Ferrari F10 launch

Ferrari’s 2011 F1 car will be called the F150

Ferrari have revealed the name for their 2011 F1 car.

The F150 will be launched in Maranello this Friday (January 28th).

The name marks the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said:

Ferrari is an expression of Italian excellence, talent and creativity. All the men and women who put so much effort and passion into their work at Maranello share the pride and responsibility of representing our country around the world and it is in this spirit that we chose to dedicate this car to an event that is so important for the whole of Italy.
Luca di Montezemolo

In the past Ferrari’s car designations have tended to refer to the year in which they were raced (e.g. F2008) or their engine configuration (e.g. 248 F1, for 2.4-litre V8). The team said the Italian flag will feature prominently on this year’s car.

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Champion of Champions: Michael Schumacher vs Jim Clark

Jim Clark vs Michael Schumacher

Champion of Champions: Michael Schumacher vs Jim Clark

As we head into the first quarter-final match-up the remaining drivers belong to that select few who were widely acknowledged as the best of their day. That is certainly true of Michael Schumacher and Jim Clark.

They spent much of their careers with the same team: Clark never drove for anyone other than Lotus.

Schumacher set a record by starting 180 races for Ferrari, having already won the championship twice with Benetton

In this time both drivers often had the best equipment available to them and little effective opposition from their team mates.

That changed for Clark in 1967 when he was joined by Graham Hill. Clark tended to have the upper hand but their cars were plagued by unreliability that year, and Clark was killed the following season.

Schumacher was beaten by a team mate for the first time in his career last year. Nico Rosberg held sway as Schumacher returned from a three-year break to drive for Mercedes.

By the end of this season Schumacher will have started exactly four times as many races as Clark did. But which of the drivers was the greater world champion?

Vote for which you think was best below and explain who you voted for and why in the comments.

Michael Schumacher Jim Clark
Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Istanbul, 2010 Jim Clark, Indianapolis, 1967
Titles 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 1963, 1965
Second in title year/s Damon Hill, Damon Hill, Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard, Rubens Barrichello, Kimi R??ikk??nen, Rubens Barrichello Graham Hill, Graham Hill
Teams Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, Mercedes Lotus
Notable team mates Nelson Piquet, Eddie Irvine, Rubens Barrichello Trevor Taylor, Mike Spence, Graham Hill
Starts 268 72
Wins 91 (33.96%) 25 (34.72%)
Poles 68 (25.37%) 33 (45.83%)
Modern points per start1 14.05 11.65
% car failures2 8.21 29.17
Modern points per finish3 15.30 16.45
Notes Missed several races in 1999 after breaking his leg at Silverstone An oil leak in the final race of 1962 cost him his first title
Retired in 2006 after 11 seasons with Ferrari Finished on the podium in every race where his car didn’t break down over the next three seasons
Returned with Mercedes in 2010 Killed in a Formula Two race during the 1968 season having won the first race of the year
Bio Michael Schumacher Jim Clark

1 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of races they started
2 The percentage of races in which they were not classified due to a mechanical failure
3 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of starts in which they did not suffer a race-ending mechanical failure

Round two

Round one

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Read the F1 Fanatic Champion of Champions introduction for more information and remember to check back tomorrow for the next round.

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Champion of Champions
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Images ?? Mercedes GP (Schumacher), (Clark)

Fairuz Fauzy, Lotus-Cosworth T127 shakedown, 2010

Online launch for new Lotus TL11 on January 31st

Fairuz Fauzy, Lotus-Cosworth T127 shakedown, 2010
Fairuz Fauzy, Lotus-Cosworth T127 shakedown, 2010

Lotus will reveal their new car online at 5am (GMT) on Monday 31st January.

The car, called the TL11, will be shown in pictures in the team’s “Lotus Notes” newsletter.

The car’s model number is a departure from the T127 convention used last year, which implied a link to the car numbering used by the former Team Lotus. A spokesperson told F1 Fanatic the change in numbering was to “simplify what could have been another point of contention”.

Heikki Kovalainen will be the first to drive the car on February 2nd, the second day of the Valencia test. Jarno Trulli will drive the car on February 3rd.

After that Lotus will remain in Valencia for a further test day after the other teams have departed. Trulli and Kovalainen will share the car for the private test day when the team will also use for filming purposes.

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Romain Grosjean, Renault, Valencia, 2009

Romain Grosjean returns to GP2 with DAMS

Romain Grosjean, Renault, Valencia, 2009

Romain Grosjean will return to GP2 in 2011 with the DAMS team.

