2 comments on “Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2011”

  1. Its very evolved and a great shade of red, and the bloke who said it looks like the front end is the sane style as the RB6 clearly doesn’t grasp the Aero development of the f150. Look at pics of the two head on and you’ll see what I mean. The hight of the nose has changed, so has the shape of the suspension. The air boxes are smaller, but the barge boards are taller probably to compensate . Handling wise and tire wise this year is gonna be about front end now the double diffuser is gone and the F-duct to a degree.Also those Pirrelis look stickier than those glossy Bridgestones at least with the hard compound.

  2. Also on shakedown days they are not allowed to run the race tyre or run telemetry as far as I’m aware. They are obviously allowed to chat to the driver as much as they want but so can all the teams. That really only helps them with the balance of the car.

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