Mercedes W01 launch

Mercedes to launch W02 on February 1st

2011 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Mercedes W01 launch
Mercedes W01 launch

Mercedes will have their 2011 F1 car ready for the first test session of the year.

The W02 will be launched in the pit lane at Valencia on February 1st.

They will join Williams and Toro Rosso who are launching their cars on the same day.

With the new Renault and Sauber being revealed the day before, and Ferrari’s new car appearing before that, there will be at least six new cars running in the first test of the year.

The Red Bull RB7 is also expected to appear at the first test.

McLaren, Force India and Virgin have already confirmed they will not be running their new cars in the Valencia test on February 1st-3rd.

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34 comments on “Mercedes to launch W02 on February 1st”

      1. How fantastic would it be for them to have an epic battle throughout the season? The old master vs the young charger…

        (Did I just say charger? Damn you Legard!!!!)

    1. But it will be fun having all reporters running from the one to the other and the third to take pictures and interviews.

      Luckily these new cars will have to do a lot of instalation laps, refittings, checkups etc. so there will be ample opportunity to make pictures of them in the pits, while HRT, McLaren, Force India and Virgin happily rake in testing laps with their old cars on the Pirelli tyres.

  1. I see no reason why they shouldn’t be very competitive this year.
    No idea why people thought they would be in 2010 when they had no money to develop the car. Mercedes money came far to late (the car was complete or almost) this year however is a different matter.
    But will it make enough of a difference? More than any other team I’d suggest they have the best chance of a big swing in performance. We’ll soon see.

      1. Maybe they had to claim that the team would be fighting for the championship, to make DaimlerBenz look good for throwing more money into F1 at a time everybody else was pulling out?

        1. Exactly hype and words for the sponsors, which got in the way (for some, maybe I even started to believe it myself) of good judgement.
          Only have to look at the pre-session facts for 2010, (not the words which mean nothing), easy to say with hindsight but 2010 was always likely to go the way it did.
          Basically 2010 has no barring on 2011 too much has changed so there is hope they will be extremely competitive, however that’s just speculation.

    1. The “W” is a common description used by Mercedes-Benz for a certain model range. There was a W01 back in 1926, a limousine prototype. The W01 was named that way to make the point clear that this is the first true Mercedes F1 car of the new era.
      To link to production cars, the current S-Class is named W221.

  2. I think that Mercedes will be better than last season. I presume that after realizing their car was not competitive, they spent most of the time designing their 2011 car instead of focusing on the 2010 car. I don’t know whether they’ll win any races, but podiums are likely. I hope Rosberg out performs Schumacher again, I have never been a fan of him.

  3. With more time and money to develop, not to mention Schumacher having a hand in tailoring the car to his needs, I bet he will be quite competetive this year.

    People are quick to bash Schumacher’s current ability; however, if a car doesn’t conform to your driving style, finding tenths can be very difficult — that was part of last year’s struggle.

    1. All Schumachers fans are coming out to support him for 2011.Some of them were pretty quiet last year,but nevertheless it is getting to be like the old days again.The same solid base of fans, & the main line is >we all want SCHUMI TO WIN AGAIN.
      If anyone can do it,the Maestro can.The car will be heaps better this year,not just for the King of F1 but for Rosberg too.They will both be on the podium again,and don’t forget Brawn was working on this car long before all the other teams had started.
      GO SCHUMI>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. I hope they are competitive, and hope Schumacher us competitive. I will admit that I dont really want him to be WDC but not because I hate him but because I like new WDC every year. I really hope its a close fight between Merc, Mclaren, Lotus/Renault, Ferrari, and RB

      1. I don’t think it will be that different to be honest. But I believe they can do a lot with what they have, with the Mercedes brand and it’s unusual contrast with the turquoise of Petronas. Silver also places emphasis on the shape of the car when in the right light too.

  5. Fingers crossed the 2011 Merc is pointy in the front end, I’m not saying Rosberg won’t like it every bit as much as MSC, but I think its then that we will see what MSC is fully capable of in a car again. A well balanced car with good front end grip would be even better for both drivers, but I think even if it is oversteery as long as the front end has the grip, MS will shine again.

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