2011 F1 testing day 2: Valencia

2011 F1 testing

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Testing for the 2011 season continues today at Valencia.

With Lotus set to join the test all 12 teams will be running together for the first time this year.

See below for details on today’s test session.


Today’s test is at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain:

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Direction: Anti-clockwise
Length: 4.005km
Fastest lap (all-time): 1’08.540 (Anthony Davidson, Honda, 2006)

The permanent track just outside Valencia, a short distance from the street track which hosts the European Grand Prix.

It has a short and compact configuration which does not have the kind of long straights seen on most modern F1 tracks. With lots of corners packed closely together it is most similar to the Hungaroring of the tracks on the 2011 F1 calendar.


The following drivers will be participating in today’s test:

Team Car Driver
Red Bull RB7 Sebastian Vettel (am), Mark Webber (pm)
McLaren MP4-25 Lewis Hamilton
Ferrari F150 Fernando Alonso
Mercedes W02 Nico Rosberg
Renault R31 Robert Kubica
Williams FW33 Rubens Barrichello (am), Pastor Maldonado (pm)
Force India VJM03 Paul di Resta
Sauber C30 Sergio Perez
Toro Rosso STR6 Sebastien Buemi
Lotus T128 Heikki Kovalainen
HRT F110 Narain Karthikeyan
Virgin VR-01 Timo Glock

Best laps at the test so far

Driver Car Best time
Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault RB7 1’13.769
Nico H???lkenberg Force India-Mercedes VJM03 1’13.939
Gary Paffett McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 1’14.292
Fernando Alonso Ferrari F150 1’14.553
Kamui Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari C30 1’15.621
Jerome d’Ambrosio Virgin-Cosworth VR-01 1’16.003
Vitaly Petrov Renault R31 1’16.351
Michael Schumacher Mercedes W02 1’16.45
Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR6 1’17.214
Rubens Barrichello Williams-Cosworth FW33 1’17.335
Narain Karthikeyan HRT-Cosworth F110 1’18.02

Best laps at this circuit in 2010

Team Car Time Driver
Ferrari F10 1’11.470 Fernando Alonso
Sauber C29 1’12.056 Kamui Kobayashi
McLaren MP4-25 1’12.256 Lewis Hamilton
Renault R30 1’12.426 Robert Kubica
Mercedes W01 1’12.438 Michael Schumacher
Toro Rosso STR5 1’12.576 Jaime Alguersuari
Williams FW32 1’13.377 Rubens Barrichello

Not present at this test in 2010: Red Bull, Lotus, HRT, Virgin

Live coverage

You can find live timing on the Williams website here:

I am at the circuit for the test and will post updates via Twitter and reply to comments when I can below.

Follow me and everyone else at the test via Twitter using the Live F1 Twitter app (no Twitter account needed).

2011 F1 testing

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Image ?? Julien Leroy / firstlap.be

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89 comments on 2011 F1 testing day 2: Valencia

  1. Plan is to get up early, go to the gym and be back intime to catch 90% of the testing.

    Interested to see what the Lotus looks like in the flesh and guess how far, if any, theyve gone up the grid based purley on their times tomorrow. I love the insanity and speculation of testing, keeps us on our toes and something to talk about.

  2. US Williams Fan said on 2nd February 2011, 0:18

    Thanks for the update! good to see all 12 teams testing today.

    minor typo: “With Lotus set to join the tst ” tst = test I’m sure.

    Also, thanks for the Williams link. My favorite team… you think I would know that they have live timing….. but was not aware of that.

  3. sdtaylor91 (@sdtaylor91) said on 2nd February 2011, 0:30

    HRT really should have signed their second driver by now, very professional. I’m starting to doubt whether they’ll actually have their car ready for the bahrain test. With such little development time because of the toyota dispute they’ll almost certainly be the slowest this year as well.

    • Dipak T said on 2nd February 2011, 0:36

      Surly its obvious? Kartikeyans gonna cane it for all its worth until it breaks down, hop in the next car and carry on going!

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 2nd February 2011, 1:03

      HRT really should have signed their second driver by now, very professional.

      There is nothing in the rules to say that teams must have two drivers present at every test.

      I’m starting to doubt whether they’ll actually have their car ready for the bahrain test.

      According to Adam Cooper, development of the F111 chassis is “much further along than you might think”.

      • Gridlock said on 2nd February 2011, 2:01

        They’re holding the second seat open until liuzzi’s court case is avoided, I reckon. But that’s just speculation.

      • Adrian J (@adrian-j) said on 2nd February 2011, 13:34

        Considering that they announced that they were building a new car 75 days before the first race…and according to Mike Gasgoyne Lotus Racing had 80 days to design and develop the T127…I’d say they’ve got the time…

  4. Polishboy808 (@polishboy808) said on 2nd February 2011, 1:25

    Does Kubica have a new helmet? It seems fit for him to change his helmet if he colored it based on last years car, when this years car has a very different paint job.

  5. Dave Blanc said on 2nd February 2011, 1:57

    Anyone manage to get any live webcasts of the testing yesterday?

  6. Gridlock said on 2nd February 2011, 2:03

    Does Anthony Davidson appear anywhere else in Formula 1’s record books, or is this the unfortunate extent of his impact on the sport?

  7. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 2nd February 2011, 2:03

    Shame this season I won’t be able to catch too much testing because of my work & uni. Interestingly only Williams is the only team that is doing the live timing with no other team.

