Fernando Alonso, Ferrari F150, Fiorano, 2011

Fernando Alonso drives first laps in the Ferrari F150

2011 F1 testingPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso shook down the new Ferrari F150 following its launch this morning.

Alonso drove the car around the team’s Fiorano test track.

He said he expects the new car to suit him better than last year’s F10 having now spent a year with the team:

When I arrived in 2010 I found a very different car compared to the one I had driven before. This year I contributed and I think that also my driving style had an influence on the development. Now I also know the people in my team and I?ve got a good relationship with them and I?m always putting them under pressure.
Fernando Alonso

Ferrari F150 first laps – pictures

Ferrari F150 first laps – video

Teams are not allowed to conduct private testing but they can run their cars for promotional purposes on a limited number of occasions per year.

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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  1. Thats a very Williams-Ish Nose dont you think?

    1. miguelF1O (@)
      29th January 2011, 8:18

      Maybe but compare it to the Ferrari F2000

      1. miguelF1O (@)
        29th January 2011, 8:21

        very Redbullysh chassis, those radiators and the high position of riding really seem to be an adaptation of redbull anyway Ferrari always makes nice and beautiful cars; with bad colour schemes, Santander please ***

      2. Maybe but compare it to the Ferrari F2000

        Wow! Thanks for pointing that out – it actually looks very similar! :)

    2. miguelF1O (@)
      29th January 2011, 8:26

      that coke bottle shape is getting a bit too common, despite new regulations teams are quickly reaching standards, i hope other cars will be different.

  2. Just to say its been 1 year since I have been using this website so Keith thank you for the contributions.

    1. Same here actually! Thanks Keith.

      1. +1
        Awesome site!

  3. Onboard video for advertising purposes? :)

    1. Now it’s there.

  4. The helmet looks just light blue from the front, and I have to admit I prefered last year’s one. By the way, the red stripe on the visor is ugly, should have been light blue like the one of 2010: http://www.anf1blog.com/wp-content/gallery/2010-f1-helmets/fernando-alonso-2010-helmet_right.jpg

    1. Interestingly, Massa still has the yellow strip as last year.

  5. So they stuck with push-rod suspension and seem confident.
    Will this year be between Vettel and Alonso?

    1. Yes. And Webber, Hamilton, Button, Schumacher, Rosberg, Kubica, and perhaps even Di Resta, Maldono or Massa. Good innit? :D

      1. I think it’s a bit optimistic to say the least to expect di Resta and Maldonado to challenge of the championship in their first season…

      2. I think you are missing Karthikeyan and D’Ambrosio

  6. What are the restrictions on how much you can run current cars outside of official test days?

    1. There’s the rule preventing new parts from being tested in filming sessions. The whole car is new so it shouldn’t have been allowed?

  7. The car looks short with its low role hoop.

  8. maybe it’s just me, but the car doesn’t look all that .. sometimes a car arrives and makes you go [technical description] hyyyyaaabughhhh.. i’m sure it’ll look better in Bahrain in race spec or at least in the later tests when they aren’t hiding everything.. but often cars that have ‘the look’ seem to perform well and vice-versa.. Earth Honda, Red Williams etc etc

    1. Weal, didn’t think the F10 looked all that, seemed to be a mish mash of some of the previous years best bits. Possibly this is the ferrari way, Quick but super solid base that can be developed.

  9. Alonso’s got a rather glum face on hope thats not because of the car.

    1. An vice versa :)

      I wonder if can know already, a few champions talk about taking the car they win the championship out for it’s first spin and thinking i’m gonna have a shot this year, this is it.

      It’d be facinaiting to know what he’s saying to his engineers, wonder if he knows it’s capable of delivering yet.

      1. Was thinking the same thing about the glum look on his face. Doesn’t help either that think it was Domenical emphasizing that times at the start don’t matter. We know they don’t but just the fact he said it. Maybe either that’s just the sandbagging line & Alonso’s look is the poker face one…

        1. Only smiles when his just won something, or about to say something enourmously self congratulatory, apart from that he hasn’t smiled in over 17 and a half years. I wouldn’t do to muc on his expression.

          Besides it’s an evolved version of last years car, which we all know was good so, I assume it felt pretty fine.

          THe more I look at the car the more it scares me in fact.

          1. ”Only smiles when his just won something, or about to say something enourmously self congratulatory”
            haha, yep apparently the reason he wasn’t happy was because he wanted them to change the name Ferrari F150 to Fernando F150 before he give it the first test drive.

          2. Well if you want Guy Smiley, support Button. If it’s talent you’re after, Alonso’s your man.

          3. yep, guess you’re right, if only Button had have been beaten by a rookie he could have turned into mister frowny too.

  10. You can see right along the floor straight clear out through the rear. Actually looks really good.

    I’m guessing it’s not any more tapered than normal but they’ve just designed everything to be out of the way.

  11. Any idea how many laps he did???

  12. What tyres are those on the car? Pirelli intermediates or wets?

    1. Look like wets.

    2. definately wets… intermediates aren’t cut that deep

  13. good to see ferrari bending the rules as ever

    1. bending the rules? are you serious?

    2. I agree with you Dave. Cheater as ever. lol

    3. The teams are allowed a shakedown.

    4. I think dave is right. These secret 10 laps before testing starts, will be the key to who wins the championship.

  14. I like Alonso’s evil moustache ;)

    1. He looks like one of the three Musketeers.

  15. Since its a promotional run are they forced to run treaded tires so as not to gain information?

    1. They were forced to use wets because the track was wet.

      1. I can see that it is wet, but I was just wondering if in general are they given a special tire for promotional events. Guess I wasn’t too clear.

        1. That’s not a bad idea actually. Make one that’s so hard it’s impossible to drive the car at any speed. Like the Comfort Hards in GT5 ;)

          Incidentally, from this angle http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/alon_ferr_2011_fior-3.jpg it looks like someone’s forgotten to bolt the engine in. When there’s a V4 in the back instead of a V8 the back end of these things is going to be seriously oddly-shaped…

        2. Yes. If the promotional session is dry, special hard tyres are issued specifically to prevent data collection from being of use to the team doing the running.

          1. Cool, thanks for that info!

  16. Bigredbears10
    28th January 2011, 20:36

    The front wing looks higher off the ground!

    1. lol, I think cause it’s not going fast enough or turning :)

  17. just got a feeling that it’s a lemon. It looks very basic. Maybe it’s all underneath the skin, e.g. KERS unit that weighs less than anti-matter.

    I predict a red bull catch up again this year and Mclaren will be next, then Ferrfarti.

    1. Anti-matter weighs the same as matter.
      Just goes bang pretty easily.

  18. in fact, its so chubby in the middle it may already be gestating next years effort.

    ugly motor indeed!

    If ugly cars are fast why are Ferrari road cars so pretty???

  19. The car looked nice in the studio pictures, but on track it looks pretty blocky. But chances are it’ll be competitive.

  20. Votes for Keith putting this link at the end of each article?



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