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HRT F111 launch – first pictures

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HRT have revealed the first pictures of their 2011 F1 car, the F111.

Team principal Colin Kolles said: “The F111 represents a significant step forward for Hispania Racing.

“We have made a big improvement for starting our second season in Formula 1 and what you see in our new car confirms Hispania Racing?ι??s commitment to F1.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

The F111 was designed by Geoff Willis and Paul White. The team confirmed it will have an adjustable rear wing. However it will not have a Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

HRT aim to run the car for the first time in the pre-season test at Bahrain which begins on March 3rd.

Team president Jose Ramon Carabante said: ?σΤιΌ?τWe feel really proud of the car our drivers will run this forthcoming season.

“Despite a challenging first year, we managed to finish on the 11th position in the World Constructors Championship. Now, we are very pleased to introduce the first specification of the F111, which means a huge design-effort from our side.

“This is only a first step as we are planning several updates during the season.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

The car’s distinctive livery was designed by Daniel Simon of Cosmic Motors. He said, “I miss fearless visual statements and large beautiful numbers on today’s racing cars.

“Playing with the restrictions of what you can do to a complex F1 body is fun. There are many don’ts, but I found a way to lay courageous racing essence on the car.”

However aside from sponsorship from Tata, thanks to new driver Narain Karthikeyan, the F111’s bodywork features few sponsors.

Instead the bodywork shown includes the messages: “This could be you” and “This is a cool spot”.

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  1. Autosports Jonathan Noble reports:

    It is understood that the F111 will undergo its last mandatory FIA crash test this week before final preparations are made to get in on track at one of the pre-season F1 tests.

    HRT are really in for tight schedules, aren’t they! Does explain why they don’t go testing with it quite yet.

    1. Is Petrovs car subject to more crash tests then any other car?

    2. HRT are really in for tight schedules, aren’t they!
      At least they’ll actually be at a test this year.

      1. USF1 had their car crash tested, remember? What happened to them, again?

  2. HRT just making it to 2011 with an inspiring “FAIL” livery

    Pro Drive, Lola ……..I just heard Rosberg dropping his hair gel in his bathroom

  3. I was ready to say “WOW!” but then I enlarged the image.

    The livery colours are really good, but that half shark-fin ruins the back end. I don’t really like the nose either. But from certain angles the car does look awesome, bravo.

  4. I love big numbers on a shark fin and chequered flag is nice incorporated in a design. I’m suprised they don’t have any yellow.
    Your logo stickers are a bit lame but if that will score them sponsorship why not use it.
    It looks much better then last years livery but then again that wasn’t that difficult to do.
    How much did they pay for that paint-job again?

    1. Actually i am not too sure they did pay for it. As the designer of it is quite a fan of fast cars and probalby not in desperate need for money, would he pass up a chance of actually designing an F1 livery?

      I know I wouldn’t!

      1. And it’s pretty good advertisment for him to design the livery anyway.

        1. Exactly, the “after” pictures are so strikingly improved from the “before” pics at the start of last year that it is a very big advertisement for the whole grid to do something more with their livery.

          Would be nice if it caused Sauber to talk with the guy about what he can do with white, red and black/charcoal for next year :-p

  5. Looks like we have a pretty car at the back.Thumps up!

  6. Like it!! ;) Your logo here!! :D

  7. Looks very nice looking, but very slow looking.

    Fattest rear end on the grid

  8. check out what a crazy site! great sponsor!

    1. That was the gig that got Daniel Simon the job. It also got him employed to do some art for Tron: Legacy. It’s probably not really a sponsor, but more a way of recognising Simon’s contribution.

      1. Maybe a sponsor in the same way the HP logo and these banks were on the Renault last year. In return for their services they got a mention on the car.

        I think that car is a work of art, if Simon can put it up for sale or into a galery after the season it might be enough for him.

        Would you turn down the opportunity to do an F1 livery?

        1. In the same way that Vodaphone handles all the global data communications for McLaren. Decent sponsorship isn’t just about money for stickers, it’s a collaborative relationship to better both brands.

  9. They should have gone the whole hog and put their phone number on there…

    A straight checkerd flag motif, without red, would look very nice. Not bad as it is, though.


    found next to side pods

    1. It has something above the front suspension as well, can’t read it tough.

      1. “Do Not Sit Here”

        There’s also “Nothing Special Here” below the airbox camera…

        1. I half expect it to say “Wrong Way Up” on the undertray..!!

        2. LOL! really amazing livery, they are prepared for HD TV!

  11. Great livery!
    As Silencer mentioned – itΒ΄s similar to the old BAR Lucky Strike livery but still original enough.

    Will be interesting to see the livery in real pics instead of a 3D-rendering eventually.

  12. Wow, way to go HRT. Im liking that in some indycar looking sort of way!! Although i must say it wasnt going to be hard to make it look better than last years cars thats for sure.

  13. Wow, love this new livery! Very good looking from all angles. Looks a lot more ready than last year’s car.

  14. Is this Karthikeyan’s car? There’s a strip of colour just behind the cockpit that looks like it could be an Indian flag. If it is, it’s interesting that Karthikeyan has nominated to run under the 23 rather than the 22.

    1. 23 is considered a lucky and a really cool number in a lot of sports. I think Mike Jordan started the trend an then it started moving onto other sports as well. Unfortunately, Karthikeyan is going to need a whole lot more than the number 23 to make us think highly of him.

      1. It’s also considered to be unlucky.

  15. Oh “this could be you” is so embarrassing. Better to have just left it blank.

    Having said that, the colour scheme is ok and the book “Cosmic Motors” by artist Daniel Simon (who it would appear has done these pics) is incredible, highly recommended (if you like CG sci-fi vehicles).

      1. You can download them as high-res images – you know if you wanted to use them as desktop wallpaper or spot all the tongue in cheek warning messages…

        1. I was wondering, how you were able to read them!

          Thanks for the link, definitely downloading these.

    1. I think it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek. At the very least it’s hilarious.

    2. Look inside the cockpit

      “Warning, this vehicle moves very fast, only for professional drivers”

  16. “This could be you” sponsor gumpf or suggestion that they don’t have another driver and if they did would likely change them on a weekly basis?

    1. It’s advertising open space for sponsors. Billboards that are blank often run a message like it (with a contact phone number) to try and pique the interest of companies that would like their image plastered on a billboard on the side of a highway.

  17. Nice. Good use of the camera on the nose. Hope they get some decent sponsors.

  18. The writing inside the cockpit says: “Caution. This vehicle moves very fast. Only for professional drivers”

    Now I’m confused. I was under the impression that this was an HRT driven by Narain Karthikeyan…

  19. Thanks to the placement of the cameras, I’m officially calling the F111’s nosecone ‘the Hammerhead’

  20. I love how Lotus use the smallest posible car numbers to save space for more sponsors..

    .. compare to HRT :D

    Also… Is it just me or does your imagine put ‘PO’ in front of ‘TATA’ motors? :D

    1. Perhaps the Post Office could be persuaded to sponser HRT ;)

      1. hahaha.. yeah, Next Day Delivery?? Nice!

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