He raced in the series in 2008 and 2009 before being briefly promoted to Renault’s F1 team.

After losing his F1 seat to Vitaly Petrov in 2010, Grosjean briefly returned to GP2 last year, standing in for Jerome d’Ambrosio at DAMS.

Grosjean finished fourth in his only full season of GP2 in 2008, behind Giorgio Pantano, Bruno Senna and Lucas di Grassi.

Jolyon Palmer, son of former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, will make his debut in GP2 this year driving for Arden.

Image ?? Renault/LAT

Bruno Senna, HRT, Interlagos, 2010

HRT plan to introduce 2011 car at Bahrain test

Bruno Senna, HRT, Interlagos, 2010
Bruno Senna, HRT, Interlagos, 2010

HRT say they will continue to use their 2010 car for the first three tests of 2011 before introducing their new design.

The team published the following Q&A with team principal Colin Kolles

Q: As we are now nearing the first test of 2011, Can you give us some details about the car that the Team is using?
CK: The 2010 car will be utilised at the first tests, and as soon as the 2011 car is ready, we will implement it. The plan is to use the 2011 car at the Bahrain test. The 2011 car will be a completely new car, and will be called F111.

Q: The Spanish tests seem to be a very good opportunity for the Hispania Racing drivers to test the new tyres. What is your opinion?
CK: Last year we didn’t have the opportunity to do the tests, and this new season we are able to give our drivers the opportunity to do more mileage and to get used to the Pirelli tyres. So, yes, the Spanish tests are very important for us.

Q: What are your impressions of the F111 progress up until now? Who is working on it?
CK: The F111 is being made by Hispania Racing with several groups of engineers. At the moment, there are approximately 40 designers finalising the first specification, under the leadership of Geoff Willis as Technical Director and Paul White as Chief Designer.

Q: What can you say about Hispania Racing line up for 2011? Is the Team preparing any announcement for the next weeks?
CK: Let???s see. In the next few days there will be several announcements. The second driver has not been decided yet, because we have to make sure that we are making the best choice. We are making progress in all areas which is positive, working very hard, and the results will be shown and be announced very soon.

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Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Korea, 2010

Ferrari had most to gain from adjustable rear wing in 2010

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Korea, 2010
Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Korea, 2010

The Ferrari drivers would have been able to us the adjustable rear wing more than any of their rivals had the device been allowed in 2010.

F1 Fanatic analysed how the new 2011 regulations would have worked last year to better understand the controversial rear wing rules.

Drivers will be able to adjust the angle of their rear wings to increase their straight-line speed in 2011. But, controversially, they will only be allowed to do so if they are within one second of another car.

The 2011 technical rules also prevent the drivers from adjusting their rear wings during the first two laps of the race, under safety car conditions and in the first two laps following a restart.

With all those caveats it’s hard to get an impression how often the wings might be used. The following data shows how many times each driver would have been able to activate their rear wing in 2010 had the new rules been in place.

Potential ARW activations in 2010 – drivers

This table shows how many times each driver could have activated their adjustable rear wing:

Driver Potential ARW activations
1 Felipe Massa 281
2 Fernando Alonso 263
3 Robert Kubica 225
4 Nico H???lkenberg 203
5 Michael Schumacher 201
5 Kamui Kobayashi 201
7 Jaime Alguersuari 200
8 Mark Webber 177
9 Adrian Sutil 173
10 Lewis Hamilton 172
10 Vitaly Petrov 172
12 Vitantonio Liuzzi 166
13 Sebastian Vettel 147
14 Sebastien Buemi 141
15 Rubens Barrichello 111
16 Jenson Button 105
17 Nico Rosberg 102
18 Timo Glock 95
19 Heikki Kovalainen 93
20 Jarno Trulli 68
21 Pedro de la Rosa 60
21 Nick Heidfeld 60
23 Lucas di Grassi 41
24 Bruno Senna 30
25 Karun Chandhok 15
26 Sakon Yamamoto 9
27 Christian Klien 0

There’s no reason to assume the adjustable rear wing rule was brought in specifically to help Ferrari, particularly as the plan was announced long before the end of the season.

However it’s clear the two Ferrari drivers found themselves stuck within one second of a rival more often than the others did last year.

It will come as no surprise to learn that the race where they would have used it most was Abu Dhabi. Fernando Alonso would have had 38 opportunities to use it, all of which coming while he was stuck behind Vitaly Petrov.

