Jules Bianchi, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2011

Bianchi says young drivers need more test chances

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In today’s round-up, Ferrari test driver Jules Bianchi says testing restrictions make it harder for young drivers to get into F1.

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Ferrari’s Bianchi slams testing rules (Reuters)

“Definitely for young drivers it doesn’t help. Fortunately I’m at Ferrari and it’s the best place to learn. I’m able to test older cars like from two years ago and that’s good experience.”

Ecclestone hits back at Melbourne mayor (ESPN)

“If the mayor thinks I’m cranky, I can probably be able to help him by proving it. If he’s not happy with the event in Australia, if he wants to cancel the contract, we’d be happy to talk to him about that.”

Monte Magic (Grand Prix)

“The paperwork showed, quite clearly, that the former F1 driver was in 15th place thanks to setting very competitive times. You had to remind yourself that this was not only Caffi’s first attempt at arguably one of the trickiest rallies in the world, but it was also his first-ever major rally. Period.”

Ferrari using Toyota’s wind-tunnel (Autosport)

“The Toyota tunnel is one of the commercial tunnels that is more state-of-the-art, and that is why we have selected it.”

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Comment of the day

Patrickl made animated versions of the Ferrari F150 and F10 comparison graphics which help illustrate some of the more noticeable differences between the two:

I animated the different pictures. I think it shows pretty well where the differences are.

Front view
Side view
Top view

From the forum

Here’s a great topic from ToriLia: Suggestions for must-watch Grands Prix from the past for newbies?

Happy birthday!

A bumper crop of birthdays today – all the best to Shery, MPJ1994, Hazel J and Graeme!

On this day in F1

Fifty years ago today the Australian Grand Prix was held for the last time before the race became a world championship event.

Lex Davison won at the wheel of a Cooper T51. The next Australian Grand Prix took place in 1985 at the Adelaide street circuit.