14 comments on “Virgin MVR-02”

  1. ..oh

    have they just added the white pinstripe?

    1. And cleaned out the “watermark” rose thing.

  2. CovertGiblets
    7th February 2011, 11:44

    Interesting to see they’ve persisted with the nose design from last season and not gone down the more fashionable “high” nosed route.

  3. looks the same, apart from livery. Disappointing design at first glance

  4. looks like last years car in new pirelli boots :/

  5. I like the colour scheme, other than the bit where it looks like someone drove the nose into a pot of paint by accident.

    Is it just me or is there a lot less Virgin emblasoned across this one?

    Glad to see another launch ticked off the list.

  6. i think most of their effort went to mechanical development rather than aero, given their bad reliability last year. once the hydraulics, engine, gearbox, brakes work well and the fuel tank is big enough to last the distance, then can they go and spend the money thats left on their CFD. (their new supercomupter will be ready only in 2012 as per Nick)

  7. Yeah not a fan here… it just looks bland, last years was clearly not quick enough so surely they should have tried changing it even slightly to get closer to the pace

    CFD isn’t everything

  8. Good news! They’ve got Kappa sponsorship on the front wing mounts, instead of that ludicrous daisy they had last year.

  9. Uh, oh FIA, is everything ok? can we participate?

  10. I had high hopes for this car and I still do… I think we’ll see the best of this car on the track! Turns out they ran the whole of last season with a single diffuser…

    No I’m joking, but it’d be funny if they did!

  11. The only thing that is interesting is the undercut sidepods… what’s that about? ;-)

    A part from that it looks like their CAD package can only draw rounded squares or rectangles.

  12. Is it me or does that look like push rods on the back there?

    They seem to be totally ignoring current thinking in F1. If Adrian Newey and Ross Brawn have both decided that the high nose and pull rods is the way forward I’d be listening.

    I think Nick Wirth is subbornly persisting with his own methods to the teams detriment. I just don’t see where they’ve added any performance to the car.

    It still looks heavy and lacking refinement. The front wing looks ok but everything after that looks rather basic and not dissimilar to last years non-contender.

    I hope I’m wrong because the new teams need to survive. I love having the larger grids so to see the new teams fade through persistently uncompetetive cars would be a shame.

  13. Well, so I’m not alone at noticing the studio ripped pinstripes. The “today ” shot is better but cluttered, I’ll wait til Keith gets some decent shots and a comparison up. Got to say probably the worst launch this year tho.

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