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McLaren and Alonso expect more overtaking

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Fernando Alonso and McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh reckon the adjustable wing will increase overtaking.


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Alonso?s verdict on the 2011 changes (Ferrari)

“There will be the return of KERS and the new adjustable rear wing, even if the front wing won?t be adjustable any more. You will need to find the way to adapt and find the right mechanisms for the buttons to avoid losing the correct concentration for driving. The simulator gives us a big hand with that, allowing us to do intensive training on this aspect.”

McLaren: Moveable wing will work (Autosport)

“We?re crossing our fingers but I think that between KERS and the adjustable rear wing there will be enough difference in speed to be able to overtake a car you?re fighting. These changes have been brought in after meticulous work on the part of the Technical Working Group and I believe they will work.”

Bernie Ecclestone stifles Rome Grand Prix hopes (BBC)

“Rome’s hopes of holding a Formula 1 grand prix have been dashed by F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, who said two races cannot be held in the same country.”

Martin Whitmarsh Q&A: Second won’t do – McLaren must win (F1)

“We won?t marshal all our resources behind just one of our drivers, to quote your phrase. On the contrary, our equal-treatment philosophy has worked for us in the past, it works for us now and it will work for us in the future.”

Fernando Alonso expects Michael Schumacher to be F1 title threat (The Independent)

“There will be five world champions on the track and the most dangerous champion for me is always Michael.”

TLTV Change (YouTube)

Alonso versus Rossi (Joe Saward)

I like the sound of this!

Renault Formula One team ditch France to race under British licence (The Guardian)

“It means that if we win, we will play the British national anthem. And that is important for everybody inside the team. We are rebranding everything inside the company now.”

Virgin doubling CFD capabilities (ITV-F1)

“On the back of an enhanced deal with leading IT services firm CSC, Virgin will now have access to a revised computer suite ?ǣ to be housed at the Banbury base of the team?s technical partner Wirth Research ?ǣ which it says will allow it to ??make more changes, more quickly, at less cost than any other team?? to its cars.”

Missing first test won’t compromise car – McLaren (ESPN)

Paddy Lowe: “It’s always been in our plan to launch it after the first test. One of the reasons was we wanted to make use of the first test to work with the old car, a stable and known platform, whilst we understand the new tyres and get to know those. It also gave us a bit more time in the programme for the new car, so it’s always been planned that way and it’s one that we considered optimal in race preparation overall.”

Brundle calling for Lotus ??confusion? to be sorted out (The Norwich Advertiser)

??It?s a bit messy and I?d like them to sort it out, for the sake of Lotus and for the sake of the fans, before they get to the first race.”

Ultimate Motor Racing (Magic of Motor Racing)

“Gone are the days of aesthetic racing cars. Modern Formula 1 cars are ugly, thanks largely to the narrow track (width between the tyres), skinny tyres, raised nose and stepped floor. We need a racing series with prototypes (open wheel as well as other types) that are aesthetically pleasing to watch, as in the early 80s.”

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Comment of the day

I agree with Magnificent Geoffrey on Renault’s new livery (and it looks like quite a lot of you do too):

Because of this stupid controversy that?s still ongoing, I am completely underwhelmed by what should actually be a very exciting sight to see for any long-term F1 fan.
Magnificent Geoffrey

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