Force India VJM04 – first pictures

2011 F1 cars

Force India have revealed the first images of their 2011 F1 car, the VJM04.

The VJM04 is the first car designed by new technical director Andrew Green. Its predecessor achieved the team’s best-ever constructors’ championship position of seventh.

This year the team say they want to finish in the top five.

The team will use Mercedes power for the third year in a row.

Chairman Vijay Mallya said: “This year there is even more to be optimistic about. We’ve got three race drivers that are hungry to take the next steps in their careers, whether that be points, podiums or wins.

“We have an experienced technical team that have the ingenuity, flexibility and drive to adapt to the new wave of rule changes, and we also have the tools and resources in our partnerships with McLaren Applied Technologies and Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines to aim even higher.

“Not to mention the very special event, and one that I personally can’t wait for, the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. What better place would there be to reach some of those aims than on our home soil?”

Adrian Sutil said he hopes to finish in the top ten in the drivers’ championship for the first time this year:

“The progress the team has shown over the past two years has been very impressive and what I’ve seen in the factory and at the wind tunnel over the past weeks indicates that the rate will continue this year.”

Paul di Resta makes his F1 debut with the team this year. He said: “I don’t want to say exact targets on record as there are so many factors that can come into play.

“What I do want to do is to have a positive approach, finish, be consistent and contribute strongly to the team’s overall performance. We’ve got high aims of finishing in a good constructors’ championship position and I know that I’ve got to play my part in this.”

Technical director Andy Green explained some of the changes on the car:

“The most obvious visual change is that we’ve gone away from a conventional roll-hoop to a blade. This gives us a small packaging improvement compared to a more conventional style.

“The engine cover is different, in-line with the abolition of the F-duct system. But there are a lot of differences under the skin that people won’t necessarily notice.”

“We’ve recovered a lot of the aerodynamic performance, we believe. We still have a little bit to go, but we are still in the process of the realignment after the end of last season, because it does take a long time to move aerodynamically from one position to another.

“The movable wing is a whole new game, and we’ll be trying to exploit its performance to the max.

“Exhaust management will also be a big area of development this year. There will be an upgrade for the first race, so there are some changes that will come into effect at the Bahrain test. Further down the line there are some big updates for the front of the car coming in for the first European race.”

The team have recruited a new senior tyre engineer, Jun Matsusaki, to help with the switch to Pirelli tyres.

Greem also confirmed the new car will use a Kinetic Energy Recovery System: “‘The Mercedes KERS system looks very strong, and we’re really happy with it.

“We’ve done a lot of running in the simulator, so the drivers are well up to speed with how to use it. We’re well developed with what we have to do for harvesting and deployment. It’s smaller and lighter than in 2009, and packaging required very few vehicle compromises.”

2011 F1 cars

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134 comments on Force India VJM04 – first pictures

  1. melkurion (@melkurion) said on 8th February 2011, 14:18

    First impresiions are, the spilt ait intake/ mercedes 2010 style rollbar. The square box, at the bottom of the tuning vane. And, to e it seams from certain angles that the front part of the nose, the part that dips down, seems to be at least partway hollowed out…

  2. djdaveyp85 (@djdaveyp87) said on 8th February 2011, 14:20

    Thats it, all the 2011 cars are with us (provided the HRT passes its crash tests).

    Roll on Bahrain!

  3. Doesn’t look quick to me.

  4. Himmat S. said on 8th February 2011, 14:22

    Looks good. Perhaps the most vibrant looking car on the grid.

  5. Sushant007 said on 8th February 2011, 14:23

    no real changes to the car :(

    has got the same front-wing as that of vjm03…


    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 8th February 2011, 15:10

      I think the only car not having a 2010 front wing at launch was the Virgin. The rest all have their old wings and will start bringing new ones during testing or only at the first GP.

  6. supernicebob said on 8th February 2011, 14:27

    2010 Renault nose? 2010 Merc air intake? 2010 Ferrari sidepods?

  7. F12011EPICWIN said on 8th February 2011, 14:27

    I wish Di Resta can do a good job, but i really hope sutil can move to Mercedes to replace Schumacher and have Hulkenberg partner Di Resta for 2012. The VJM04 looks similar to the VJM03. I think the main difference is the blade used for the engine cover. Mercedes used that last year but didn;t really get any good results out of it. Lotus will also use it this year. I wish Sutil and Di Resta can get podiums this year. The team’s only brilliant result seems to be Fisichella at Belgium 2009. Good luck to Force India!!

  8. Chimpyang said on 8th February 2011, 14:28

    Didn’t Ferrari also go conservative AND display the 2010 spec wing at its launch. If it’s good enough for them….

    The car’s livery makes it look very clean and elegant though, big thumbs up. (Especially compared to the HRT one – which looks like it belongs more on a rally car)

  9. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 8th February 2011, 14:29

    Ok, I know this is really geeky, but those matt black wheel rims and green nuts with the yellow Pirelli branding on the tyres looks absolutely wonderful!

  10. Cyclops_PL (@cyclops_pl) said on 8th February 2011, 14:30

    Blah. Most unimpressive of 2011 cars in my opinion.

    • Icemangrins said on 8th February 2011, 17:29

      @Cyclops_PL Force India will make it up during the race weekends. Vijay Mallya will ensure kingfisher speed divas present next to their cars :-0

  11. MaxForce said on 8th February 2011, 14:38

    Pretty much new feel from Force India with its 2011 challenger.2nd team with blade-style roll hoop design!!Wish them all the best with this courageous move

  12. I don’t know, I can’t see or enlarge the pictures :( …. I always get this message; “Sorry cannot access the page”

  13. MondoL said on 8th February 2011, 15:01

    Page unreacheable!

    If they cannot run a web page, how do you expect them to run a F1 team?

    (to many hindis in india I guess)

    • Dipak T said on 8th February 2011, 15:20

      The only possible response to this is just lol

    • Rooney (@rojov123) said on 9th February 2011, 0:53

      I just have to let this rant out. My house mate is an indian, and I just feel like I need to get this out there..

      1. Hindi, is a language. Just like english or german.
      2. “Hindis” is not a word from this planet.
      3. People from India are called “INDIANS”.(it can be hard to understand with all the Native Indians running around, but look up your history, and you will understand.)
      4. Hindu is the word for a religious sect, similar to christian or jew or buddhist.
      5. Calling all of em hindus is like calling all canadians, christians.
      6. Please stop making the rest of us look like fools.
      Your friend from Canada!

  14. Gokul said on 8th February 2011, 15:03

    As unfortunate kubica’s crash is, it just might work in FI’s favor.
    Car looks pretty much the same. Dont know y so many hate the white base…I like it.

    Go VJM04!
    Get well soon Robert

  15. melkurion (@melkurion) said on 8th February 2011, 15:41

    please, that’s bordering on being the boy who cried wolf?

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