No F1 entry for Prodrive in 2012

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Prodrive won’t consider F1 until 2013 (Autosport)

David Richards: “The obvious next point to look at Formula 1 is 2013 with the massive change in regulations that come along at that point in time, and if you were to consider an entry that would be the time to go.”

Formula for Success (Negative effect)

Pictures from Pirelli’s test at Bahrain a few weeks ago.

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James Allen on the mood at Ferrari (ITV-F1)

Felipe Massa is under some pressure to raise his game after a poor season where he struggled to get close to the pace of his team-mate. He says that there was a very good technical reason for this, which is that the 2010 Bridgestone front tyre was 2% less strong relative to the rear tyre and that put his style of driving at a disadvantage.”

Codies preparing F1 online game (CVG)

“The game is described as a ‘service-based online game’ for a mainstream audience and the team will be based in Warwick.”

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Comment of the day

There’s a lot of sympathy for Adrian Newey’s view on ‘proximity wings’ – but Kevin also thinks we should wait and see before passing judgement:

I agree with Adrian?s point of view, I don?t think anyone wants to see ??manufactured? racing. The ultimate solution is to reduce aerodynamic dependancy and tackle it that way, however I would say lets see what it brings. Lets not judge it yet until we see how it works

Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to Ed!

On this day in F1

Adrian Newey refuted the view that banning double-diffusers would increase overtaking on this day last year.

With double-diffusers banned for this year that theory will be put to the test. But, as he said yesterday, the arrival of adjustable rear wings may make it hard to tell.

Image ?? Honda F1 Racing