Ferrari F150 launch – first pictures and video

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Ferrari have launched their 2011 F1 car at their base in Maranello.

The car was launched with several 2010 aerodynamic parts visible including the front and rear wings.

The team’s new Scuderia Ferrari logo features prominently on the engine cover.

Ferrari F150 launch pictures

Ferrari F150 launch video

Chief designer Nikolas Tombazis explained some of the key changes and design features on the new car:

This car had to be reviewed hugely due to the new regulations.

The front part is similar to the one from last year but we will introduce some changes during our tests.

As you can see the front part of the chassis has been raised and the suspension, too, we have studied the lower part in order to improve the flow underneath the car which is very important for performance.

And due to the raiding of the frame the driver will be sitting in a higher position and you can see also the engine snorkel is a bit higher in order to have the same performance.

If you look back on the sides you have stronger indentation in the lower part and in the central part you can see that. We have introduced KERS in the area of the fuel tank.

If we go back a little bit more we have different behaviour in terms of the diffuser. We have tried to improve this structure in aerodynamic terms so the diffuser is completely reviewed in the light of the new regulations. It’s lower, it’s far simpler because the regulations are stricter.

And obviously we have this mobile rear flap. This is the first evolution and main target is controlling the operations of it, there will be strong development in that.
Nikolas Tombazis

Ferrari gave further details about the design of the car:

At first glance, the front part of the F150 monocoque appears to be higher than that of the F10. The openings for the side air intakes are reduced in size, while the layout of the dynamic one above the driver?σΤιΌΤδσs head has been modified.

The rear suspension features a new design, while that at the front has been modified, following changes to the front part of the chassis. The exhaust system layout is similar to that adopted for the second half of last season and the cooling system has had to take into account the return of KERS and the new air exit ducts.

The braking system has been completely redesigned in collaboration with Brembo.

As the freeze on engine performance development is still ongoing, there have been no actual modifications to the 056 engine, but that does not mean Ferrari?σΤιΌΤδσs engine specialists have been idle. Work has gone into improving reliability, working especially on the pneumatic front, as well as on reducing costs.

Furthermore, the reintroduction of KERS has led to a substantial change in the architecture of the front end of the engine, with modifications to the drive shaft system of the KERS itself and the crankshaft and this has led to changes to the cooling and lubrication systems.

The kinetic energy recovery system, designed by Ferrari, has been produced in conjunction with MTS and Magneti Marelli and was fine tuned based on experience acquired in 2009, with the aim of reducing its size and weight, while maintaining, in accordance with the regulations, the maximum use-able power and its usage cycle over one lap. This is another area where great attention has been paid to cost reduction, both in terms of its development and the way it is run, so as to make the system equally viable for our customer teams, Sauber and Toro Rosso.

The positioning of the KERS within the fuel cell was a further impetus to look at solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption: in this area, the contribution from a key partner in the form of Shell was vital and will continue to be so throughout the season.

They confirmed they have not followed the lead of Red Bull by using pull-rod suspension: the F150 retains a push-rod configuration.

The F150 is the first F1 car of 2011 to be revealed.

2011 F1 cars

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Images ?ι?® Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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213 comments on Ferrari F150 launch – first pictures and video

  1. nillojapa said on 28th January 2011, 11:04

    I saw the presentation and externally the difference is just the shark fin, the rear and the front wing. I think the greatest change is internally, the engine and the regulations.
    When will be the next F1 car launch?

    • There are Lotus Renault and Sauber launches on 31 January (Monday) in Valencia and 5 more (Team Lotus, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, Williams and Mercedes) on 1 February. I hope it’s correct ;-).

      • nillojapa said on 28th January 2011, 11:26

        they will broadcast on internet?

        • Unfortunatelly, I don’t know (but I would like to;-)). I tried to check it on respective teams’ websites, but the Lotus Renault website isn’t ready yet and will be ready on 31 January and I couldn’t find anything about the Sauber car (I haven’t checked the rest yet).
          I thought that Virgin was about to launch their car on the Internet, but that will be on 7 February.

  2. mcmercslr (@mcmercslr) said on 28th January 2011, 11:19

    How are they goun to pick it up when one of the severs crashes it? Surly without a couple of uprights under the airbow it will just fall off the crane thing

  3. McLarenFanJamm said on 28th January 2011, 11:40

    They’ve still got the banned aerodynmic wheel rims

  4. Sangeen Khan said on 28th January 2011, 11:45

    I think its a beautiful car.Especially the side view.And for those who say its a photocopy of the F10,it has a different diffuser,different rear wing,different nose.What else did u expect?An ashtray?

