Pictures: ??Get well soon Kubica?? on cars at Jerez

2011 F1 testing

F1 teams have joined together in a show of support for Robert Kubica.

They are displaying messages encouraging the injured driver to ‘Get well soon’ in today’s test at Jerez.

All the teams are understood to be running the messages. Here are pictures of those seen so far.

Renault are displaying the message on their engine cover. McLaren and Ferrari have it on their front wings.

Virgin are displaying the message on their sidepods and it’s on the the rear wing endplates of the Red Bull, Lotus and Mercedes.

Robert Kubica rally crash

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67 comments on Pictures: ??Get well soon Kubica?? on cars at Jerez

  1. Funkyf1 said on 10th February 2011, 11:48

    Great to see so much positive response. A nation of formula one fans are with you Robert, wishing you the best.

  2. RBAlonso said on 10th February 2011, 13:05

    I have to say I am very impressed. Normally f1 teams are characterised as cold political monsters but this proves that formula 1 is as much about the people – the drivers, the mechanics and the fans – as it is about business.

    Get Well Soon Robert from everyone in f1.

  3. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 10th February 2011, 13:42

    Great spirit from all the teams and i’m sure Robert is over the moon with all this support.

  4. MATEUSZ said on 10th February 2011, 14:17

    its Your car Keith? :)

  5. alexf1man said on 10th February 2011, 14:50

    This is definitely one of the best things F1 has done for a long time (Massa’s crash didn’t get as much support on the cars) in terms of supporting a driver’s recovery :-) Love it.

  6. Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 10th February 2011, 15:18

    It’s great to see this kind of solidarity from so many teams.

    Here’s hoping you get back soon, Robby! Miss you already :C

  7. I’ve added it to the header on my company’s web page.

  8. MinusTwo said on 10th February 2011, 20:27

    Its great to see the other teams support him. Maybe they should leave those messages on the cars for the first race as well as testing?

  9. Nice job, nice work, nice template

  10. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 11th February 2011, 2:08

    Such a nice thing to see. The other day I saw people all over the world who are fans of many different drivers & team here in F1F & in twitter really supporting Kubica & praying for him.Now the whole of F1 team is supporting him. I think one reason why this sport is called F1 is the fact when it matters all the people connected to it get together & becomes ONE.

    • wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 11th February 2011, 2:36

      Lotus Renault driver Robert Kubica has been moved from intensive care to a trauma ward as he continues his recovery.On Friday he will undergo a double surgery in his foot and shoulder.Then next week we expect to perform the last operation on the patient.

  11. BentonFraser said on 11th February 2011, 18:35

    THANKS GUYS! Best regards from PL

  12. Pink Pirelli said on 12th February 2011, 4:21

    So nice to see a real community spirit throughout the F1 teams, just a shame that it took such an awful event to bring it to the fore.

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