Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car

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Renault have revealed the black-and-gold Lotus livery their F1 cars will carry in the 2011 season.

Their 2010 F1 car bearing the new livery was formally launched this afternoon at the Autosport International show.

Vitaly Petrov, team principal Eric Boullier, the team’s new racing ambassador Jean Alesi and Colin Chapman’s son Clive were on hand to reveal the car.

2011 Renault Lotus livery pictures

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176 comments on Renault reveal 2011 Lotus livery on last year’s car

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  1. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 13th January 2011, 21:19

    Surely this whole ‘livery launch’ – considering they’ve already released one set of pictures of the livery in the last month, is solely to furthermore hammer home the whole Lotus war in a sort of ‘Yeah we’ve got black and gold and oh yeah we’re the REAL Lotus.’

    It’s a shame as Renault became one of my favourites last year, and although the guys that do all the hard work have nothing to do with this, it’s going to annoy me through 2011 seeing them in black and gold. Oh well, (hopefully i’ll just get over it ;) ) i’m still gonna be gunning for Kubica big time.

  2. EWCoyote said on 13th January 2011, 23:01

    Batmobil – Robmobil (Robert)

  3. Scalextric (@scalextric) said on 14th January 2011, 1:29

    I refuse to enjoy a car dressed as a bad replica of a cancer stick cigarette packet.

  4. The Last Pope (@the-last-pope) said on 14th January 2011, 2:41

    I hate this Livery, I hate Bahar, I hate Group Lotus and their fake new lotus car models, I hate Clive Chapman now, I hate the FIA for letting this happen, I hate the classic JPS lotus cars aswell now because they make me think of this atrosity, I hate that JPS are receiving massive free publicity from this (damn they even get their logo into this launch thanks to Judas Chapman wearing his dad’s shirts).

    This team needs their suspended ban unsuspended by the fia, they are bringing the sport into disrepute and need punishing. Fia also need to tell them “Your team is Renault in 2011, act like you are Renault or you won’t recieve the prize money Renault is entitled to”.

    Lastly the Advertising Standards Authority need to wake up and give JPS a call and a big old fine. JPS would then have no other option other than to demand the team stops illegaly using their brand.

    I loved how the Renault team was growing after the cancer that was Briatore was removed. The 2010 livery was fantastic, and with Kubica and Petrov and no Alonso I could start suporting them again. Bahar had to go and spoil all that, thats why I hate him the most. Now I just want the team to fail, I want their new car to be a POS and for Kubica to move to Ferrari as soon as posible and make Alonso cry.

    Oh and I hope every new 2000hp 4 ton V16 hypercar Lotus makes explodes as soon as it starts up.

  5. matt88 (@matt88) said on 14th January 2011, 10:33

    JPS black and gold? that’s clearly a subliminal message for cigarette advertising! :D

  6. I really like this Livery, i think you either love it or hate. BTW is the DD banned this season?

  7. Gridlock said on 14th January 2011, 11:08

    Dear every journalist ever, Please refer to Virgin cars as Marussias and McLarens as Vodafones as much as you refer to LRGP as Lotuses. Thanks

  8. Mohammad said on 14th January 2011, 11:16

    lovely car… lovely season…
    no F-Duct, no diffuser, KERS is back,…

  9. Polle said on 14th January 2011, 12:38

    I don’t get it…. wasn’t it Team Lotus who used the JPS livery? I could had sworn Group Lotus had very little to do with F1 full stop? And If my info is up to date, Group Lotus don’t own Team Lotus. What the hell?

    So Now What we’re seeing is a Team under a French Manufacture name, sponsered by a British Brand, owned by Malaysians, using a livery from a separate entity and will be running under an English Anthem??? Jesus christ…..

  10. Superaguri11 said on 14th January 2011, 23:25

    I sick of ALL countries attacking cigarette companies. Listen, u smoke, you get cancer. For any person to claim they didn’t know how bad or the big bad cigarette company lied to me is full of it. Follow the money and you will find the truth. You get cancer from smoking, I don’t feel sorry for you….

  11. So first Renault quickly release pictures of a black and gold livery when the Lotus Cars tie up is first announced then they unveil the 2011 livery on the 2010 car and then it will be the turn of the 2011 car with the 2011 livery in less than a month.

    I still don’t think this livery compares with the classic JPS black and gold livery, the gold stripes seem too thick and the Lotus logo on the nose seems to large as well.

    Also if this is supposed to be the final 2011 livery why are two of the main areas for sponsors, the engine cover and the sidepods largely blank?

    I thought the 2010 yellow and black livery was one of the best on the grid so it’s a shame for it to only last one season, especially when the replacement isn’t as good.

  12. Jraybay-HamiltonMclarenfan said on 17th January 2011, 4:04

    Reminds me of their best looking cars in the 70’s with the the john player special livery, very cool!

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