HRT F111 launch – first pictures

2011 F1 cars

HRT have revealed the first pictures of their 2011 F1 car, the F111.

Team principal Colin Kolles said: “The F111 represents a significant step forward for Hispania Racing.

“We have made a big improvement for starting our second season in Formula 1 and what you see in our new car confirms Hispania Racing???s commitment to F1.??

The F111 was designed by Geoff Willis and Paul White. The team confirmed it will have an adjustable rear wing. However it will not have a Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

HRT aim to run the car for the first time in the pre-season test at Bahrain which begins on March 3rd.

Team president Jose Ramon Carabante said: ??We feel really proud of the car our drivers will run this forthcoming season.

“Despite a challenging first year, we managed to finish on the 11th position in the World Constructors Championship. Now, we are very pleased to introduce the first specification of the F111, which means a huge design-effort from our side.

“This is only a first step as we are planning several updates during the season.??

The car’s distinctive livery was designed by Daniel Simon of Cosmic Motors. He said, “I miss fearless visual statements and large beautiful numbers on today’s racing cars.

“Playing with the restrictions of what you can do to a complex F1 body is fun. There are many don’ts, but I found a way to lay courageous racing essence on the car.”

However aside from sponsorship from Tata, thanks to new driver Narain Karthikeyan, the F111’s bodywork features few sponsors.

Instead the bodywork shown includes the messages: “This could be you” and “This is a cool spot”.

2011 F1 cars

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310 comments on HRT F111 launch – first pictures

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  1. That looks horrible, and the worst thing is that it has a shark fin.

    • Okay, after looking at it a bit more, it doesn’t look that bad.

      • “the worst thing is that it has a shark fin”

        No the worst thing is it has a HALF shark fin, like the RB7 because of the rules.

      • cant polish a turd

        • mateuss said on 8th February 2011, 10:14

          Did you see the Mythbusters episode where they did polish a s***!

        • TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 8th February 2011, 12:11

          It looks amazing!!

          Now THAT is a livery. Well thought out and big numbers on the car, every car should have this feature.

          Love it!

          • Yes, Daniel Simon’s point on what’s missing in F1 liveries now is spot on. The half shark fin spoils the car’s shape, but the livery is striking and splendid. Let’s just hope it attracts new sponsors.

          • Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 8th February 2011, 15:52

            I have to say as over the top as this might seem, I agree with you that it’s a nifty livery. Proof that you can get attention WITHOUT fluorescent colors and silver.

            Also, SO SO SO SO agree with him about the numbers! More big, bold numbers! Numbers are striking and give us an easier time of telling which car we’re looking at.

          • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 8th February 2011, 17:35

            I agree about the numbers. Those are great. Other than that though it’s a terrible livery. It looks like an overdesigned sportsdrink or yogurt container… and doesn’t anyone find it ironic that the sidepod (which last year featured all their driver’s names) says “this could be you.” Is that a joke or what? They should just start on auction on eBay for their second seat.

          • Bullfrog said on 8th February 2011, 19:24

            Liking the numbers. At last someone’s learning from racing in the States. Why not have the driver’s name in big letters though – the numbers are meaningless these days as they keep changing?

            But that chequered flag design is sooo lame. Clearly designed by someone who knows nothing about racing, it’s like the next Chelsea shirt having footballs all over it.

        • That is actually false. There was an episode of Mythbusters where they took some crap, rolled it into a ball, and after a couple of hours gave it a polish like an shiny new eight ball.

          Nobody does very well on their first season, especially when they come in January like HRT did last year.

          I hope they do well. In fact I would love it if all the cars are so competitive that anything could happen the next race. This of course isn’t very likely, but you never know…

    • nosajm9bys (@nosajm9bys) said on 8th February 2011, 9:04

      No, it looks good, it also looks quick. I like it, I mean compare it to last year’s car which look rank.

    • Pinball said on 8th February 2011, 9:07

      It’s the best livery I’ve seen on any car this year. Well played HRT, well played.

      • sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 8th February 2011, 9:16

        it has ‘cool spot’ on the side.

