Mercedes W02, Valencia, 2011

Mercedes W02 launch ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ first pictures

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mercedes have launched their 2011 F1 car in Valencia.

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg pulled the covers off the W02 shortly before the first test session of the year began.

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  1. That should make it quite pretty when it gets out on the track. The more I look at this design the more I love it. It reminds me of the un-raced TF110 from last year. It looks like it’s ready to challenge for wins right out of the box!

  2. Whos is the dude with the ridiculous moustache?

    1. Oops.. commented on the wrong page.

  3. Beautiful! Brushed silver and mint looks superb! The nose looks highly aggressive, this car is the best so far.

    (note, yet to look at the Williams, RBR and STR launches)

  4. Why does it have last years front wing and no barge/side mirror boards like every other car. Also i think the colour schemes worse. GRRR, letdown!

    1. Most cars launch with old wings and won’t put on the new ones until they hit the track. I think they don’t have the barge boards because they have such an aggressive design for their sidepods. But if you look, they have a lil’ stubby version of one.

    2. Haha, your name is so last year. W02 is where it’s at these days! ;)

  5. Best looking new car by a nose, literally. Pretty can mean pretty useless but it’d be very unlikely for Ross Brawn to get it wrong twice.

    Great to not be able to call the best team tho it’ll come from either Mercedes, Red Bull, Mclaren, Ferrari with dark horses in Renault and hopefully Williams.

    1. here’s to hoping. I would love Mercedes to make it another 2 drivers into the WDC fight.

  6. i love it being all so low key as well. much more like a racing team and less like an episode of x factor!

  7. Interesting to see this Lotus-Renault guy “inspecting” the rear of the car on the first picture :)

  8. Now this is an aggressive evolution. You can understand why red Bull didn’t do anything radical (why discard something that works) or why Ferrari have practically the same car with bits added from others’ (so they can add even more bits from others’), but Mercedes have really taken the challenge of getting back to race-winning form (in the guise of Brawn) by the horns. I agree with another comment made on the last article, they’re definitely starting to look like Mercedes now rather than butchered Brawn. I expect a race win at least from this one.

    1. Actually, the sidepods look a lot better than on the W01, but I think the Sauber might be tighter at the back, let alone the F150, quite probably the R31, and those seem outclassed by the RB7’s tight rear. So yes, it looks a lot better, especially at the front, but also a bit in the same vein as the others, but maybe less aggressive here and there, apart from the nose.

    2. Absolutely! I couldn’t believe it when I saw these pictures, it’s certainly going to stand out. It’s even better than the rendering looked like.

      Just look at the nose…the sidepods, everything! And the livery is certainly the best so far.

    3. DeadManWoking
      1st February 2011, 10:39

      Yes “die Silberpfeile” are really back now but Mercedes seem to have copied the gill-slits from the wrong one! 8))

    4. Yer I love the new design, it has that unique Mercedes identity to it now unlike the “Brawnedes” last year.

      Hopefully both drivers can get up and go from the start with Nico getting the world title *fingers crossed*

  9. such a BEAUTY!

  10. I love it just looking at it it looks like a winner might just become a Mercedes fan :L

  11. Best looking car on the grid.

  12. Words cannot express how much better this looks compared to the W01.

  13. Um.. it looks like a duck. I don’t like ducks. Hope Renault will eat this duck (with some apples).

  14. Fantastic looking car!

    Really hope it does much better this season for them. Will be great to see either of them on the podium.

  15. Wow, looking at the nose – the camera mounts almost look like they are acting as another plane; is there any aero benefit to be gained from doing this?

  16. remember when these current rules cars were the ugliest ever? how times change eh!

    1. We are now used to the rear wings I guess, the ‘new’ front wings are sill too wide though!

  17. Where did they put the on board camera?!?

  18. I don’t know why they don’t use shark fin. All the other teams use shark fin.

  19. Wow, best looking car until now for me.

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