Renault R30 in 2011 Lotus livery

Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car

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Renault have revealed the black-and-gold Lotus livery their F1 cars will carry in the 2011 season.

Their 2010 F1 car bearing the new livery was formally launched this afternoon at the Autosport International show.

Vitaly Petrov, team principal Eric Boullier, the team’s new racing ambassador Jean Alesi and Colin Chapman’s son Clive were on hand to reveal the car.

2011 Renault Lotus livery pictures

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  1. Someone hand me a barfbag….that read hurts my eyes.

    And when you compare this to the design that won the fan competition over at team lotus , it makes this even worse!

    I hate renault now…won’t even look into renault as a possibility for my next lease-car anymore…

  2. A-Safieldin (@)
    13th January 2011, 10:54

    Honestly this Lotus/Renault or watever it is need to get banned or revoked something they’re bringing unnecessary confusion and embarassment to the sport, I was always against this stupid bringing Lotus back.

  3. look at all those clashing colours on the nose, the old JPS cars didn’t have a massive lotus brand on the nose.

    The red total logos also look out of place

    the yellow pirelli logo does little to help this colour crisis

  4. hmm, nope, the bumble bee livery looks far better. This is spoilt by the red front wing endplates.

  5. I like it. It’s not as nice as Lotus Racing’s comp winner, but it’s also not as much of a shameless rip-off.

  6. erm… so is the CABC logo allowed on this car? I thought Fernandes’ outfit had dibs on that…. anyone? Bueller?

    1. Well, it might be possible to drop the logo after Fernandez wins the court case.

  7. But Renault already revealed the exact same livery on the same car a month ago, didn’t they? I don’t see why they feel the need to give it a second ‘launch’

      1. But this time not in a garage but on a podium. Good publicity for little extra money?

    1. They took off the few sponsors they did have on that car though!

      But you are right, this looks to be the exact car that was used for the presentation last year.

  8. Point one: black and yellow was far better.
    Point two: really no need to drag out this Lotus vs. Lotus feud AGAIN

    1. Or Lotus Vs. the Lotus/ Proton/ Renault.

      Fernandes hit the nail on the head – it’s a branding disaster.

      1. You mean the 1Malaysia F1 Team?

  9. I actually dont like it. Homage or not, it just doesnt look good on the modern car (or atleast as good as it could be) and with the red added in, it looks ‘seedy’. The cars the used Black & Gold before made it look good, very good infact. This car isnt part of that list.

  10. They had a great, iconic livery last year and they got rid of it for this? Trying to endear themselves to us by playing on our nostalgia for a team that patently they are not. This is just terrible, it’s like if you told someone who wasn’t an F1 fan to design a black and and gold livery, this is what you’d end up with. Or perhaps they just sprayed the car black and then let a child loose with some gold sellotape. And don’t get me started on the red.

    In short, it doesn’t really tickle my fancy.

    1. If so, I guess Total had them mask the wings sides first before they painted it black – probably because they have a contract saying they will be there, unmodified, or their money will be elsewhere.

      1. I don’t know what type of contract they have, but RBR has ‘Total’ on their car in plain white on their blue basecolour. Obviously it stands out more with the red, still.

        1. True, but I could well imagine that these sort of things are decided on the basis of visibility/sponsor-identity versus money received. It might simply be leaving the Total stuff untouched so they don have to touch those contracts.

          I guess white on black would still not look very good with the rest of the lettering being yellow/gold – I tend to think the red endplates work okay with the black, it is just that they aren’t really great with the gold.

  11. The red bits could do with being much darker, if Renault truly insist on having their endplates this colour year by year. More of a maroon or burgundy would have been much more tasteful in my opinion.

    1. Hm, that would look very interesting. Only Total would totally disagree with that!

  12. The massively oversized Lotus badge on the nose of the car (where, by FIA regulations the name of the constructor must be) seems to be nothing more than a statement by “LRGP” to “Team Lotus” that they are the “real” Lotus.

    So bored of all this nonsense now.

    If I win the lottery I’m going to enter a team called BrabhamLanciaBRMAlfaRomeoTyrrell GP…

    1. Ah well, Ferrari also has the FIAT logo more prominent on the nose than their own prancing horse.
      Although that makes more sense with FIAT being the owner of the whole bunch instead of just a sponsor with a view of future investments, if the money does not run out.

  13. And, have LRGP ended their sponsorship deals with Lada, Snoras and HP? If they haven’t, where are their logos?

    1. I heard that those were only “sponsors” with:
      – Snoras bank offering them an interest free loan in exchange for sponsoring
      – HP being on the wing to make it look less empty as a tie in for some IT equipment they sold to Renault F1
      – Lada being there to get Renault to finalize some deals for getting a good tie in with Autovaz (the company building LADA cars) last year.
      The worst is, apart from these, the car shown is exactly the same they showed weeks ago, so what’s the fuss? Just empty marketing, Bahar and Lopez show what they are good at.

      1. I knew the bank ws there because of the loans, but I thought the Lada and HP deals were geniune sponsor deals. Thanks for that.

        The Fiat Logo on the Ferrari is prominent, but its not on the tip of the nose, that space should be reserved for the constructor. So that must mean that LRGP are taking the Lotus Logo as their construtors logo…but I’m not sure if that is the case.

  14. much prefered the Yellow and Black livery of 2010.. :\

  15. Needs more sponsors. Will probably look better on the R31.

    1. Here’s to hoping they drop the shark fin, that would do a lot to take away empty black holes on the car!

      1. They won’t drop the shark fin, but no doubt they’ll have some kind of sponsor decals in place. Even if it’s just Lotus. But two Russian companies, Russian Technologies and Novatek, have signed on as Petrov’s backers. And there is still the question of what happens to Bank SNORAS, Lada, Vyborg Shipyards, Flagman Vodka/Bank of Moscow and even DIAS.

  16. I wonder if this would cause heating problems in Bahrain etc. Black would absorb heat

  17. Is that another Lotus I see in the background? It looks like Takuma Sato’s Indycar from last year. I know Lotus Cars are sponsoring two cars in the series this year.

    1. Yes, it is. That livery looks better to me than this one, even if I’m not sure about the big yellow airbox.

  18. It looks great. I hope the performance of the new car that is still being built is also great as we want a 5 team battle in 2011.

  19. That’s one empty livery!
    And if they continue with the Lotus-Lotus question, finding sponsors will not be easy.

    Well, I hope it’s just a fast car, so we will have a close competition. In the end that’s what counts.

    1. with ‘it’ I mean of course the new 2011 car, not this one

  20. They can’t beat ‘British racing green’!

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