast with the great 2010 livery they had. I hope the real 2011 car looks better with this livery. And maybe they manage to slightly downsize the oversized LOTUS LOGO on the nose.

      2. Making quite a few assumptions there, Ned, y’know speaking for *all* the commentariat.

        The Team Lotus competition winner was refined and elegant:

        … this Renault thing is a clumsy, crude, and unbalanced mess.

        Not all black and gold liveries are all created equal.
        … in their haste to cobble together a Team Lotus spoiler, they’ve unfortunately created an unpleasant right ol’ horlicks of a livery.

        Just as F1 goes HD, we get this clunky, fat-lined, red, white, green, yellow, black, gold, lo-def botch job.

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