Renault R30 in 2011 Lotus livery

Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car

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Renault have revealed the black-and-gold Lotus livery their F1 cars will carry in the 2011 season.

Their 2010 F1 car bearing the new livery was formally launched this afternoon at the Autosport International show.

Vitaly Petrov, team principal Eric Boullier, the team’s new racing ambassador Jean Alesi and Colin Chapman’s son Clive were on hand to reveal the car.

2011 Renault Lotus livery pictures

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176 comments on “Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car”

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  1. A shame. I was actually begining to like the yellow and black coloured yellow, and now I have to deal with look at this monster.

    In the meantime, 5live’s new pitlane reporter is far prettier and pleasing on the eye!

  2. That looks mad core. Love it, and the red actually makes it a bit more aggressive.

  3. i love it!

  4. I prefer last year’s Renault livery.

    Also, (please correct me if I’m wrong – I’m a new fan) wasn’t the black and gold a sponsor’s color scheme (John Player Specials). Renault using this scheme because they have Lotus sponsorship and JPS was a sponsor of Lotus in the past seems strange to me.

    Could they, like Ferrari was with the bar code, be accused of subliminal advertising?

    What would happen if McLaren released a red and white chevron livery?

    1. That’s actually a good remark.

    2. And have McLaren say it represents the top of the drop/inverted comma thing from the Vodafone logo? That would be fun :-p

  5. Seeing as last year’s Renault colours were yellow and black (mostly yellow, some black) Why did they not just invert the colours (some yellow, mostly black) and change the yellow to gold?

    Same nice livery, inverted, slightly more metallic yellow.

    Or also, it could just all go away and leave us with one ‘Lotus’.

    1. Because inverting last year’s Renault colours wouldn’t have been in-your-face enough.

      Leaving all the Lotus vs Lotus controversy behind, it’s sad that the black on yellow Renault livery won’t be around this year.

  6. Sorry to do this, but my posts aren’t working for some reason so – testing

    1. ok i’m trying to post a picture from the james allen website that has a picture of what the team lotus effort would have looked like but it won’t post when I put the link in whole. I’m linking solely to the picture and not any other journalistic content. Why isn’t it posting?

  7. the pictures are poor quality, lets wait for some pro shots, I think it is going to look cool, not sure if better than 2010 livery though

  8. can’t wait to see the 2011 MGP livery……suffice to say, the performance of the car too

    1. I don’t expect it to be very different from this year’s livery. Mercedes GP have already established an identity fro themselves. And they won’t drop the Silver Arrow heritage anytime soon.

  9. Why is the lotus badge so big? Looks odd.

    I like the rear view the best, it look pretty mean.

    Over all though, lotus shmotus. Go williams!

  10. I’ve seen some fan-made photoshops of a modern car with JPS livery that looked M U C H better than this piece of sh**.

  11. LOL, taking the covers off …
    last years car in a livery presented already over 6 weeks ago.

    Petrov must have been really suprised, not to see anything new under the cover!

    1. Maybe they told him this was all they could afford unless he coughed up some money – a hidden threat :-p

  12. needs a bigger logo on the front. can barely see what it is.

  13. Maybe it will look better on the 2011 car. It’s nowhere near as good as the John Player Special original, not as good as the fans’ designs for the Team Lotus competition, and not even as good as last year’s Renault yellow hornet.

  14. I feel sick…

    Clearly old liveries don’t look good on modern cars. Why didn’t Lotus and Renault create something new and unique instead of using something thats been used in the past? I know it’s good to reflect on F1 history but they could’ve made something new and could’ve been put down in the history books..

  15. I don’t care about the naysayers, I still think this is beautiful.

  16. Instead of whining, maybe we’ll all just wait and see this livery in action?
    It realy tires me to read all these comments written by Team Lotus or Group Lotus haters… Am I the only fan of both two teams? I will support Team Lotus, because I like Fernandes, and appreciate his efforts to build a strong team, and I will also support Group Lotus because I hope Kubica will be finaly able to fight for championship. And I don’t care about this name-based war between them – just want to see them race and show some real rivalry on the tracks, because that is what F1 is all about…

    1. Thank you! This deserves COTD.

    2. HeyitsBernie!
      19th January 2011, 22:49

      Yes this livery is quite nice. Same chassis from 2010 with jps paint but apparently people preferred Renaults yellow and black, even though its Funny how people complained about the same thing with the 2010 paint and red endplates etc. We all know this jps livery looks nice lets not make up bs criticism about it.

  17. I actually like the livery, i am not so sure about the large lotus badge on the front, it makes the nose look fat somehow. Other then that i think it is quite good, but i really think that the malasian remake of lotus should have had a go at this kind of livery, then Renualt could stay at their 2010 livery, because i think that it was probably the best one they have had so far. I loved that black and yellow car, and Kubica’s helmet looked great in it. Also i feel it quite distasteful what have been going on about the malasian lotus and the renualt lotus really. I was starting to like Renualt, because of the loss of Briatore and Kubica moving there all that stuff and now that is pretty much ruined.

  18. I think that I’m more intrigued by the fact that the team is now racing under a British licence, rather than what shade of black they happened to have used, and whether or not it goes with the matching accessories.

  19. I like the black, it makes it look very sleek and fierce but why stick 2 red bits on the end? Why!

  20. I have to say I kinda like it!

    They gold paint down the sides look nice, a bit like go-faster stripes, except they are stylish.

    And it probably won’t happen, but I’d like it if they left the shark fin and side pods blank as they are in the side on view. It reminds me slightly of the first time we saw the Brawn car, with no sponsors. That was a sweet car.

    Also, there seems to be a lot of negaive comments on here so here’s a positive one.

    With Group Lotus taking the reins, many jobs will probably have been secured for the long term. And that can only be a good thing.

    1. Group Lotus will be gone in 2 or less years. Proton is close to bankrupt, nobody will by the new fake supercar Lotus’s, and this team will be looking for new owners or shutdown. If I worked for this team i’d be fearing the future and looking for a new job already.

    2. I don’t know about you but I didn’t like the Brawn livery the first time I saw it. Too much white, and eye-wateringly-fluorescent green any place that wasn’t white. Thankfully they picked up some sponsors and the drivers changed the colours of their helmets. Gave some contrast to the whole thing, which was nice.

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