Red Bull RB7 launch, Valencia, 2011

Red Bull RB7 launch ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ first pictures

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Red Bull have launched their RB7 in Valencia.

World champion Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber revealed the car which Red Bull hope will retain the titles they won last year.

See here for pictures of the RB7 on track

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  1. I just made a quick drawing of the car =P look:

    1. Do you have a similar drawing from the RB6? Comparison pics would really be helpful to see if they indeed did shrink the side pods again, and if the nose really is a lot higher.

      1. By the way: great work! Forgot to say that above.

    2. Nice job :)

  2. looks like a good car…

  3. It seems like red bull’s exhaust is almost similar to last year’s. pic

  4. What is going on under the nose cone near the suspension mounts? Looks like a massive keel or something. The above shot thats a few posts above also shows it. Something big and black under there.

    1. and no I dont mean the splitter jutting forward. in front of that.

      1. Don’t know what they’re called, but those were there last year.

        1. I’ve written 2 replies now and for some reason they’re not posting when I hit submit. But yes, you are right, they were there at the end of last year.

          For some reason I either didn’t notice them or just plain forgot about them.

  5. other teams only talk about innovative designs, Red bull does come with some interesting solutions. looks fast!!

  6. Oh and OT I know but there’s a Royal Marine advert on the page for me right now, if anyone else sees it then if you click you’re basically giving a tiny bit of the tax you pay to Keith so I encourage you all to have a look. But not to enlist obviously.

  7. … and Newey’s genius isn’t always obvious either. It took the other teams the better part of the first half of the season to understand that it was the EBD that was making the RB6 so fast. They never really did wrap their heads around how the front wing was working.

    1. Now they do US_Peter, Redbull was heating the front …. :(

      1. cowboy milkman
        1st February 2011, 10:23


        Please where did you get your information from. They ere heating the front wing to make them flex??? I never heard about that one

  8. I can’t help but think that tight rear end is going to cause problems with overheating.

    1. I was also thinking that. On the other hand, I think the RB5-7 series had a increase in how tight the back was packed, and an increase in heat management due to the EBD, so maybe they have learned enough over the two previous years to manage it well now.

  9. Wow those sidepods are tiny! I didn’t think that it was possible for Red Bull to make the rear end package any tighter than it was on the RB6….clearly I was wrong.

  10. If that goes half as quick as it looks and its reliable the season will be over by July/August.

  11. So they’ve gone for the same weird appendage on the rear wing as Renault. Interesting to see what it’s for…

  12. Did any of you guys noticed diffuser air intake behind the sidepods in the enlarged photo above,that is awesome.

  13. And here’s the Toro Rosso while we’re at it:

    Careful, it’s big.

    1. Underwhelmed… Where are their sponsors?

      1. Still looking for them in the paddock?

  14. What a poor, pale show for the double WC ! What a shame !

  15. There is no back end whatsoever!

    This lack of back-end makes it look like some sort of futuristic gizmo rather than an F1 car.

    1. I agree, though it seems vanishing back ends until they are nearly non existent is the way to aerodynamically, visually it is not as pleasing. But Red Bull wins because they know the age old secret, “God is in the details” and the RB7 definitely seems the most detailed car we’ve so far. That said, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault seem to have a good base down, I’m excited to see what they do, and you can bet McLaren is looking at every one elses new toys while they keep theirs locked away for a few more days.

  16. Comparison of ‘big three’.
    – Vettel in 50% of the car helped.
    – Alonso helped Massa.
    – Kubica’s car disturbed and irritated Pietrow.The question, who is the best driver I think it is a rhetorical world!

    1. Ummm, come again?

      1. Oh Hare, you are a wascally wabbit, great comedic posts today.

    2. i’ll second that Hare! Just what exactly is your point TKO. Is this just a roundabout way of letting the world know you don’t rate Hamilton?

  17. All in all …now it just depends on performance that makes this sport interesting …….

  18. Their third driver looks a bit old

  19. Wow, those sidepods are so short. Newey sure knows how to pack and shrink-wrap the oily bits.

  20. Who is that guy with the ridiculous moustache?

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