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HRT F111 launch – first pictures

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

HRT have revealed the first pictures of their 2011 F1 car, the F111.

Team principal Colin Kolles said: “The F111 represents a significant step forward for Hispania Racing.

“We have made a big improvement for starting our second season in Formula 1 and what you see in our new car confirms Hispania Racing?ι??s commitment to F1.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

The F111 was designed by Geoff Willis and Paul White. The team confirmed it will have an adjustable rear wing. However it will not have a Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

HRT aim to run the car for the first time in the pre-season test at Bahrain which begins on March 3rd.

Team president Jose Ramon Carabante said: ?σΤιΌ?τWe feel really proud of the car our drivers will run this forthcoming season.

“Despite a challenging first year, we managed to finish on the 11th position in the World Constructors Championship. Now, we are very pleased to introduce the first specification of the F111, which means a huge design-effort from our side.

“This is only a first step as we are planning several updates during the season.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

The car’s distinctive livery was designed by Daniel Simon of Cosmic Motors. He said, “I miss fearless visual statements and large beautiful numbers on today’s racing cars.

“Playing with the restrictions of what you can do to a complex F1 body is fun. There are many don’ts, but I found a way to lay courageous racing essence on the car.”

However aside from sponsorship from Tata, thanks to new driver Narain Karthikeyan, the F111’s bodywork features few sponsors.

Instead the bodywork shown includes the messages: “This could be you” and “This is a cool spot”.

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310 comments on “HRT F111 launch – first pictures”

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  1. I wonder how much an F1 Fanatic logo on the rear wing endplate would cost me? After all it is such a cool spot…

    1. Wow Keith, your donate button must be working well!! :D

      1. Yeah definitely not got enough to go sponsoring F1 cars!

          1. That looks really good for a cool spot!

        1. If you’re willing to change from blue and green, to red and black, they might be interested.

        2. How do you know? Wouldn’t it be possible for one race?

    2. good thinking there!! but if you had that much money you’d rather buy the second driver spot than the logo :D

    3. Maybe you can ask and then we put up a special donation action to get the money together!

      I wonder how many companies in the world are actually wondering the same right now?

      This looks like a pretty effecive launch. No money wasted, a great livery and advertizing space. Love the idea.

      1. Usually if you have to ask for a price you can’t pay it:P.

      2. I think it a very effective launch too, and that F1Fanatic logo sure does look good ;) shame it won’t be there for real.

        But I really like this car, you can see there was thought put into it that is more than paint deep. I really wish HRT the best this year.

  2. That’s gonna win the Championship that!

    1. Even if it doesn’t, at least they’ll see the chequered flag at every race…

      They seem to have lost their ‘Spanish’ identity in the transition, but this new livery is really nice.

      I wonder if they’d change the colours of the red blocks if a company with, say, green or yellow as their corperate colours wanted to sponsor a certain part of the car.

  3. I actually really like the livery, the “this is acool spot” stuff is actually quite clever. I don’t know whether Bernie would consider it “getting the begging bowl out” though!

    1. I don’t think Bernie can tell the teams what paint job they give their car… yet ;)

    2. Yeah that’s what I thought…

      1. About being clever or Bernie being not amused?

        The team might be telling him to put something in the beggin bowl here. Just to stop it being embarressing.

    3. Regardless of finances, favouritisms and what not its a rather well presented car.

      1. True, it actually makes me more sympathetic towards this team, although I’ve always been in favor of the new bunch, HRT was very embarrassing at times. Not least due to their dull livery, which they’ve remedied (and some).

        But they’re supposed to be the underdogs fighting for the respect of the bigger teams. Lotus was always the best of the new guys, but the truth is against all expectations not only did all the new teams complete the first season, in two weeks time all three teams will have tested their 2011 cars.

        None of the new teams went the ‘easy’ way and went out to buy an existing team. I think they’re increasingly badass, let’s hope this years HRT will be closer to both the Virgin and Lotus and the lot closer to the rest. :)

    4. I like the message they put in front of the side pod air intake in the last photo.

  4. i like the new colors, far better than last year. i’d like to add that it’s insane to compare them to any established team… they came in 11th last year and that too w/o any upgrades on the car. I hope they do well this year F1 needs small teams too.

  5. Bloomin ‘eck – it looks amazing – from dullest to best looking car on the track in one step!

    1. I agree, it’s nice to see a small team having the guts to pull this off.

      I wish the rest of the grid could learn a lesson from this. One: how to have a decent livery. And two: how to not be so serious.