        That makes it AWESOME :)

      • Movement (@movement) said on 8th February 2011, 9:42

        The trouble I have with that is that since HRT had zero sponsors, they could have done almost anything with their colours. I mean, they do not have to please anyone apart from themselves; so why not go for somtheing a little more exciting or radical. Imagine a back-marker in stealth black – raw carbon fibre, just clear-coated. Or how about fluorescent pink! I mean, they could have done almost anything, they literally have a blank sheet (and very little money) to work with, so they should have blasted the competition out of the water on their livery. This is not very exciting when you see it in that context!

        • Woffin said on 8th February 2011, 11:38

          Exactly! It’s so frustrating seeing another red and white car. As you said, they could have done anything with the livery really with having no commitments to any sponsors except Tata. We may still end up with even more red cars this year as well if Tony Fernandes loses his court cases and repaints his cars with AirAsia branding. Not to mention Williams getting red in the design from PDVSA. Sigh.

          • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 8th February 2011, 15:34

            Yes, the fact it is yet another a mostly white, with red and black, car is the biggest flaw to me in this livery. For the rest I like it a lot.

            The car now sports something like a real front wing, and the sidepods are pretty nicely undercut and rather narrow at the back. As I understand it, the high wide nose is good for aero, but not as good for the mechanical grip part, so maybe for starting teams like Virgin and HRT it is the best choice to go lower. Good to see a car from HRT before the start of the season, even if for now only a rendering.

          • John H said on 8th February 2011, 22:22


        • Exactly! [2]
          It’s an impressive improvement from last year’s car, though.

        • Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 8th February 2011, 15:56

          are you guys serious? When have you ever seen a car with checkered flag pattern on it in F1? That, I’d say, is pretty brave for a backmarker. Personally I like it.

          • I think that a chequered livery is going to confuse the front drivers when they come to lap them … “The chequered flag? already?”

        • sheep said on 8th February 2011, 20:34

          Naked carbon fibre would just be porn!

    • Interesting they have a chequered flag painted on it…I wonder how often they’ll be seeing that during the race!

    • SeattleChris (@seattlechris) said on 8th February 2011, 10:27

      Surely you must be joking. This is a major, visual, improvement over last years car. When I first saw it I thought it was surprisingly refreshing. Number on the side; love it. There are too many red/red highlighted cars now however… It makes me actually miss Jaguar! Is purple an illegal color in F1? They should call up UPS and see if they can get a brown car on the grid LOL. On the side it can read, “What can brown do for you?”

    • Fixy (@fixy) said on 8th February 2011, 15:55

      It looks like the BAR Hondas!

    • Damon (@damon) said on 8th February 2011, 17:19

      That shark fin is beautiful! It’s perfect!

    • Jesus said on 8th February 2011, 18:49

      ‘This could be you …but you wouldn’t want it to be.’

    • Jarred Walmsley (@jarred-walmsley) said on 8th February 2011, 21:08

      Considering the 2010 livery, I think this looks considerably better

      • Sherman Tank said on 9th February 2011, 10:46

        Livery is OK but i’m pretty sure thats the only chequered flag that cars gonna see this season.

  2. Good work Keith, I haven’t seen that anywhere else online. Glad they’ve changed the livery and an interesting nose too.

    • *cough* *nudge* That’s last years car *cough*

      • haha, just kidding! Who’d a thought they’d have a car design ready.. it’s gonna be 3 weeks until they’re scheduled to test it though?

        • BasCB said on 8th February 2011, 8:42

          It’s probably packed up and being sent to Bahrain by now. They certainly do not have the money available for a 3rd chassis for testing in Europe, instead focussing on getting the second car ready for a shake off before the Bahrain GP weekend.

        • Sush Meerkat said on 8th February 2011, 9:51

          haha, just kidding! Who’d a thought they’d have a car design ready.. it’s gonna be 3 weeks until they’re scheduled to test it though?

          Its a digital picture right?

          Is the car actually built yet?, needless to say I’m shocked…

          • Prof Kirk (@prof-kirk) said on 8th February 2011, 11:13

            “Your Logo here”, HAHAHA!!
            But I quite like it.

            “This Could be you!” -> That cracked me up, because it probably could be your name on the side of a HRT car. eg, how often they change drivers lol.

            But despite that slight ironic phrase, it is marketing genius and I appreciate and love it. Similar to the BAR “look left, look right” but for advertising.

