Red Bull RB6

F1 testing in Spain: coverage starts here next week

2011 F1 testingPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

The Red Bull RB6 under cover in Jerez last year

I will be in Spain to cover the three pre-season F1 tests and car launches starting next week.

F1 Fanatic will have pictures of all the 2011 F1 cars running for the first time including the new Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes and more.

I’ll be at Valencia, Jerez and the Circuit de Catalunya to talk to the drivers and teams and bring you regular updates.

The season kicks off in Valencia where we’ll see the new Renault R31 and Sauber C30 on Monday 31st.

The following day world champions Red Bull reveal their new RB7 and we’ll see the car that Mercedes aim to bounce back with in 2011: the W02.

Toro Rosso will also present their STR6 for the first time and the new Williams FW33 will be on-track in its interim livery.

The new Ferrari F150 will also be on-track following its launch tomorrow and the Lotus TL11 will appear as well.

For the first test in Valencia I’ll be joined by photographer Julien Leroy to help get even more pictures of the new cars.

McLaren will run an interim car during the first test but I’ll be in Berlin to bring you the first pictures of the new MP4-26 when it’s launched on February 4th. And three days after that the wraps are coming off Virgin’s new car in London.

Then it’s on to Jerez from the 10th-13th where the MP4-26 and VR-02 will run for the first time, and there’s more testing at the Circuit de Catalunya on the 18th-21st.

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68 comments on “F1 testing in Spain: coverage starts here next week”

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  1. Have we still got to wait a week? Thats ages! Not that it’s your fault Keith. Thought it was all starting tomorrow, should have checked the dates really. Looking forward checking out the pics and reading the posts, who’s gonna have a clever F-duct type feature this year?..

    1. Testing starts on Tuesday, the first launch (Ferrari) is tomorrow.

      1. keith do you know which drivers are going to run and what days?

        1. That information is coming out in dribs and drabs at the moment. The ones that have been announced so far are in the F1 Fanatic Calendar (click on each ‘testing’ entry for more details):

          F1 Fanatic Google Calendar

      2. There are some renders of the car circulating in the web. I thin we have a “Red Horse” here:

        1. At least that actually looks like an F1 car; with the ban on shark fins that reach the rear wing, I’m hoping that Mercedes’ pointed engine find because popular. However, I notice that has a very deep V-keel on the nose of the car, and the FIA has moved to limit just how deep it can be.

    2. Well the Ferrari F150 is unveiled tomorrow and then it’s only a couple of days til we get to see a few more new cars…

      …and there are sure to be some more stories kicking around over the weekend so it should fly by!!

      1. Thanks people, wasn’t quite as confused as I thought I was. And good idea BasCB, I’m all for helping keep the coffee flowing lol

  2. oh man oh man oh man oh man!!!!

    1. oh man oh man oh man oh man!!!!

      oh man oh man oh man oh man!!!!

    2. oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god …

      1. That is officially the most random video that’s ever been posted on here. Kudos!

  3. Great you can make it live to all those presentations and to the testing this year Keith!
    I donated you for about a double coffee today as sign of support!
    Looking forward to wonderfull pictures and fanatic coverage :-)

    1. Thanks BasCB – the coffee budget is a particularly expensive part of the equation :-)

      1. I donated for a few coffees as well, and I’ll try to remember to donate a little more next week after pay day… Thanks for all your work.

  4. Wow! Keith that’s going to be a crazy time! Hope you enjoy it. Can’t wait for all the coverage you’re going to provide!

    I think a donation is due!

    1. +1, once I get home from work today, I’ll be helping out.

      Nice coverage for us Fanatics!

  5. Isn’t the new lotus called TL11 not TF11?

    1. It is – typo. Fixed it.

  6. Benson Mutton
    27th January 2011, 11:12

    Great your covering all this Keith, going to have to make a donation as this site is invaluable, my first port of call every morning. Keep up the good work

  7. Seems like a busy month for you Keith. Donated :)
    I would suggest adding the time to the Ferrari launch in the calender. (9.45 a.m, Italy’s time)

    1. Apparently many people have doubts regarding the time and the channel it is broadcast in Italy. I read somewhere it said it was going to be at 10:30 on Rai 2, but I read on the Rai website it’s at 9:45 on Rai Sport 1.

