Red Bull RB7 launch, Valencia, 2011

Red Bull RB7 launch ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ first pictures

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Red Bull have launched their RB7 in Valencia.

World champion Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber revealed the car which Red Bull hope will retain the titles they won last year.

See here for pictures of the RB7 on track

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  1. I don’t like it. I just can’t get it out of my head that I’m looking at half an RB6. Especially at the rear, with that stubby fin and tight bum that I think will cause all manner of overheating problems. I respect Adrian Newey’s design abilities, but I’m not buying into the whole “If it’s Adrian Newey, it must be genius” school of thought. It probably doesn’t help that they’ve crammed too much in with the livery – like I said, the shark fin appears to be designed like that simply to give Red Bull a larger logo – but I just can’t help cocking an eyebrow at it. It’s a pretty car when taken on its own, but is just lacks the beauty of everything else that has been launched.

    1. They still have that massive opening below the baby shark fin though. Who knows, maybe they are counting on that less powerful Renault engine not to run as hot ;)

      1. I think that’s right – comparing the RB7 to the STR6 you can see the different methods of cooling, STR looks to have exits at the end of the sidepods, RB squeeze the sidepods in and dump the air out the big hole beneath the rear wing.

    2. I concur. Very underwhelming. And it’s just too much, too many clashing lines and colours and logos and blobs stuck onto a car with as many add-ons as allowed within the current rules.

  2. Who said the colour of the Mercedes W02 gave them headache? Man, I find it difficult looking straight at this Red Bull RB7, it has similar effects to the Art car BMW at Le Mans last year.

  3. Interesting – I don’t know if I was expecting anything radical but this isn’t that much of an evolution to my eye. there are a few differences but this could be the RB6 for all I know.

    For a livery that complicated, I dislike that they practically never change any of it. Have some distinction! It’s not like Ferrari or McLaren can do much with theirs but surely Red Bull can try something a little different each year?

    Anyway the overwhelming feeling I get from this car is that it will be fast, but not dominant. It just doesn’t have that look about it in comparison to the other cars.

  4. I hope you are right, in fact I hope no car is dominant this year. If we can 4, dare I may say 5 teams that can challenge for wins I will be thrilled, the more evenly matched the better :)

    1. Exactly. Having both Ferrari drivers, the RB drivers, both McLarens as well as Mercedes and the odd win chance Kubica or Barricello would be wonderfull.

  5. Though my gut tells me that Ferrari and Mercedes are really going to come out swinging.

  6. the shark fin is purely there to accomodate the Bull’s tail.

    1. i was just thinking that. it looks stupid just being squared off like that..

  7. But its a smart thing….why change anything which is already quick…
    This car is a quali KIng

  8. A comparison:

    Even Vettel’s hat is unchanged! And this is the guy who changes helmets more times than his socks.

    1. Sorry, those are the wrong way around. the first one is the RB7. That’s how similar they are, I couldn’t even get that right!

      1. lol! Thanks Icthyes for the comparison.

    2. Thanks. It looks very similiar apart from the noses, and obviously whatever they’ve done with RB7’s rear wing.

      Starting to get sick of RB’s livery though, I don’t know about anyone else. I’d understand with someone like Ferrari who are somewhat married with their red, but there’s a lot of potential in the Red Bull scheme they don’t variate with.

  9. One fin to bind them all!

  10. It looks fast, but a lot of details looks fragile. And the exhaust goes out in front of the rear wheels.
    What might be the object in the middle on top of the rear wing be? Only for aero purpose or part of the ARW mechanism? I hope the top teams will be closely matched throughout the season, except maybe Ferrari and Alonso. Their arrogance makes it all the more fun when they are outperformed and all the more annoying when they win.

  11. I animated the pictures of the RB6 and RB7

    The perspective of both shots wasn’t identical, but I corrected as much as I could. The nose now looks slichtly different, but that’s mostly the perspective and different (wide angle) lens distortion.

    Other than that the cars are amazingly identical. On the outside at least.

  12. What is the thought behind the flattened nose? Or, what was the thought behind those bumps on the RB6’s nose?

    I like it. It does look pretty similar to the RB6, but hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I don’t know why people expect a title winner to come up with anything too radical.

    Agreed that it looks as if the shark fin is only there to accommodate the bull. And I liked it better with the Red Bull can on the rear wing’s side. But those are just details, it’s one of the best liveries on the grid right now.

  13. Definitely a huge step back from Red Bull X1.

  14. it’s over, ferrari is finished

    1. There are other cars on grid too. Are they finished too?
      If so i guess you don’t need to watch the 2011 championship

  15. The cars looks great and quite different in a number of areas, including from the steering to the nose, the side pods, the floor, the small winglets around the floor, the tail, the fin, etc…..

    Plus, Martin Whitmarsh has already had three press conferences explaining how illegal it all is and that he will be visiting the FIA bosses this week to have the car suspended from testing/racing at least until the guys at Woking can copy all these parts.

  16. Did they have hydralic problems they called Mario? Or is the Luigi?

  17. All I can say to all the Champion Congratulations for the Job well Done.I know you did your best to win.I hope you will retain your spot.

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