            All in all, the livery looks stunning, car design appears to have made progress in basic areas but I heavily doubt the parts will be nearly as refined as that of RedBull, because mm’s in alteration is where perfection is with motor racing. At least it will look good at the back of the grid.

          • zecks said on 8th February 2011, 13:09

            Definitely a CGI, just look at the tires.

          • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 8th February 2011, 17:42

            “This Could be you!” -> That cracked me up, because it probably could be your name on the side of a HRT car. eg, how often they change drivers lol.

            That was exactly my thought. Especially since that’s where they had their drivers’ names last year.

  3. Happy Racing Theme!! Finally… no more dull grey..

  4. All the “Your logo here”, “This could be you” logos are an interesting approach to getting advertising revenue, but why not?

    • Movement said on 8th February 2011, 8:20

      “this could be you!” haha its terrible: they should really not be there if that is what they’re having to resort to! And the car looks like the most backward of the lot that we’ve seen so far…

      • Well it’s not the Eeyore approach…

        Eeyore sales pitch : ‘this could be you, but it probably wont be, I’ll probably be doing this pitch 10 races in… *sigh* ‘

        • Movement (@movement) said on 8th February 2011, 9:45

          no its, not, its just embarrassing! “here we are, competing in what is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport, but we are so S*it that we can’t attract any sponsors. Neither can we build, design, or develop our own car. If you want to be associated with a miserably failure, you can put your name here, where it gets seen about once a race by the spectators on TV, only when it has broken down!”

          • Maciek said on 8th February 2011, 9:57

            Or in other words – if you haven’t it made it yet, why bother trying anything at all, right?

            You know, last time I looked, attracting sponsors wasn’t the final say on anyone’s potential, not in my book anyways.

          • matt90 (@matt90) said on 8th February 2011, 14:23

            If historis teams like Williams struggle for sponsors I think it’s a bit much to expect HRT to do a good job. Doesn’t Lotus just have Fernandes company logos? And same with Virgin. Advertising that a company could quite simply buy the space on it is the best thing they could do with the space.

    • Chris P said on 8th February 2011, 8:28

      “This could be you”… driving if you give us enough money!

    • Randy (@randy) said on 8th February 2011, 8:46

      The “This could be you” and “your logo here” stickers are laughable. It’s like a DIY Blog site with Lorem Ipsum’s left all over.

      • Randy you are underestimaiting the most hilarious livery in F1 history. Literally begging for sponsers on your car, HRT arn’t even hiding how desperate they must be. There not even attracting decent pay drivers, it’s amazing.

        Only prize they’ll be winning this year is the All Formula Hilarious Most Comedic Team Award.

  5. Lachie (@lachie) said on 8th February 2011, 8:19

    Do the teams realise that red doesn’t ACTUALLY make the cars go faster?

  6. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 8th February 2011, 8:20

    In a lot of ways the livery looks like a BAR and in other ways it looks like a Toyota, yet it somehow looks completely different. I like it!

  7. BROOKSY007 (@brooksy007) said on 8th February 2011, 8:20

    Looks abit like the virgin, so glad its not grey!

  8. So, the big question.. what are they doing with the diffuser this year? Where are the exhausts!?

  9. BasCB said on 8th February 2011, 8:23

    Wow, that came as a suprise! Now FI are the last to show their hand.

    The result is a bit of a strange car. Looks a lot like last years car as well as the GP2 cars (the Dallarra connection from last season).

    Combining the low and thin nose with the camera mountings like that, as well as the spiky V nose make me think back to the 2008 BMW.

    I quite like the spaces saying “please buy some space on this car”. A lot better than just being empty, altough it would be preferrable to have a real sponsor besides TATA.
    The back end looks pretty small, just like the Williams. I thought they would get an older type gearbox, but this should be quite an improvement for drivability.

    • Tata are actually a great sponsor to have, and if they can hang on to them, it would be ideal!

      Maybe Tata should be backing FI though?

      • BasCB said on 8th February 2011, 8:44

        That was why I mentioned them getting another sponsor besides TATA, never good to be reliant on only 1 company.

        • Tata are a real sponsor alright, they have real money as much as the next corporate down the line, multi-muilti-billion dollar turnovers Tata Group are basically a goliath in a plethora of industries across the board. Car manufacturing being one of them!

