Robert Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter

Robert Kubica suffers multiple fractures in Italian rally crash

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Robert Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter
Robert Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter

Robert Kubica has suffered multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand following a crash in a rally in Italy.

Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter following a crash in the Ronde di Andora rally.

Renault have confirmed he is undergoing medical checks but have not given details about his injuries.

A statement from the team said:

“After undergoing extensive medical checks this morning, Robert Kubica has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. He is currently undergoing surgery at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure.

“Robert suffered a high-speed accident this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“Daniel Morelli, Robert’s manager, will be available for the press in front of the hospital emergency entrance at 16:30 CET (15:30 GMT).

“Lotus Renault GP driver, Robert Kubica, suffered an accident at high speed this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“The driver was airlifted to Pietra Ligure Hospital, where he is currently undergoing medical checks. His co-driver is fine.”

He was due to drive at the Jerez test this week. Renault’s third driver is Bruno Senna.

Kubica’s co-driver Jakub Gerber posted “I’m OK” on his Facebook page around an hour ago.

The video below shot earlier in the rally shows the Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car Kubica was driving:

This video shows the aftermath of the crash:

Robert Kubica rally crash

Image ?? Lorenzo Cargiolli –

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  1. Hope your ok Kubica

  2. this is such a bad bad bad news…

  3. What concerns me is… The report that he fractured his leg / wrist seems to have come form the scene of the accident, onsite.

    From my own experience, fractures of a non-obvious nature, aren’t easy to diagnose unless there’s some clear evidence. Bones pointing where they should for example. So I can see where the speculation about loosing the hand is from, if it is a drastic injury. However, how can we possibly take that on face? We have to assume that he’s broken some bones, and should be ok in a couple of months given modern medicine.

    Either way, Robert is a lionheart, I’m convinced of it. He would probably driver an F1 car with a hook if he had too. Hope it doesn’t come to that to be honest, but he’s a legend waiting to happen in my mind.

    1. I agree, let’s wait to hear the reports – it could be bad, but I wish him all the best for a strong return to F1 racing.

    2. If his hand and foot got stuck and crushed, it will be pretty tough work bolting them together and a longer period of recovery.

      I suppose we’ll just have to wait for this 14.00 CET for some news.

  4. As a doctor, the only info I can I add is one related to prognosis. That relies on a diagnosis, which we don’t have yet, all we’ve got is chinese whispers and 3rd hand information.

    However, based on speculation, assuming a peripheral injury which would require surgical reduction and fixation, it’d be roughly 6 weeks before he could put weight/force through it. Another 6 weeks before putting any decent loads post that. Given the fine motor control required, a femur fracture (assuming mid shaft) would be far more favourable then a radius/ulna injury

    1. A voice of reason.:)

    2. Thanks for the (appropiately cautious) medical view.
      So sad for Robert, as Hare say’s he’s a lionheart and one of my favourite drivers. Just have to hope that he’s going to recover fully in the end. That would be good news in itself, but I’m so sad that it will wreck his season as seems likely. Not that I pray, but I pray that’s all it will do.
      Get well soon, Kubi. Hoping you can come back like you did after Canada.

  5. Hope your ok Kubica…

  6. Oh dear, poor Robert
    A hope there’s a lot of false reports at the moment…
    fingers crossed

  7. Robert Kubica is the number one topic on Twitter.

  8. All just speculation really yet.. The medical update at 13:00GMT should give a definitive answer to questions about his condition. Hope he can recover well though!
    BBC are reporting that he had surgery in 2003 to his arm after an F3 crash, anyone know any more on this?

    1. It was a road accident, back when he was competing in F3. He had to have metal pins put in his arm, though he recovered to win his first race back in the F3 Euroseries.

      1. 18 Titanium pins…

    1. Thanks.
      We need a statement from his rallye crue though. Lotus are just a spactator as we are.

  9. BBC say it could be a fracture in both his left arm and leg.

    1. It doesn’t look good.

        1. Mister Nillionaire
          6th February 2011, 11:58

          Doesn’t look all that conscious to me :< Hope it will be okay.