  8. himmatsj (@himmatsj) said on 2nd February 2011, 2:08

    Aha….at last we get to see the Lotus in action. On a quick note, d’Ambrosio in the Virgin got himself respectably in the midfield in the first test, so I’m hoping for something more polisted from Lotus.

  9. Gridlock said on 2nd February 2011, 2:14

    Keith, could you ask the Scuderia how they’re going to practice giving Massa team orders if they’ve only got one car at the track? Cheers.

    Also, if you see Fernando tell him we’re all looking forward to the new Pirates of the Caribbean film too.

  10. Spaulding (@spaulding) said on 2nd February 2011, 4:51

    I love how HRT have and will continue to have no idea what their car is capable of as they have kept exactly zero of their previous drivers (baring a surprise visit from our favorite snails pace pay driver, Yamamoto) and gain relatively little talent. If I were them, I think I would have tried to hire one of the test/unemployed drivers with serious experience to test the car for 2-3 days during the second or third set of testing. I’m just hoping that their last place finish wasn’t a low fuel, qualifying simulation run…

  11. Kubica straight in there with a 1:18.230

  12. Daniel said on 2nd February 2011, 9:24

    Does anybody know anything about why Mercedes staff is still sleeping? :))

  13. Karun Chhandhok has arrived wearing Team Lotus’s colours

  14. Vetel is flying; 1:13.802

  15. sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 2nd February 2011, 9:57

    Now from memory, am I right in thinking that this track doesn’t really test the cars? i.e. its better to wait until a more representative track is being used to guess who’s fast and who’s not?

  16. Hamilton 1st lap of 2011 = 1:16.446

    • Got to remember this is a red herring as it’s the old car and any times set by either McLaren or Force India is basically null and void at the moment.

      • Yes, I know, surely gotta be worrying for Mclaren if they are slower in last years car

        • Not really, it’s just a test and the priority has to be getting mileage on the new tyres and testing any new parts.

          Quick times are pretty low priority, especially when using a car that was a proven front runner.

        • bad_whippet said on 2nd February 2011, 16:10

          Just to add, the car they’re using IS 2010’s, but they’ve removed the double diffuser as well as simulating 2011 downforce (a combination of removing some aero parts and adding others).

          And yes, they are of course on Pirelli’s.

  17. the Edge said on 2nd February 2011, 10:06

    i’ve been thinking about Renaults new exhaust…

    its fine testing it at valencia in 15’c weather but I wonder what will happen in the dessert, perhaps BLACK wasn’t such a great colour to choose after all, them drivers are going to bake out there even without the FFE

    • Yeah, but they will probably argue that its been tested to X degrees and run for X amount of time to prove that it will be ok. Im sure it probably will, they wouldnt have put it on like that if wouldnt.

      But this is F1, and as Murray Walker will tell you, where anything can happen, and it usually does. Black, desert suns and new “inovative” exhaust system will be what everyone will be watching…

      • Sandman said on 2nd February 2011, 10:49

        Why the quotation marks? It really is innovative, even though it wasn’t presented by one of the top teams.

        And whether it works or not, is a different matter.

        • Yeah Sandman, if they did not copy it from the MP4-26 ….. Arrgggghhhh!! :(

          • Glorstensen (@glorstensen) said on 2nd February 2011, 11:25

            Yeah BBQ2, if MP4-26 did not copy it from the R31.

          • Cyclops_PL (@cyclops_pl) said on 2nd February 2011, 11:38

            How can you copy something from a car that is still in the factory?

          • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 2nd February 2011, 14:25

            “How can you copy something from a car that is still in the factory?”

            By taking on someone from the other team?

            Same happenend with Toyota in 2009. They got the double diffuser idea from a guy they hired from Honda.

          • Sandman said on 2nd February 2011, 15:37

            Still, if they managed to run it first, im guessing it was a genuine idea. Its not THAT revolutionary if you think about it, its “just” an evolution of blown diffusor.

  18. the Edge said on 2nd February 2011, 10:24

    Keith, how many laps has Lewis done?

  19. live timing with lap-by-lap timing for every drivers (click on name) http://bit.ly/fyEscA

  20. Todfod (@todfod) said on 2nd February 2011, 11:16

    I know we shouldn’t read too much into testing times. But am I safe to assume that Red Bull will be one of the front runners again?

    • the Edge said on 2nd February 2011, 11:22

      i think mclaren, redbull, renault, mercedes ferrari

      but i’ve been know to be wrong

      • Bäremans said on 2nd February 2011, 11:26

        Would be cool if you’re right. Imagine 5 out of 12 teams being true front runners and contenders for the title.

        • the Edge said on 2nd February 2011, 11:29

          that would be good to watch but i actually meant it as a pecking order….maybe its just wishful thinking

        • Todfod (@todfod) said on 2nd February 2011, 11:32

          That would be great… 6 to 7 different race winners, and different cars strong on different types of circuits. I think if we could get a season with as many title contenders as last year, it could be the best season of all time, especially because the last race isn’t in Abu Dhabi anymore.

    • unless they go and do a Mclaren for the first 9 races of 2009. Id expect that the grids grouping wont change at the front, Mclaren, Ferrari and RBR leading the way, with Renault & Mercedes following them up.

      But all will come clear in Bahrain.

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