Felipe Massa would have had 47 chances to press the button, the most of any driver all season long. This was a 55-lap race, and the wing would have been unusable for five laps due to the safety car period at the start.

There are more interesting findings when you look at how the wing could have been used in particular races:

Potential ARW activations in 2010 – races

This table shows how many times adjustable rear wings could have been activated at each race in 2010:

Race Potential ARW activations
1 Brazil 339
2 Turkey 264
2 Canada 264
2 Europe 264
2 Britain 264
6 Abu Dhabi 252
7 Italy 220
8 Singapore 197
9 Hungary 183
10 Germany 170
11 Australia 167
12 Spain 164
13 Monaco 144
14 Malaysia 123
15 Belgium 122
16 Japan 119
17 Bahrain 110
18 China 92
19 Korea 53

The wing would have been used most often in Brazil, with 339 potential activations across all 24 drivers.

But in Korea it would only have been available 53 times, mainly because 24 of the 55 laps were run behind the safety car.

As the rule is designed to promote overtaking, you might expect last year’s infamously dull Bahrain Grand Prix to be one of the races where the wing could have been used the most. But that isn’t the case – with 110 potential activations it’s third from last on the list, the lowest of all the dry-weather races.

Another interesting case is the Singapore Grand Prix, where Sebastian Vettel spent the entire race trying to pass Alonso. Of the race’s 61 laps he was only close enough to use the ARW six times.

The ‘lap 3 cluster’

As the rules prevent use of the adjustable rear wing within the first two laps of the start of the race or following a safety car period, expect lots of drivers to be hitting the button after those lock-out periods pass.

On several occasions last year more than half of the field would have been able to use their ARWs at the start of lap three: 14 drivers at Interlagos and 13 at Silverstone, Hungaroring, Spa-Francorchamps and Monza.

Data for every race

This table shows how many times each driver could have activated their ARW at every race:

Race 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Jenson Button 4 2 6 0 27 0 3 5 6 20 1 3 0 3 0 1 6 16 2
Lewis Hamilton 14 27 27 7 5 6 37 10 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 13 20
Michael Schumacher 2 34 1 11 1 8 0 15 13 18 20 6 7 1 5 24 1 34 0
Nico Rosberg 0 8 0 1 16 5 3 8 6 8 10 0 6 1 1 6 0 8 15
Sebastian Vettel 1 0 0 17 1 0 24 14 0 17 4 27 15 20 6 1 0 0 0
Mark Webber 20 20 1 12 0 0 0 3 4 0 21 6 14 37 13 1 0 0 25
Felipe Massa 2 10 23 11 10 5 20 17 37 12 1 2 1 7 40 0 0 36 47
Fernando Alonso 0 29 19 6 0 12 26 26 29 28 13 0 9 23 0 0 1 4 38
Rubens Barrichello 2 7 1 5 10 1 11 9 4 1 2 10 0 13 0 6 1 27 1
Nico H???lkenberg 4 0 0 1 11 0 12 13 9 27 18 8 5 14 37 0 5 24 15
Robert Kubica 10 2 1 2 23 9 38 4 38 1 1 12 6 8 11 0 3 45 11
Vitaly Petrov 3 0 5 6 10 8 11 13 22 4 16 6 8 13 17 0 3 18 9
Adrian Sutil 4 2 1 9 1 10 11 26 22 15 4 12 4 7 7 10 10 9 9
Vitantonio Liuzzi 1 7 9 0 0 6 2 20 32 12 1 46 3 23 0 0 3 1 0
Sebastien Buemi 16 0 10 0 5 17 3 11 5 16 0 8 3 3 20 10 4 6 4
Jaime Alguersuari 10 11 6 2 5 23 17 24 3 14 13 0 5 4 15 10 6 29 3
Jarno Trulli 0 0 1 0 1 18 4 7 0 0 0 4 3 1 0 6 0 23 0
Heikki Kovalainen 1 0 7 1 0 2 13 5 1 22 2 4 2 30 0 0 2 1 0
Karun Chandhok 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 11 0 1
Bruno Senna 0 0 0 1 0 1 5 3 5 0 0 0 5 0 4 0 3 3
Pedro de la Rosa 7 6 0 0 0 2 4 8 13 4 6 2 5 3
Kamui Kobayashi 0 0 3 0 32 3 8 0 4 34 24 20 5 0 12 12 3 17 24
Timo Glock 9 0 0 0 4 0 6 8 11 2 13 4 5 2 1 22 0 2 6
Lucas di Grassi 0 2 1 0 1 8 5 4 0 2 0 3 13 1 0 0 0 1 0
Christian Klien 0 0 0
Sakon Yamamoto 5 0 0 3 1 0 0
Nick Heidfeld 12 1 5 22 20

Notes on the analysis

Article 3.18.2 of the 2011 Technical Regulations explains how the adjustable element of the rear wing may be used:

The adjustable bodywork may be activated by the driver at any time prior to the start of the race and, for the sole purpose of improving overtaking opportunities during the race, after the driver has completed a minimum of two laps after the race start or following a safety car period.

