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Ferrari’s 2011 F1 car will be called the F150 25th January 2011, 19:03

Ferrari have revealed the name for their 2011 F1 car which will be launched on Friday.

Jim Clark vs Michael Schumacher

By the end of this season Schumacher will have started four times as many races as Clark.

Online launch for new Lotus TL11 on January 31st

Lotus will reveal their new car online at 5am (GMT) on Monday 31st January.

Romain Grosjean returns to GP2 with DAMS

Former Renault driver Romain Grosjean will return to GP2 for his full first season since 2008.

HRT plan to introduce 2011 car at Bahrain test

HRT say they will use their 2011 car, dubbed the F111, for the first time at the Bahrain test.

Ferrari had most to gain from adjustable rear wing in 2010

F1 Fanatic analyses the controversial 2011 rear wing rules.

High court will hear Lotus case after season starts

In today’s round-up: Lotus hearing deferred and Paul di Resta to be confirmed on Wednesday.

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