7 comments on “McLaren MP4-26 launch, 2011”

  1. I love how everyone in this picture is looking up at something, while Jenson is the only one looking at the car.

    … well, there is that one chap who’s looking at the rear diffuser – is that a Red Bull spy in a Vodafone cap?

  2. This is easily the most innovative 2011 car at first glance.

    Front wing, nosecone, sidepods, ‘upper parts’ (currently I can’t come up with the proper English word for it :)). Are all very exciting and new approaches.

    1. I can help you with the english word
      It looks Sh.tty

  3. Jusy realised I went to that restaurant behind them a few years ago while on a school trip. Had a Kangaroo Steak and Crocodile…

  4. Pullrod or Pushrod guys?

  5. kenneth Ntulume
    4th February 2011, 14:52

    Eish!! ofcos PUSHROD!!!
    This car is for speed and overtaking period

  6. I like this car. I like all F1 cars. But to be honest, this one does look nicer than the new fezza. It may just be the colour scgeme, but I do love Mclarens

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