4 comments on “2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared”

  1. Without the comparison,it appeared to be the same car as the F10.But looking closely, it turns out to be a completely different car and even looks better than the F10.I believe ferrari has got a serious contender here.Thank you Keith!

  2. Meh. I think the F10 is a prettier car. I like how the F10 had the sidepods curled slightly upwards (when viewed from head-on); it looked very nice with the channeled nose section. The F150 has neither of those features, and a nose so high that it really draws attention to those front wing support, which look more awkward than ever. Not an ugly car overall, but on aesthetics alone I think its a step back.

  3. You have to bear in mind that the Ferrari that finished the season was very different to the one at launch.

    It’s nice to compare them but the real comparison is between the F150 and the car that raced in Abu Dhabi.

  4. Also, cant help but think that Ferrari are releasing the car early with a few key parts missing to throw the rest off. If they had something innovative like the F duct, they will wait til testing to show you that.

    I’d expect an update on this version by the 1st of Feb!

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