  5. Meander said on 28th January 2011, 11:46

    I’m under the impression that the initial launches are not too important design-wise, until one off the teams, as it usually happens, presents something that causes an uproar. People might first miss it, but then some photographer points in out and everybody starts discussing it. There will be protests filed, feaces thrown, LDM will say that that particular team is damaging the essence if the sport. Meanwhile two or three teams present their own version of the trick, the FIA confirms it is probably within the rules but there will be a separate official conclusion only due after the second or third race. Ferrari and one other top team that missed the loophole protest some more, but nobody else is listening anymore and then everybody scrambles to design the bits for themselves, thus creating the eventual new challengers for the new season.

  6. Am I the only one that was thinking “*** is that on Alonso’s face?” The engineers work so hard to save a gram here and a gram there, will he be allowed to spoil it all with his facefluff??

    • Alonso was so desperate to eb quick at Abu Dhabi he shaved his legs so I’m guessing he’ll get rid of the beard before Bahrain….I hope anyway!

  7. Maciek said on 28th January 2011, 12:18

    That’s a pretty good looking car actually – really the nicest Ferrari since a few years. I’m surprised to see that it has some resemblances to last year’s McLaren and that Ferari have obviously not gone down the RedBull template route… let the fun begin -over the next weeks the cars that we see at the launches will slowly transform piece by piece into the cars we’ll see at the first race – the winter’s almost over!

  8. David McVey said on 28th January 2011, 12:20

    Well, frankly I don’t see anything revolutionary about this car. It certainly doesn’t look like it could keep up with last years Red Bull never mind this years. It seems bloated and overweight to me!

    Maybe they’ll bolt a load of bits on it at the first test that they’re trying to hide for now. I doubt the diffuser on display here will ever run a mile on that car. They’d be mad to show their genuine solution so boldly given the rule changes surrounding the rear of the car.

    I think it’ll be about as good as last years to be honest. Slower than the Red Bull by a country mile until mid season. Quali pace will improve but Red Bull will still have the legs in race trim.

    I also expect Mclaren to be formidable again and Team Willy will be able to keep better pace with development with all that oil money.

    I can’t believe they’re still hawking Marlboro fags about. Typical of their attitude and demonstrative of what this team really is, a bit of a dinosaur.

    Yawn yawn yawn!!!

    • Maciek said on 28th January 2011, 13:19

      That’s quite a few conclusions you’ve come to based on some launch pictures! Let’s mark them down and see how they stand up a couple of months from now… that makes me think, Keith, will you start up a 2011 predictions thread like last year’s?

  9. Fixy (@fixy) said on 28th January 2011, 12:26

    F1 cars are getting uglier and uglier. Honestly the F60 was a lot prettier. The nose is rising every year, and look at the airbox! It is very low and wide, whilst I like the opposite.
    But as it’s not too different from the F10, I still like it.

  10. Fixy (@fixy) said on 28th January 2011, 12:28

    The F150 has lost the sponsorship of Mubadala and Etihad.

  11. Cole (@cole) said on 28th January 2011, 12:32

    The car looks like an evolution of F10. I like the new nose and sidepods, wich look more refined than previous ones.
    But we can expect the car to change a lot before 1st round…. Fin and difuser are quite simple and obviously tryng to hide the real thing.
    It`s interesting to see how the rear of the car is bulkier than before in order to accomodate Kers.
    They are showing last season rims that are forbiden for 2011.

    • Cole (@cole) said on 28th January 2011, 12:36

      I expect new rear wings to have a different distribution than last season, having smaller main planes and bigger flaps, as the can be adjusted to reduce drag.
      Specially for qualifing when drivers will be allowed to reduce pitch on them as they want, and not occasionally as when racing.

  12. Dan_the_McLaren_fan (@dan_the_mclaren_fan) said on 28th January 2011, 12:39

    I wonder if the car is longer than last year. It would be good if the cars stopped growing in length each year…

  13. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 28th January 2011, 12:41

    Are they using EBD? Seems like from the picture they are.

  14. I like the winglets on the tops of the rear brake shrouds

  15. I think it looks great, a lot nicer than last years car.

    I don’t get how people are saying it looks like last years car, yes it does, in the sense that is also red, but was that really a surprise?

    I think it looks a lot cleaner, a lot sharper. Very nice.

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