Robert Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter

Robert Kubica suffers multiple fractures in Italian rally crash

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Robert Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter
Robert Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter

Robert Kubica has suffered multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand following a crash in a rally in Italy.

Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter following a crash in the Ronde di Andora rally.

Renault have confirmed he is undergoing medical checks but have not given details about his injuries.

A statement from the team said:

“After undergoing extensive medical checks this morning, Robert Kubica has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. He is currently undergoing surgery at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure.

“Robert suffered a high-speed accident this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“Daniel Morelli, Robert’s manager, will be available for the press in front of the hospital emergency entrance at 16:30 CET (15:30 GMT).

“Lotus Renault GP driver, Robert Kubica, suffered an accident at high speed this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“The driver was airlifted to Pietra Ligure Hospital, where he is currently undergoing medical checks. His co-driver is fine.”

He was due to drive at the Jerez test this week. Renault’s third driver is Bruno Senna.

Kubica’s co-driver Jakub Gerber posted “I’m OK” on his Facebook page around an hour ago.

The video below shot earlier in the rally shows the Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car Kubica was driving:

This video shows the aftermath of the crash:

Robert Kubica rally crash

Image ?? Lorenzo Cargiolli –

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  1. It’s all just speculation at the moment, so we don’t really have any idea about how serious his injuries are. Let’s not go ‘jumping the gun’ here, and start writing off anyones season just yet.

  2. Another Italian newspaper (il secolo XI from Genova) wrote about the risk that Kubica could lose the right hand.
    I hope that’s not the case.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 11:01


      Please, no!!!

    2. Italian news papers?? If they’re anything like their politicians, I wouldn’t trust a word they say.

      1. Come on, please, in Italy motorsports (and F1 particularly) are closely followed and since this accident happened in Italy I guess we know the most. But since the operations are undergoing, I guess it’s too early to speak, and I hope so as what has been said is really dramatic.

        1. So the video at the top of this article that apparently says his arm has been amputated? That’s quality reporting is it?

          I don’t doubt there are some very good papers in Italy, but clearly.. It’s so easy to get excited when no one knows what’s going on.

    3. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 11:04

      Man, this would really suck.
      I wish him all the best!

    4. Lets not speculate to that extreme.

    5. Dear god, I hope not. Hes one of the freindliest people on the grid, and its not even funny to make up something like that.

    6. Spanish papers are saying the same thing about Kubica losing a hand.
      Hope he could be racing in no time

  3. While it’s inevitable some people will want to speculate on what it will mean for Renault if Kubica is unable to drive, comments about Bruno Senna “celebrating” are in bad taste and have been removed.

    1. that’s why I put a smiley face :)
      hope Robert gets better of course,..

    2. Thank for that Keith, comments like that are sick and do not belong here.

      I seriously doubt anyone will be feeling great about this, all drivers know only too well what it means to have something like this happening.

    3. Thanks for taking action Keith, was going to Tweet you about it…

    4. Damn right, Keith.

      Myself being Brazilian, and a fan of Bruno, I can’t bear to think of anyone sane celebrating these events.

      Kubica is a great F1 driver, not to mention a great person. Even if he wasn`t, it is utterly absurd to talk about it.

      I’m sure Bruno is sad and worried about Kubica right now, and i’m positive that this is NOT the way he wanted to get to drive that Renault.

    5. I was afraid of reading some comments like that, but now I know some people are really un-human.

      1. That’s what happens on the internet. People feel emboldened by the thin veil the internet provides, and feel they can behave in a way they never would with other people face to face. I have a good friend whom I love dearly in person, but online he’s a giant ***-hole.

  4. Mister Nillionaire
    6th February 2011, 10:54

    According to Kubica’s father ‘it looks nasty’.
    There should soon be a press conference from Ronde di Andora updating on his condition.

  5. Update from “La gazzetta” : Robert Kubica is not in danger of life.

    1. good news.. just some discomfort and his travel plans are rearranged.

      Rally cars are pretty damned safe these days, but still, big shunts do happen. He’s a tough lad is Robert, I’m sure he’ll be back desperate to use his new car to win races.

      1. No, all that means is he won’t die, amputation is still a possibility

  6. For what it’s worth, blurbs on Polish news station TVN.24 are along the lines of: the car hit a wall, had to be be cut open to get Kubica out, he’s conscious in hospital, several fractures to arm and leg, co-driver uninjured.

  7. According to “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, he has broken his arm and wrist. The worst moment for an injury of this extent, he’ll probably lose all pre-season testing… :(

  8. Terrible news. I am completely struck down.. hope he gets better soon, you deserve a WDC Robert!

  9. Story is, he crashed on the ‘way to the start of the rally’. So no safety features on track then, a proper wall?

    1. Crashed against the wall of a Church no less…

      1. Race suspended.. not sure if they’re doing that out of respect, of the fact that the car has blocked up the route to the start of stage 1.

