Ferrari F150 (150??? Italia) – 2011 F1 car

Ferrari F150 (150??? Italia) – 2011 F1 car

3 comments on Ferrari F150 (150??? Italia) – 2011 F1 car

  1. Avril F1 said on 28th January 2011, 16:51

    Hi. I allays wondered what does this E and N letters in white circles mean?
    Here I marked them

  2. It’s to tell the marshals where the neutral switch and engine cut off are.

  3. ram said on 9th March 2011, 10:38

    i like the design of the f150, it seems we are getting back to simple f1 design, the 90’s look, i like the simple car design of the 90’s, no additional wing flaps and stuff, nice

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