        2. he looks unconsious, :(

          get well soon robert

        3. Scrap that, he’s intubated. He’s not conscious in those photos.

          1. You can of course be conscious and still need intubation, particularly if your ability to expand your lungs is compromised by, say, a traumatic pneumothorax (quite likely in Robert’s case) or peripheral neurologic compromise (not likely at all here).

    2. The concern from me there is that is looks as though he’s receiving bag mask ventilation to assist breathing.

      Not a good prognostic sign, usually associated with a head injury

      1. Those photos seem to be at the hospital, is it possible they put him to sleep for the pain or something?

        1. Or to maintain his airway. Can be for a few reasons, usually in this immediate situation, conscious state in the primary reason

        2. Mister Nillionaire
          6th February 2011, 12:11

          I’m afraid that on these on-site ones, he isn’t conscious either.

      2. I would have thought oxygen to help his body react and produce blood cells quicker, and maybe to alleviate some of the shock symtoms?

      3. They have to ventilate if anaesthetic has been administered – which looks likely. This is standard practice in such circumstance.

        1. +1 on this.

    3. Having them put up those sheets gave me a chill. Glad to know he is consious and “only” has fractures to his legs and arm(s).

      Still this is a shocker.

      1. They do that whenever there is an accident of that kind of proportion. I saw a horrible accident back in Bournemouth at the Sun Seeker Rallye, the guy was fine, but the sheets were up to give the driver some privacy at that moment.

  10. Poor Kub :(
    Hope he comes out alright from this even if it takes a while to recover.

  11. Apparently these pictures show Kubica being taken away in an helicopter after his crash:

  12. Some pictures emerging of Robert on the stretcher.. not looking good. :S

    1. Photos here people.. Robert on the stretcher. Left eye bruised..

  13. People now saying his right hand is badly hurt

  14. The first in line is Senna, its really a shame becouse Kubica is one of my favorites…
    i think Renault will test bouth drivers Senna and Grosgean… looks like Kubica is gonna stay in bed for a while…. i hope he recover 100%.

  15. What is of concern to me is that his overalls seems to have been partially taken off, as if CPR was carried out, do hope that is not the case though.
    This is nothing short of a disaster.

    1. This is done for exposure. Some occult injuries are missed unless the patient is exposed. CPR can be carried out effectively with race suit on. There’s no indication he’s recieved CPR from these photos

      1. Don’t forget the wear many layers of protective clothing, effective CPR is best done with chest exposed for accurate placement of hands and hence avoiding injury to patient.

        Not saying that is the case here, hoping it isn’t.

        1. Effective CPR is best carried out as quickly as possible – NOT worrying about removing layers of clothing.

          Clothing provides nothing like the obstacle that layers of body fat do – and most people who receive CPR do have several layers of body fat…

      2. Also they would want to apply equipment to monitor his vitals which they have to stick to the bare skin.

    2. its comments like that which add nothing but fear and rumour. You have no idea what has occurred at the site, so I’d best advise you keep your very illinformed comments to yourself otherwise it just feeds the rumour mill.

      1. Thanks for your advice but its not needed I’m not starting any rumour here so go pick on someone else.

        1. no you’re not starting a rumour, but people saying stupid stuff like “overalls seems to have been partially taken off, as if CPR was carried out” is how rumours start.

          If you’re not a doctor with experience in recoveries you’re in no position to speculate on what has or hasn’t been done based on a couple of photos.

          Comments like yours do not help the situation at all, they only harm it.

          1. *not deliberately starting

          2. I’d just like to add that I can qualify my opinion as I am a First Aider with St John Ambulance and have been to a number of training sessions on trauma scenarios.

            His overalls being open does not in any way indicate that he received CPR – they were almost certainly opened to a) check that there were no injuries that had been missed, b) apply leads to monitor his vitals in transit – both absolutely routine and not to be concerned about.

  16. Update from the hospital that Kubi is in at 1400 GMT… a few hours to wait…

  17. Whatever injury he got, it looks like Senna just got his first big break in a competitive car. If he cant keeps up with Petrov, Senna’s career is over.

  18. Now in “Il secolo XI” it’s written that the right arm is compromised.

    1. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 12:24

      Terrible news, if true :/

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