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  1. Am I the only one that sees the F-duct place in this one? Perhaps they thought of another way to use it.

    1. Theres absolutely no room in the rules for it so no.

      Also the adjustable rear wing makes it completely useless to have an f-duct.

    2. mate, you’re just seeing a reflection of the light onto the bodywork

      1. You’re wrong mate! Look at the other pics as well. It’s there and I’m wondering what on earth is it doing!

  2. First time i saw this new MP4-26 i though the same as Aris. mm! that is a cleverly placed F-Duct, McLaren is always trying to bend the rules some how. my suggestion is for the other teams to protest for a ban of this car in breach of the laws concerning the use of a F-Duct,or what ever McLaren call it now!! i actually disagree with djdaveyp, why because the more free air to the rear wing/car meanse extra clean air (forced from “f-duct”) = extra downforce and equally giving them an unfair advantage.

  3. I thought aero formed suspension arms was not allowed? Those suspension arms looks highly aero formed. Didn’t RBR have to take their covers of their car last year because they where to aero formed?

  4. When you say F-duct do you mean the air intake they used to control the F-Duct?

    There are covers on the nose near the “F” due to the suspension, not because they will add an air intake later.

    1. Yes that’s what I mean! Thanks for clearing it out!

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