2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 side-by-side

2011 F1 cars

Last year’s Ferrari won five races and nearly took Fernando Alonso to the championship.

How does the new F150 compare to the F10? Click each image to view the full-size versions:

2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared

2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared

2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared

2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared

2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared

2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared

Different reference points were used to scale the images including tyres and wings. However they should not be considered an exact reflection of the relative dimensions of the two cars.

For further comparison here’s how the F10 looked at the end of last year:

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Abu Dhabi, 2010

2011 F1 cars

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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132 comments on 2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 side-by-side

  1. You can bet your house that this is just the core package, the full one will appear at race #2 or 3, I think. It’s still too early to reveal all the tricks up in the sleeves, the first thing to do is to match the car’s setup to the tires after the first test. I did not expect to find many visible changes, fitting KERS and where was interesting point, I’d love to see what RBR did in that regard.

  2. missing one compare photo, the half-half. It was ma favorite last year!!!

  3. Bäremans said on 28th January 2011, 12:45

    Guess Ferrari will be happy as long as it’s functional. Must say this was a bit of an anticlimax, with other teams promising “aggressive” designs.
    So looking forward to see what that “aggressive” design that was promised by both McLaren and Williams will look like.

    And to the new Team Lotus car as well. Last year’s car was not manufactured by the team itself and Gascoyne said on numerous occasions that he saw many possibilities to make that car lighter and faster. So really looking forward to see their new vehicle next Monday.

  4. Younger Hamilton said on 28th January 2011, 12:48

    Looks awfully the same as the F10 last year,apart from the Livery,Sideboard Mirrors and Rear Wing which has a splitter in the middle of the endplate.But this is what Ferrari did last year and hopefully and its likely that before Bahrain(not the test or probably on the test) theres a couple of changes

  5. tomforpresident said on 28th January 2011, 12:49

    would be nice to see a comparison with the f10 from the end of the season, it would have evolved through the season.

  6. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 28th January 2011, 12:53

    One of the main change I can see is the exhaust which have been removed a bit back in the third picture of the F150.

  7. I really like the back end of that car, it tapers so nicely back, It’s brilliantly compact. I think the Ferrari team have done a great job this time… I think Alonso should be well pleased.

  8. Sagar said on 28th January 2011, 13:22

    Such things make this site different from other sites.. Thanks a lot…LOL…

  9. Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 28th January 2011, 13:32

    I guess it was noticed but first thing which I catched a glimpse of is the much higher nosecone and slightly lower pads above the shoulders of the driver. Perhaps to direct more airflow to the rear wing. Slightly less narrow rear end as well.

    Conservative approach let alone the nosecone.

    • That’s a bit of an optical illusion. The humps either side of the driver’s head are safety items so they must be the same as last year’s. There side pods are flatter across the top though so there’s less of an exaggerated swoop leading up to them. If you see in this picture here:


      The driver’s head protection is at the same level on both cars. The most obvious difference being the height of the nosecone.

      Bear in mind as well, when you look at these comparisson shots, is that they’re comparing the release versions of both cars. The shots of the F10 show no f-duct, and no exhaust blown diffuser. The front wings also appear different because of the amount of development which happened through the year, but the front wing shown on the new F150 is actually last year’s front wing. You can tell from the fact it has the adjustment mechanism on there, even though that feature is no longer available this year.

      • Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 28th January 2011, 14:24

        Yeah you’re right thanks for bringing these up. Then it’s really only the nosecone.

      • DavidS (@davids) said on 28th January 2011, 16:19

        Actually, in the presentation, they mentioned that they moved the driving position higher in the car slightly, to allow more air to be directed by the underside of the car, and for packaging considerations for KERS. As a result the air intake had to be moved slightly higher.

        It’s not possible to accurately determine that from the photos because any vertical change, lateral change, focal length change will affect the proportions. Unless they make sure every variable is exactly the same, there’s no way you can determine changes that minute. Guess I’ll have to take their word for it.

        That’s one of the cool things about F1 cars. They may look the same, but the cars are actually unique.

  10. Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 28th January 2011, 15:31

    Hope you don’t mind Keith, but I animated the different pictures. I think it shows pretty well where the differences are.

    Front view

    Side view

    Top view

  11. BBT (@bbt) said on 28th January 2011, 15:52

    Seriously people, there are enough differences to last years car.
    I almost got sucked into the its the same trap, but it really isn’t.

    Open thy eyes….
    What do people expect? The regulations are tight.
    The are 15 – 20 what I would call major changes and that is without the new front wing….

  12. BBT (@bbt) said on 28th January 2011, 16:00

    Considering the regulations I think the following are significant….

    No F-duct,
    No shark fin
    Single diffuser
    Higher front nose,
    Wider nose
    Air box
    Side pod entries
    Rear suspension
    Exhaust exits
    Rear wing
    Barge boards
    Gearbox area

    OK you can’t see the KERS but its there, and there will be other major differences you can’t see, weight distribution, centre of gravity etc.

  13. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 28th January 2011, 16:23

    It sure looks bulkier then the F10. To me, they are different enough. And let’s see at the first test how the real deal looks

  14. Icthyes said on 28th January 2011, 17:28

    The head-on view of the front wings is the only thing I genuinely dislike about the current spec of F1 car. I don’t mind their width too much but the endless additions make me feel ill.

  15. Mouse_Nightshirt (@mouse_nightshirt) said on 28th January 2011, 18:16

    Hmmm – Ferrari obviously have decided there is no benefit in Mercedes’ airbox approach. I wonder if any other teams may copy the idea.

  16. LoneFanMX said on 28th January 2011, 18:44

    I don’t know if anybody has noticed that the rear push rod suspension is attached deeper (forward) underneath the engine cover. I guess that’s the way they reduced the aerodynamic profile in the rear section of the car and allowed space for the exhaust system and diffuser. (exhaust blown diffuser) any comment?

  17. Nesto said on 28th January 2011, 19:00

    too bad the rear of the car is heavily shaded. the two black things sticking out of the nose are cameras right ? i wonder why they were moved, due to regs or part of the design change ? Nothing big I’m sure, just curious.

  18. hey i can see the two splitters under the nose i thought they were getting rid of them?

  19. Tobitron (@tobitron) said on 29th January 2011, 0:08

    Looks remarkably a lot like the 2010 McLaren= Nose, front wing and smaller, squarer, sidepod intakes.

  20. Jared404 said on 29th January 2011, 7:10

    The Bridgestone lettering has faded on the 2010 car.

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