      1. It will be on Rai 2 AND on Rai Sport 1 at the same time.
        Yuo can see it here (but i don’t know if it work outside italy) or on FerrariTV website.
        Please confirm you understand this message.
        (just joking)

        1. Good lad. Just stick with it now…. Sorry

  8. From tomorrow the season lasts for 10 months (ends on 27th November in Brazil)

  9. Thanks for all the coverage over the off season! The 2011 season starts for me tomorrow, the unveiling of the first car! :D

    I can’t wait to read your updates & see the photos from the testing sessions.

  10. good to see lotus hit the track, looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

    keith, have you taken out recidency in spain yet? seems youve been there ages you lucky… :)

    1. At this rate it might be cheaper to decamp there in Feburary!

  11. I’m not jealous. Oh no. If my work wasn’t crazy at the moment I’d have gone out and done the Lotus test hospitality thing, and brought my camera!

    It’s the time of year when all teams are looking to attract sponsorship, and I for one am happy to support Scuderia F1Fanatic Lotus Keith. :)

    1. Ha ha, very good!

      Although maybe it should be Scuderia F1Fanatic Lotus 1Malaysia Bahar Fernandes Renault Lotus Keith

      (Admittedly, I might have got a little carried away here!) :D


      1. P.S. Does anybody know of any TV/Web coverage, or is it just silly ‘live’ timing as usual? (Grrr…)


  12. Second year on big boys’ beat, eh? I wonder what kind of perks you’ll discover you never knew existed when you were a rookie : ) champagne? masseuses? ok, maybe more like fewer ‘what do YOU want?’ looks from team members? Anyhoo, enjoy!

    1. It’s well-known that second-years get a Licence to Kill.

  13. STR6 was last years car wasn’t it? Are STR too poor now?

    Nah mate, no worries. Should be awesome seeing all the new cars slowly pop up.

    1. No, last year’s car was the STR5. STR car numbers are one season behind RBR.

      RBR started in 2005, STR in 2006.

  14. Hi Keith,
    My contribution will be to buy you a beer if you are in Barcelona city at any stage!

    1. Haha, thanks. I’ll let you know but the circuit is some way outside the city centre.

  15. I think it’s the usual foreign live timing, unfortunately.

    I’m yet to understand why the official F1 site doesn’t pull their finger out and stream the tests. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again – even if it was £1 to watch each session, they’d make so much money from it…

    Thanks alot, Keith – Good to see this site going only from strength to strength. Check out my email at some point if you got a moment :) Cheers!

  16. I will be in Spain

    See, as an Australian, I sometimes forget that for Europeans that’s basically a five minute walk.
    In Australia we have to walk thousands of miles across great oceans of deserts… And that’s just to get to my mates place.

    Also, I’m going to donate, just have to convince dad to let me use his paypal… saves me making my own.

  17. Finally… there will be something interesting to read on my twitter!

    Looking forward to your reports.

  18. Let’s hope Red Bull won’t be 1s in front of others :)

  19. Thanks Keith for your work. I have some questions,

    1. Will we have live timing chat as we had in practice, quali & raceday.

    2.Will have live timing?

    3. I don’t have a credit card so is there any way I can donate some money through “Western Union Money Transfer” or something.

    1. I think you can use PayPal?

    2. To answer your questions: 1) The official website does not stream TESTING, therefore no live streams from that side.

      2) you can use a creditcard Visa/Master cards are acceptable.

      1. @ BBQ2

        I am afraid to day that I don’t have creditcard Visa/Master cards.

        1. It will be say not day as I wrote.

          1. if you can use paypal you can pay through that with a debit card without having to properly set up an account…. you make a username and password and then just pay with your debit card.

  20. Looking forward to it Keith! I bet you are too :) I was going to be making another contribution some time soon anyway but now sounds like an apt time. I’ll sort it out tonight when i’m at home.

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