      Also, I love the bigger numbers, I wish more teams would do that, or the regs would change so we could get bigger numbers on multiple parts of the car like the golden era of racing. It makes the car look like a real racecar instead of a corporate powered land rocket.

  6. Actually, this is a really nice livery, the sort of livery a car down the order needs to get attention for itself… There’s lots of detail in it, so the more you look at it, the nicer it gets.

    The humour in the ‘This could be you’, shows they got a sense of humour and don’t mind advertising the fact they really need money!! There’s a lot of space left on that thing.

    Tata, is a solid backer.. so.. hopefully that will help attract others who are thinking about it to come forward.

  7. Livery is certainly a step forward (doing worse than last year was quite difficult)

    at a first glance was happy to see the team found some sponsors, only to realise they are not sponsors at all –
    not a fan of Kolles’ way of doing stuff but dont like to see another team disappear, no matter how small, so i hope they do get some backing by the start of the season

  8. I don’t actually mind it. It at least looks like a Formula 1 car and not a basic model made out of balsa wood. Having seen Simon’s work from the Cosmic Motors book (which I see gets a mention), it’s very clearly designed by him; in fact, it looks very similar to the one on the front cover.

    I especially like the way the car’s decals so far as THIS COULD BE YOU and YOUR LOGO HERE and THIS IS A COOL SPOT. Part of me hopes they race like that, not because they won’t have a sponsor to their credit, but because it would be a delightful (albeit unintentional) parody of commercialism in the sport.

    1. Have some anarchist and anti-globalisation NGO put in the money to sponsor the non-comercial idea!

      I agree with you. On the one hand I would love them to find some sponsors like this on the other hand seeing the car race with cool spots showing is quite something.

      In a way Honda did a bit the same when they went with the earth car idea, only this is a lot simpler, makes more sense and certainly looks better.

      1. Honda’s Earth Car experiment betrayed the way things were so very wrong at Brackley. Jenson Button had a fantastic 2006, picking up his maiden win and scoring more points than anyone else in the final half of the season. And with Lucky Strike leaving the team ahead of 2007, they should have been a sponsor’s dream. But then never found anyone willing to commit. Something was seriously wrong with the team at the time.

  9. Thnx for some great photos this morning Keith, well done again. Virgin launch yesterday was a disaster for the common fans sat here waiting, but F1 fanatic pulled it through.
    HRT have spent a lot of time and money to improve their image and it appears to have worked. I see you have lots of armchair critics who probably haven’t a clue as to how to even start an F1 team. So idiots aside, give credit where its due, the 3 2010 rookie teams have all come through at the start this year and have provided what looks to be a serious entry into the 2011 season. We shall see just how serious after the first few races, when the times will show how much closer or further away they are from the established big boys.
    Good luck to all the teams this year, and especially to the lower budget chaps, keep it in the zone!

    1. I couldn’t have put it better myself Abuelo Pal!

  10. Michael Aglas
    8th February 2011, 8:53

    Looks the same like the old hrt…

    1. you should have gone to specsavers

      1. Michael Aglas
        8th February 2011, 9:07

        They said at HRT it will be a completly new car… but there is just another painting…

        airboxes looks same then last year, the nose… just the wings seems to be different.

        1. That depends on who you believe. Karthikeyan said it would be all new but Kolles said it would be the F110 with a Williams rear end.

  11. When you think about the looks of that car, and think about Daniel Simon doing this, are there any chances of a 2nd or at least 3rd driver (someone like Milka in Indy?) looking like the racers in Simons “cosmic motors” book?

    They should have great looking team kit, get some nice “cosmic racers” girls into them at the GP. And possibly marketing the gear will be the largest source of revenue next to the Tata deal!

    1. That would be bloody brilliant BasCB!

    2. Yup! I would buy in to that.. :)

    3. Lmao! He doesn’t seem to be stalking you today bascb!

  12. I like the new colour scheme more than the shades of grey that last years car was.

    The sponsor placemarkers, on the sidepods and rear wing, are more akin to something Ive seen on the back of busses begging for adverts than an F1 car. It really shows their desperation to get some sponsors on the car. All I can say is all the best HRT!

  13. the-muffin-man
    8th February 2011, 9:00

    Well this was a pleasant surprise this morning!

    Love the looks and love the sense of humour! If this actuallu hits the track HRT could be my new favourite back-marker!

    1. I don’t think it’s a sense of humour. I think it’s Hispania actually trying to attract sponsors.

      1. the-muffin-man
        8th February 2011, 9:09

        Yes – by using a sense of humour! Have you seen the small writing in front of the sidepods?