The driver may only activate the adjustable bodywork in the race when he has been notified via the control electronics (see Article 8.2) that it is enabled. It will only be enabled if the driver is less than one second behind another at any of the pre-determined positions around each circuit. The system will be disabled by the control electronics the first time the driver uses the brakes after he has activated the system.

The FIA may, after consulting all competitors, adjust the above time proximity in order to ensure the stated purpose of the adjustable bodywork is met.

Note that the measurement of how far one driver is behind another may be taken “at any of the pre-determined positions around each circuit”. For the purposes of this analysis the start/finish line has been used as that point.

The full data from the analysis is available here: Download the Adjustable Rear Wing 2010 analysis (Excel .xls format)

How do you think the adjustable rear wings will change races in 2011? Have your say in the comments.

Update: What if drivers could activate the rear wing when two seconds behind instead of one? Find the answer in the comments.

Thanks to BBT for the idea for this article

F1 technology
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Renault R30 in 2011 Lotus livery

High court will hear Lotus case after season starts

The Force India driver line-up looks set to be announced on Wedneday but the Lotus saga just drags on. Here’s today’s round-up:


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Lotus Name Trial Set For After Bahrain GP (Speed)

“The battle for over the use of the Lotus name in F1 is now set to go to trial in London?s High Court on March 21.”

Tony Fernandes on Twitter

“Very very happy over the judgement today. And extremely happy that full trial brought forward to march 21st. The good do always eventually win”

Via the Live F1 Twitter app

Force India set to give Scot Paul di Resta a race drive (BBC)

Force India say they will announce their drivers at a news conference on Wednesday at the Glasgow headquarters of one of their sponsors.”

Mike Gascoyne via Twitter

“Chassis 1 car build started yesterday, hoping to fire engine up tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. Lots to do but exciting times.”

Two picture of parts of the new Lotus were also posted on Twitter. Find them here and here.

Via the Live F1 Twitter app

Indian F1 organiser Hughes quits (The Gulf Today)

“Mark Hughes, a former number two at the Bahrain circuit, in charge of building the Indian facility for the past 12 months, quit last month ‘due to personal reasons’, the promoters said.”

Senna (Variety)

“Within the expertly edited archival construct, Kapadia maintains a respectful but less-than-adulatory view of Senna himself, and a caustic assessment of Formula One and its then-president Jean-Marie Balestre.”

Speculation in Finland (Joe Saward)

“Finland?s Ilta-Sanomat newspaper, one of the biggest in the country, is reporting that the police investigation into the accident that resulted in the death of a friend of former F1 driver JJ Lehto has concluded that Lehto was at the controls of the boat when it hit a bridge last summer, while travelling at high speed in a narrow canal.”

Walker vows to cut race costs (The Age)

“Mr Walker said it was ‘business as usual’ after meeting Premier Ted Baillieu yesterday to discuss the race, a day after lord mayor Robert Doyle called for Melbourne to cut its losses and ditch the event when the contract expires in 2015.”

Thanks to Andrew G for the tip

Fauzy signs for Super Nova (Super Nova)

Renault test driver Fairuz Fauzy will race in GP2 and GP2 Asia for Super Nova.

Formula 1 OnBoard Special 2010 (YouTube)

Not a new video but one I hadn’t seen before – some very nice high-definition F1 car footage:

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Comment of the day

US_Peter spies a makeover for Nico Rosberg:

Looks like he?s trying his best to shed the Britney image.

From the forum

Joey-Poey’s talking about the cars, not snobbery: Why are F1 noses raised?

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On this day in F1

The 1976 season got started at Interlagos in Brazil – on the old, 7.96km (4.946 mile) circuit.

James Hunt started the race from pole position but Niki Lauda claimed the victory for Ferrari. The pair battled for the championship until the last race of the season.

See below for a video from the race.