Felipe Massa, Ferrari F150, Valencia, 2011

Massa’s Ferrari catches fire during testing

2011 F1 testingPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa had a dramatic start to testing in Valencia when his Ferrari caught fire in the first hour of running.

As this sequence of pictures shows, Massa went off, and smoke and flames appeared from the back of the car as he rejoined.

He carried on for a few more corners before spinning to a halt on the oil coming from the back of his Ferrari.

The session was red-flagged while the F150 was recovered and marshals worked to clean up the oil.

Ferrari explained what happened:

As he was coming to the end of his first run of laps, the Brazilian had to park at the side of the track, with an oil leak caused by a broken clamp.

Unfortunately the lubricant ended up on the exhausts which led to a small fire breaking out and that caused some damage to the car.

The mechanics immediately set to work on repairing the damage, but it is unlikely that the car will be back on track much before three in the afternoon.

Images ?? F1 Fanatic and Julien Leroy / firstlap.be. If you wish to use these images please contact F1 Fanatic to request permission

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  1. Keith,

    Don’t tell me all photos are gonna carry this watermark? PLEASEEEEEEE……..isn’t there any other source where we can get them ? It’s useless having these photos with a bloody watermark covering such beauty !

    1. Yes, you’ve payed the guy to take good pictures not to doodling around. And that’s the price of internet. It’s not just about images, it’s all the content. If it’s good people keep coming back. Doing pics like this is nonsense and not worth to pay for them. And hey I’m a photographer too, been stolen a lot but that’s life, I get payed evenly.

  2. Anselmo Coyote
    3rd February 2011, 12:02


  3. Not really as big a deal as people are making out.

  4. since watermark isn’t f1fanatic, i thought at first that f1fanatic had stolen them … oops :p

  5. What I appreciate is that montezemolo said that , since no progress in term of performance was allowed, they particulary took care of increasing realability….

    I love this Italian barbecue, cooked from barbe to the queue

    Hope to see more and more pictures like those from the tomato

    Chris :-)))))))))))

    1. What happened to Massa isn’t actually a problem of reliability…read carefully and we’ll see who’s car will be the first to blow up this season my friend!

      Ferrari must really be up many people’s a&& since everyone hates it so much. Which only comes to a conclusion that Ferrari has been the team to fear for many years since 1997…looking to be a really good season this one!

      1. A friend of mine told me that the F 150 just look like an old F1 from 10 years ago

        Just look at the MP 4-26 how ambitious she is…

        Chris your friend :-)))))))))

    2. What is that supposed to mean? It’s young car and young cars do have problems. Better now than later on in the Championship.

    3. instead of writitng b.s. and make a fool of yourself try to do more research and understand what really happened

  6. Julien posts the same photos on his site, with just a small, easyly removable tag. no hi res, tough. Do you have exclusivity?


    Julien his own enemy?

  7. I like to choose a good pic and use it as my desktop, but maybe that’s stealing too – but you’re right, nobody would bother stealing these.

  8. i tell you something, its bloody annoying having your mate “julien leroy’s” name all over the photos. It was better when you took them. Its like you dont have permission to use them so he stuck his name all over them.

  9. I really don’t get all the complaints. You folks want hi-res photos with no watermark, you’re welcome to hop a flight to Spain and take your own.

    Neither Keith nor the photographer are here to be your personal servants. The photog makes a living out of selling his pics, not out of supplying you all with free desktop backgrounds. And Keith makes a living from this site, not from giving things away.

    I truly cannot believe the attitude of some people. You are not at all entitled to perfection for free, nor are you entitled to perfecrly clear hi-res photos, nor are you entitled to determine how this site is run—unless you begin paying the bills, and then I’m sure Keith won’t mind if some things get done your way.

    Until then, lay down and rest ya neck. And try showing a little gratitude for having access to the best F1 coverage on the internet!

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      4th February 2011, 9:46


  10. Any F1 team must try to increase reliability. When all the theoretical work is done, You have to test it on track. To really test the reliability You have to run the car bonehard on the kerps, and make a few run-offs, because that will then expose any weak spots, joints, hoseclamps, connectors, and so on.
    That kind of hard shake-down running of the car doesn’t necessarily give You fast laps on the track, as a run-off takes a lot of time out of your lap.
    It is important to find and fix any weak spots during testing, i.e. before point-giving race sessions.
    That said, my experience with hoseclamps is that You should stick to the original BMW ones and stay away from the cheap FIAT ones, hehe. No, seriously You can as a mechanic overtighten the hoseclamp to a level where the metal of the lock is overstretched (over the limit of its flexibility) and will break after a while. If You had tighted it a little bit more it would break straight away. Any speculation about the internal quality control of the Ferrari team in all work processes I will leave to those who are much better at this field than I;-)

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