Daniel Ricciardo, Formula Renault 3.5, 2010

Ricciardo to drive in pre-season testing

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Daniel Ricciardo says he will drive for the Toro Rosso in pre-season testing as well as in the first practice session in Bahrain.


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Ricciardo ‘will have F1 car by 2012’ (The West Australian)

“They’ve told me, the Toro Rosso guys, that I’ll be in the car for testing before Bahrain. I’m definitely driving in Bahrain on the Friday.

Time to kiss the Melbourne Grand Prix goodbye, says Lord Mayor Robert Doyle (Herald Sun)

“In the end, it will be a government decision and one of the tough ones that Ted Baillieu faces in his first term. Does he undo the legacy of Jeff Kennett, his mentor, in his very first term and, ironically, through the same minister to first get the event, Louise Asher? My judgement would be: Get ready. Time’s up.”

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Sundance 2011: Tears and thrills from the Formula One track in ‘Senna’ (Los Angeles Times)

“[Writer Manish] Pandey talked about showing the film to Ron Dennis, the head of the McLaren racing team, a man known for being unemotional and so conscious of not wasting a minute of time that he has a car and driver waiting for him everywhere he goes. ‘After the film ended, Ron Dennis cried for 10 minutes,’ Pandey said. ‘Then he sat and talked about Senna for two hours.’ Such is the power of this man, and this film.”

Sundance review: Senna (HitFix)

“The Angel of Death hangs over “Senna” from the opening frames and the driver’s spirituality and worries about his long-term legacy only build as we head toward the inevitable conclusion. What’s more impressive, though, is when Kapadia can introduce a piece of vintage interview footage with a seemingly superfluous bit of information from 1988 and then provide a payoff 15 or 20 minutes later. There’s almost no fat in the entire film.”

Bruno Senna Discusses His 2011 Plans With Peter Windsor (The Race Driver)

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Comment of the day

Some useful tips on going to the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix from Joe Tanto:

Either Tribune 11 or 12 will definitely let you see all of [the] Senna [hairpin]. If you want to see up the pit straight towards the start/finish and beyond right the way to champions wall then you need to be able to look past the trees. […]
The problem with sitting in the sections 1, 2, etc are the large covered grandstands blocking your view of the start / finish straight.

If you are high enough in Tribune 12 and over to the right hand side you will see up the straight.

Remember that at Montreal, unlike most circuits the ground level seat rows begin AA with the highest seat rows being A upwards, not the other way around.
Joe Tanto

From the forum

Will adjustable rear wings cause more aerial crashes?

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This was the race that was famously disrupted by a drivers’ strike, which you can read more about here:

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