Mercedes W02 rendering revealed

2011 F1 cars

Mercedes W02 rendering, 2011

Mercedes W02 rendering, 2011

Mercedes have published a rendering of their new 2011 F1 car, the W02.

The image shows the team have adopted a wide, flat nose similar to that seen on the Red Bull RB6 last year.

They have reverted to a conventional air intake in place of the radical split airbox used on the W01 from the Spanish Grand Prix last year.

But as with many of the car launches expect the car’s aerodynamic package to be revised before the first race of the year in Bahrain.

The image first appeared on the website of German newspaper Bild.

The W02 is due to be run for the first time on Tuesday at Valencia.

2011 F1 cars

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104 comments on Mercedes W02 rendering revealed

  1. Catalina (@catalina) said on 31st January 2011, 4:48

    Tbh, I don’t have high hopes for this car NOW. They have to make up too much ground compared to the other 3 big teams. Hope I’m wrong cos I want Michael to do better this season.

  2. Wobblebottom said on 31st January 2011, 5:32

    I like it. Nose from the RB6 and the sidepods from the F10, and it all works wonderfully. Well, aesthetically speakling. Let’s hope she’s fast and will bolster Schumi’s and Rosberg’s title chances.

  3. Morteza (@morteza) said on 31st January 2011, 6:03

    I don’t know hot Team Lotus has used the blade structure for their airbox but Mercedes has not?! If it’s illegal, it’s illegal for everyone not for Mercedes.

  4. What on earth is with those massive radiator intakes?

    Can’t tell anything from this picture, 2011 will be all about the back end

  5. DoughnutSmoke (@doughnutsmoke) said on 31st January 2011, 8:17

    I like it but i’m stumped on the split air box being banned comment as the Lotus T128 clearly has the split air box concept on their 2011 challenger So is it or is it not banned.

  6. Adam Tate said on 31st January 2011, 9:20

    Apparently it is, but it isn’t DoughnutSmoke. The new rules mandated a minimum width for the rollover bar in the airbox, and by beefing up Mercedes application to a larger size, Lotus has been able to sneak one in.

  7. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 31st January 2011, 13:39

    Any who read the forum thread on 2011 car designs will know my irrational love of how this car looks. I think it’s beautiful.

  8. moarpheus (@moarpheus) said on 31st January 2011, 22:10

    sexy car

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