    2. Artur Kubica believes his son may have suffered a wrist fracture

  10. Who cares about his replacement! Wish you well Robert and a speedy recovery

  11. BBC saying he has suffered ‘serious injuries’. Not looking good :/. Get well soon robert!

  12. Hope the guy is fine. But I always thought it was kind of weird he was allowed to rally, thinking there would be some sort of ‘warranty’ in his contract banning that.
    Safe to say he would not think seriously about not rallying anymore during the F1 season

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 11:24

      How far do you go? Webber has inured himself twice on a mountain bike.

      Rallying does seem an odd allowance though.

      1. The old.. ‘don’t go outside on a vehicle unless we own it’ clause.

      2. And i can’t believe he was driving a Skoda Fabia! Hes really crazy

        1. He got a chance with really competative equipment (that car led for quite a while in the latest IRC event – the monaco rally). I would think one of the reasons he is happy at Renault, is that they allow him to have a rallye outing once in a while.

      3. You go as far as is reasonable to protect your not small investment – you ban most enjoyable things and enjoy them when your career is over. Roger was their only chance of winning WDC and now that’s gone.

        Webber knows that broken shouldblade last year didn’t help him – do you think he risks the same in what is prob his last season?

        1. Roger? Roger Federer perhaps? I guess you mean Robert :)

          1. Haha. I read that and immediately thought of Roger the deceased brother of Scott Stoddard in the film Grand Prix.

        2. But Webber had his leg in 2009 already – would have thought he learned from it, but then it turns out he got another injury in 2010 – Thoughts of donkeys and hitting the same stone twice come to mind.

          But I hope Kubica’s injuries are less bad than they now seem and talk of losing a hand seems really a bit much – multiple fractures with unclear how severe doesn’t sound very good for his season tough.

  13. In all Polish reports they say “multiple fructures”.

    1. Well, that could be two then. More important is where those fractures are.

    2. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 11:28

      [intial reports suggest he] has broken one, if not both, of his wrists.

  14. Bummer… I hate his boss but this is what no one wants to see happen, get well soon Kubi.

    So Lotus Renault is looking very very weak at the moment… Who and Pet?

    Those Kimi rumors that were floating around a few months ago are looking pretty good at this point.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 11:25

      The irony. Lead driver injures himself in a rallying crash and is replaced by rally driving ex-F1 driver.

    2. I don’t think that you’ll see Kimi coming back.

      There are plenty of other worthy drivers that are either not currently employed or are reserve drivers for other teams.

      Obviously Senna will be hoping to move into the ‘poles’ position, but that might not be what it says in his contract.

      1. Well it does actually. He’s the official No.1 reserve driver for Lotus Renault. So.. Senna in a Black and Gold Lotus… Danny Bahars mind must be whirring.

      2. I don’t think Kimi wants to come back.

      3. Agreed VXR but Loto Renno hasn’t got a #1 to start the season.

      4. I think the Kimi rumours will always be around as given Renault have gone very aggressive this year they will want to a lead driver to develop the car.

        As good as they are the car will not be developed in the hands of Petrov and one of the 5 potential replacements.

        1. Kimi was pretty ticked off with the whole Renault thing, so I think those rumours will be rumours for the sake of being rumours… if you catch my drift.

          1. Absolutely Hare… it was just a wandering wishful thinking on my part.

  15. first medical report is expected for 2 pm here (1 pm GMT). there are some concerns about

    1. … the fact he could lose the use of his hand.

    2. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 11:32

      Damn, I really hope it is not the case…

      1. surely hope not, too, but online newspapers are reporting very unoptimistic rumors. his left hand has been compressed for a very long time and seems compromised…

  16. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    6th February 2011, 11:31

    Left arm and left leg according to the BBC now.

    1. Left hand drive meets wall, makes sense.

      1. And we all know how important your left leg is in F1!

        1. Unless you’re Barrichello

          1. Indeed. But ‘Barry’ just can’t make his mind up. :)

  17. I hope it’s not to bad and he can make a full recovery.
    And let’s hope we get an official update soon, as different sites deliver different reports.
    Not looking great anyway :(

  18. Mister Nillionaire
    6th February 2011, 11:36

    according to initial rumors [his hand] is almost crushed.

  19. This is awful news! I really wish all the best to Kubica, who i regard as one of the best drivers in F1 today. Crossing fingers that the injuries are a least not permanent. Get well soon!

    1. The word “amputation” is being used in some reports now!

      1. Well, you know what the internet is like..

        1. Well I just got an email offering mefrom the Egyptian president offering me $2,000,000 if i help him.

          So I’m hoping honest and accurate….

          1. that would have been much better if i had read it before posting it…

  20. German newspaper Spiegel says his life is in danger,1518,743822,00.html

    1. Well, it is Spiegel Online. I would not trust them accurately rporting what they had for lunch.

      Anyway, all the best to Robert, may he have a speedy and full recovery!

    2. Belgian sites also says he’s not out of danger for his life.
      But let’s wait for an official report for now. That he was concious all the way is a good sign imo!

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