Sauber C30 launch – first pictures

2011 F1 cars

Sauber have launched their 2011 F1 car, the C30, in Valencia.

The team’s drivers Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez revealed the car, which is the first to be designed under new technical director James Key.

2011 F1 cars

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153 comments on Sauber C30 launch – first pictures

  1. Racefan said on 31st January 2011, 10:57

    I don’t care about the car as long as Koba is driving it!

  2. explosiveface (@explosiveface) said on 31st January 2011, 10:58

    The circle Claro logo looks horrible, like it’s from a webpage from 1999 (gel buttons, ugh).

    Other than than it looks okay at best. Sauber really do need to find their own design, though.

  3. Christopher Vissing said on 31st January 2011, 11:01

    funny to see a sauber like that with SPONSORS other than burger king ;) haha
    It’s a little ugly i think.. Could’ve done a better job, but what the h…

    • Hamish said on 31st January 2011, 11:19

      Yea thats true. I don’t know what was more embarrassing – the lack of sponsors or Pedro and Kamui having an instore appearance at a Burger King in Valencia.

      Heres hoping they take the same approach this year, but with Jose Cuervo.

  4. Catalina (@catalina) said on 31st January 2011, 11:24

    better than last year for sure

  5. Seeing the side by side comparison to last year’s car I noticed a small Japanese sponsor on last year’s rear wing, which is gone now. This has me wondering: how come there is not a lot more Japanese going on on this car? I now the Japanese like F1 and of course they have a lot of huge companies, many of which have shown an interest in F1 before, or even had major sponsor deals with teams. Are they not yet impressed by Kobayashi? Does anybody know if there is a reason behind this?

    • Solo (@solo) said on 31st January 2011, 12:03

      It’s based on two reasons i believe.
      First Kobayashi’s father is just a small sushi restaurant owner. That means that his family is not some big rich family with connections to big Japanese businessmen. Most drivers also have families with connections and that’s why they get big sponsorships from local businessmen.

      Second Japan was currently under a disappointment environment from F1 with their car companies leaving and all that, not to mention their drivers never doing anything great. Now it seems is harder for them to get convinced that this guy really is great.

      Lets hope that this car really is a very good car giving Kobayashi some chances to impress again. An odd win should do the trick but that’s gonna be a hard one considering how much cars are expected to be faster than the Sauber. Even if only Mclaren,Ferrari,Red Bull and Mercedes are faster than them, that’s still 10 cars that have to do very bad or break for that odd win to occur.

  6. kaddison (@kaddison) said on 31st January 2011, 11:29

    In my opinion, even with little sponsorship, more effort can be made to make the car more distinguishable, if nothing else but get some spectator interest in the car. I personally was hoping for something a little more radical than what it has turned out to be… I can understand that last year was rushed and there was very little sponsorship, but there could have been a bit more effort this year.

    In my opinion….

  7. Glorstensen (@glorstensen) said on 31st January 2011, 11:33

    There are interviews streaming live on LRGP site!

  8. the car design and livery suggest running on tight budget.

  9. it looks better under wraps
    can’t believe they paid somebody to design that livery!

  10. Hi Keith,

    Could you put a key feature matrix together for the 2011 cars? Makes it easier to compare them.

    You know the kind of comparison table of features you often between software suites with a tick or little dot in the intersection of the feature and team.

    I’m thinking….

    Integrated blown diffuser,
    Adjustable rear wing
    Push rod suspension
    Pull rod suspension
    Engine (manufacture, not yes or no) lol

  11. melkurion (@melkurion) said on 31st January 2011, 11:46

    I was expecting a lot moe/bigger TelMex advertisement…

    • Solo (@solo) said on 31st January 2011, 12:10

      Yes from what i see no sponsor managed to have his name written in big letters on the sidepots. That can only mean that none of all those sponsors offers a big multimillion deal.
      It seems Sauber should still be looking for that big sponsor name.
      Kind of disappointing because i thought they would have been more free to spend money but now am not so sure.

  12. Rob Wilson said on 31st January 2011, 12:11

    Best looking car of 2011 so far by a long way in my oppinion.

  13. Dafffid (@dafffid) said on 31st January 2011, 12:15

    Looks like a cheap fag packet…

  14. Kevin said on 31st January 2011, 12:16

    I guess the livery isn’t that much of a concern to Sauber. All that matters is that Kobayashi will be behind the wheel pulling off crazy but acceptable overtaking moves on the others. Moves that would be inspired by energy drinks and tequila mixed together. :P

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