Ferrari F150 launch – first pictures and video

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Ferrari have launched their 2011 F1 car at their base in Maranello.

The car was launched with several 2010 aerodynamic parts visible including the front and rear wings.

The team’s new Scuderia Ferrari logo features prominently on the engine cover.

Ferrari F150 launch pictures

Ferrari F150 launch video

Chief designer Nikolas Tombazis explained some of the key changes and design features on the new car:

This car had to be reviewed hugely due to the new regulations.

The front part is similar to the one from last year but we will introduce some changes during our tests.

As you can see the front part of the chassis has been raised and the suspension, too, we have studied the lower part in order to improve the flow underneath the car which is very important for performance.

And due to the raiding of the frame the driver will be sitting in a higher position and you can see also the engine snorkel is a bit higher in order to have the same performance.

If you look back on the sides you have stronger indentation in the lower part and in the central part you can see that. We have introduced KERS in the area of the fuel tank.

If we go back a little bit more we have different behaviour in terms of the diffuser. We have tried to improve this structure in aerodynamic terms so the diffuser is completely reviewed in the light of the new regulations. It’s lower, it’s far simpler because the regulations are stricter.

And obviously we have this mobile rear flap. This is the first evolution and main target is controlling the operations of it, there will be strong development in that.
Nikolas Tombazis

Ferrari gave further details about the design of the car:

At first glance, the front part of the F150 monocoque appears to be higher than that of the F10. The openings for the side air intakes are reduced in size, while the layout of the dynamic one above the driver?s head has been modified.

The rear suspension features a new design, while that at the front has been modified, following changes to the front part of the chassis. The exhaust system layout is similar to that adopted for the second half of last season and the cooling system has had to take into account the return of KERS and the new air exit ducts.

The braking system has been completely redesigned in collaboration with Brembo.

As the freeze on engine performance development is still ongoing, there have been no actual modifications to the 056 engine, but that does not mean Ferrari?s engine specialists have been idle. Work has gone into improving reliability, working especially on the pneumatic front, as well as on reducing costs.

Furthermore, the reintroduction of KERS has led to a substantial change in the architecture of the front end of the engine, with modifications to the drive shaft system of the KERS itself and the crankshaft and this has led to changes to the cooling and lubrication systems.

The kinetic energy recovery system, designed by Ferrari, has been produced in conjunction with MTS and Magneti Marelli and was fine tuned based on experience acquired in 2009, with the aim of reducing its size and weight, while maintaining, in accordance with the regulations, the maximum use-able power and its usage cycle over one lap. This is another area where great attention has been paid to cost reduction, both in terms of its development and the way it is run, so as to make the system equally viable for our customer teams, Sauber and Toro Rosso.

The positioning of the KERS within the fuel cell was a further impetus to look at solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption: in this area, the contribution from a key partner in the form of Shell was vital and will continue to be so throughout the season.

They confirmed they have not followed the lead of Red Bull by using pull-rod suspension: the F150 retains a push-rod configuration.

The F150 is the first F1 car of 2011 to be revealed.

2011 F1 cars

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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213 comments on Ferrari F150 launch – first pictures and video

  1. the-muffin-man said on 28th January 2011, 10:21

    Would someone please show Pirelli how to curve their logo!! That straight logo on the tyres will really bug me this season!

  2. Icthyes said on 28th January 2011, 10:23

    Looks decent. Can’t say I’m a fan of the nose though.

  3. glue (@glue) said on 28th January 2011, 10:27

    the front suspensions arrangement seems to be different, aside from being at a different angle because of the nose

  4. Richard M said on 28th January 2011, 10:29

    Wonder if Paddy, Norbert and Adrian have gathered them selves yet? Martin, Ross and Christian; arms folded tapping their feet saying ‘Come on fellas that will be enough now.’

  5. Prof Kirk (@prof-kirk) said on 28th January 2011, 10:29

    Here you go Keith,
    I have a slightly larger version as well.

    • sumedh said on 28th January 2011, 10:36

      Thank you Professor.
      Good to see a comparison with the F60 since with the return of KERS and absence of double diffusers, the 2011 regs are some sort of a mix of the 2009 and 2010 cars.

      Can we even call the nose of the F150 a ‘nose’. It is so freaking high!! Even the visibility of drivers might be compromised!!

      Interesting to see how the back-end has been tightened up and become more compact, more like the Renault engined cars of 2010.

      Marlboro extended the deal, didn’t they? The why don’t we see a barcode?

      • Prof Kirk (@prof-kirk) said on 28th January 2011, 10:41

        I think the new F150 nose looks very similar to the 2010 McLarens Nose to be honest!

        That new logo on the back is the new Marlboro symbol because the barcode raised controversy last year because technically your not allowed cigarette advertising as you know.

        • It doesn’t! The McLaren nose was much flatter, i’d say it looks more like the 2009 McLaren. Nevertheless, thanks for the comparsation; really interesting.

      • The Last Pope (@the-last-pope) said on 28th January 2011, 10:46

        Yes, they acually look quite different when you compare them side on (Thanks kirk).

        Ferrari got presured into removing the barcode from their cars last year didn’t they. This is the new less obvious Subliminal Marlboro logo v2.0

      • Puffy (@puffy) said on 28th January 2011, 11:30

        Can we even call the nose of the F150 a ‘nose’. It is so freaking high!! Even the visibility of drivers might be compromised!!

        It’s the typical Ferrari arrogance, always with their nose in the air :P

  6. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 28th January 2011, 10:30

    The first pictures Ferrari issued were not very high resolution. Higher resolution pictures are now becoming available and they will replace the low resolution pictures on the article.

  7. matt88 said on 28th January 2011, 10:31

    don’t you remember the “anteater” nose of the early ’00s? it was much uglier than this. i’m starting to appreciate this long straight nose.

  8. Aris (@aris) said on 28th January 2011, 10:33

    Were those the option or the prime tyres?

  9. dexterous (@dexterous) said on 28th January 2011, 10:34

    Was just doing the comparioson of the two cars the front wing is slightly different from last year …….and pirelli tyres look a little smaller than last years bridgestone ………

  10. Richard M said on 28th January 2011, 10:36

    Hey you guys i’ve spotted a difference we can all settle down now. Look closely at the tyres!

  11. looks good. got me excited to see the other cars now..! :D

    the fin is very last years Merc i think and the front wing is very mid-season mclaren

  12. Aris (@aris) said on 28th January 2011, 10:37

    The front wing looks difinitely different.

  13. Boost (@boost) said on 28th January 2011, 10:39

    Tyre color codes:
    Super-soft: red text
    Soft: white text
    Medium: blue text
    Hard: yellow text
    Full wets: yellow text
    Intermediates: red text

    To answer your question Aris, it´s the Hard slicks.

  14. Lustigson said on 28th January 2011, 10:40

    Hmm… it’s not exactly pretty.

  15. Damon (@damon) said on 28th January 2011, 10:49

    It’s weird, because I remember Adrian Newey saying that the banning of double diffusers this year will result in cars having lower noses – since there will be less air needed underneath the car.

    Thus, I hope he – and most other designers – will create prettier, LOWER noses.

    The height of this new Ferrari nose is ridiculous.

    • sumedh said on 28th January 2011, 10:53

      May be Ferrari’s thinking is that keeping the nose as away as possible from the front wing will result in better efficiency of the front wing.

      Newey is right – diffusers won’t be the dominating factor in 2011. But the front wing might be. It is bigger and aggressive end-plate design can cause the front wing to produce a significant amount of downforce.

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