        1. I read, that it also has “car ends here” at the back and “you are being filmed” close to the camera mount.

          Nice humour in that car.

        2. Yes – by using a sense of humour! Have you seen the small writing in front of the sidepods?

          I think that’s the extent of the humour. THIS COULD BE YOU and YOUR LOGO HERE would be funny on a financially-stable team, but here it looks desperate.

  14. A few things I’ve noticed from looking at it:

    – First of all, they have a double shark-fin. They’ve copied Red Bull’s square-backed shark fin, but the leading edge of the engine cowling is the highest on any of the 2011 cars. In fact, it almost touches the rear wing. It’s difficult to see because of the chequered flag motif, but it’s there.

    – They’ve also got a very steep angle on that front nose that tapers to a needle-point. It looks like a cross between the Virgin VR-01 and the Mercedes MGP W01.

    – Those sidepods are very tiny. They look almost as small at the Virgin MVR-02’s, if not smaller.

    – The back end if very odd. It collapses in and upwards at the same time, kind of like going from a horizontal plane to a vertical. There’s an odd bulge around the Cosworth logo, which leads me to suspect that the engine is actually right there, in which case it’s mounted quite high.

    – There’s also the nosecone winglets, which we haven’t seen on a car for a while. The front end in particular makes me think of the early BMW Saubers.

    1. I completely agree with you on the nose looking like a 2008 BMW with the horns on it.

      The back end might be sporting this years, extra small, extra low Williams Gearbox instead of having an older model (would that work without the KERS?).
      Only the engine cover (with GB cooling vent?) sticks out over it, using up all the space allowed around the aerea where nothing is allowed.

      Certainly does not look like last years car.

      Are the exhausts opening in front of the suspension in the roundings seen there? or even like the GP2 cars in the middle above the Gearbox?

  15. You know, with all the jokes about the Ferarri F150 and the Ford F-150, I can’t believe not-one has taken the opportunity to make a crack about the Hispania F111 and the obsolete fighter jet by the same name.

    1. I’ve had dozens of them on Twitter. No funny ones yet…

      1. Maybe they will use this new F111 to bomb the competition ;)

        That one good enough?

        1. Maybe they’re just gonna bomb this season? period.

      2. Comparing a Ferrari, with F-150 truck doing donoughts is funny in itself, cos you’re clearly comparing with a more inferior product..

        Comparing the HRT F111… to a Fighter Bomber!! Well…. they’ll be proud of that! :)

    2. I do think Adam Cooper had a remark about it some days back.

    3. Surely there must be something in the moveable wings area….(as the F111 fighter bomber had variable geometry swept wings for those who didn’t know)

  16. Quite nice! Real retro feel. Now just to get in that 107%…

    1. To be fair, the car actually looks like it could make it through to the grid.

  17. somehow this livery reminds me of lucky strike BAR Honda

  18. I can’t believe no-one’s commented on the best part of this livery…

    You can actually SEE the car number very clearly!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing Adrian!

      1. Virgin did it first. Williams, too, but that might not be a part of the final livery. And you can always see the McLaren ones. Everyone else tends to go for smaller numbers on the vertical fins in front of the sidepods. When it comes to invisible car numbering, the main offenders are Force India, who tend to put small numbers on the front wing in the space between the two vertical uprights because the car must have a number on the front of the car, but that narrow gap is too small for a sponsor decal.

  19. ‘This Could Be You’ how much for the seat?? they appear desperate now!

    1. also, i love the new livery! the chequered flag on the rear and being able to clearly see the car numbers!!

      HRT have one of the best liveries now just need a decent driver to drive the second car. should be Klien or Davide Valsecchi

      1. This is the Tron guy’s attempt right? Name forgotten…

        1. The car’s distinctive livery was designed by Daniel Simon of Cosmic Motors.

          1. That’s the fella! He’s even signed it underneath his logo! Awesome :)

            I fancy an F1 car with a comic book livery every year / race / quater.. a la BMW art cars… That would be something…

            How I miss Jordan’s Snake tipped cars… I loved those cars.

      2. And I just noticed how well those gorgeous wheels and the new pirelli tires go with the livery, looks fantastic!

    2. I don’t think they mean drivers. In fact they won’t at all. it’ll be a major sponsor. There’s always more than enough drivers trying to make it into F1 :P

  20. I know it’s not the topic but i got to tell ya
    Kubica is getting better he can move his fingers in the right heand.

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