Red Bull RB6

F1 testing in Spain: coverage starts here next week

2011 F1 testingPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

The Red Bull RB6 under cover in Jerez last year

I will be in Spain to cover the three pre-season F1 tests and car launches starting next week.

F1 Fanatic will have pictures of all the 2011 F1 cars running for the first time including the new Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes and more.

I’ll be at Valencia, Jerez and the Circuit de Catalunya to talk to the drivers and teams and bring you regular updates.

The season kicks off in Valencia where we’ll see the new Renault R31 and Sauber C30 on Monday 31st.

The following day world champions Red Bull reveal their new RB7 and we’ll see the car that Mercedes aim to bounce back with in 2011: the W02.

Toro Rosso will also present their STR6 for the first time and the new Williams FW33 will be on-track in its interim livery.

The new Ferrari F150 will also be on-track following its launch tomorrow and the Lotus TL11 will appear as well.

For the first test in Valencia I’ll be joined by photographer Julien Leroy to help get even more pictures of the new cars.

McLaren will run an interim car during the first test but I’ll be in Berlin to bring you the first pictures of the new MP4-26 when it’s launched on February 4th. And three days after that the wraps are coming off Virgin’s new car in London.

Then it’s on to Jerez from the 10th-13th where the MP4-26 and VR-02 will run for the first time, and there’s more testing at the Circuit de Catalunya on the 18th-21st.

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