          If I was sponsored by Tata, I’d be damned happy. The thing is, whats their interest?

          Motor industries being one of their interests, they own Jaguar, Land Rover, Daimler and a few others..

          .. interestingly enough they also own a company called ‘Hispano Carrocera’…..

          Hispano!!! Yes.. Spanish motor company!!!

          … ironically.. they make busses! :D

          • BasCB (@bascb) said on 8th February 2011, 10:46

            So maybe getting the jaguar emblem on top of the car instead of the camera mount is not so far off then!

            I know they are big and have money. But obviously they do not want to use that to promote themselves (do they need that) instead leaving space for other sponsors.

            So who will it be? Please, …

          • Hare (@hare) said on 8th February 2011, 11:16

            They could change their name from HRT to HCRT..

            Hispano Carrocera Racing Team :)

          • AKE HRTs :)

          • Anshumaan Tuteja said on 8th February 2011, 14:11

            We have buses manufactured by TATA all over India!! its kinda their forte in automobiles..but their passenger cars are getting better every day, especially after they bought Jaguar and Land Rover :)

    • So TATA sponsor Ferrari and HRT? nice…

  10. BadAss said on 8th February 2011, 8:23

    Now that’s a surprise xD I wasn’t expecting that… I mean WOW! and the livery looks great

  11. Christopher Vissing said on 8th February 2011, 8:25

    That’s interesting! I like :)

    • zecks said on 8th February 2011, 13:07

      i really like the number location. It looks a bit indy lites but it the car looks so much more professional than the grey monstrocity of 2010

  12. Don Mateo said on 8th February 2011, 8:25

    “Your logo here”, “this could be you” and “cool spot” on the rear wing end plates – an entertaining way of saying “we have no sponsors!”

    Seriously though I actually like this livery, and the car looks good, though I’d be interested to know exactly how much of it is actually new.

  13. Can the team really afford a livery that complicated?

    • BasCB said on 8th February 2011, 8:38

      Who knows weather they actually payed for it. The artist is on the car with his signature, it’s a work of art!

      Let us just hope it won’t be sold to the highest bidder ;-) that is the one slogan missing “you could be sitting here”

    • Solo (@solo) said on 8th February 2011, 10:34

      What to you mean? Not having enough money to pay for the paint?
      Yes we know they don’t have a lot of money but what you are suggesting is just ridiculous.

  14. HamFisted said on 8th February 2011, 8:26

    I think it looks good, certainly better than last years grey carp!!

  15. Hamish said on 8th February 2011, 8:26

    Come on guys. We want more cars on the grid and all you do is bag them. They’ve made it to the 2011 season. That has exceeded the expectations of many already.

    • xtophe said on 8th February 2011, 8:49

      Let’s wait until we see more than 3D renders.

    • Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 8th February 2011, 9:49

      Hear, hear. All these moans about Virgin and HRT in particular. Then again, I don’t necessarily think these people do want more teams on the grid.

      • Hare (@hare) said on 8th February 2011, 10:01

        Speaking for myself.. I want HRT and Virgin and Lotus on the grid and to do amazingly well. I sincerely do..

        I think they’ve all done well to get to where they are now, especially Lotus. Virgin ( AKA Manor ) has a great record of delivering year on year improvements.

        HRT we’ve yet to see, but they’re looking more and more serious all the time.

        However.. it’s hard not pass up a chance to have a laugh at the lower order teams.

        .. it’s much better that, than being shamefully disappointed because they couldn’t turn up to the grid. It’s all in good humour from my POV.

  16. explosiveface (@explosiveface) said on 8th February 2011, 8:27

    This is a surprise. This livery is a massive improvement, but the red isn’t a great colour.

  17. Magnificent Geoffrey said on 8th February 2011, 8:29

    I have about fifty quid in my shoebox upstairs, what do you think the chances of getting my goldfish image on the side-pod of that car are?

  18. Superted666 said on 8th February 2011, 8:29

    I actually really like it, even if it wont be very fast!

  19. Burnout said on 8th February 2011, 8:31

    I like it. Kinda like a modern interpretation of the ’60s Honda livery with a chequered flag motif at the back. Hope they can get some sponsors soon and none of them force their corporate colours onto the car. I’m quite glad the Tata logos aren’t in blue.

  20. that is absolutely vile.

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