Bruno Senna, Renault, Jerez, 2011

Jerez test day 4 in pictures

2011 F1 testingPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

The final day of testing is underway at Jerez with Bruno Senna doing his first run in the Renault.

Here are pictures from today’s test.

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2011 F1 testing

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  1. What camera are you using for these test days and what-not Keith?

  2. Ok Keith, I’m hearing drivers are saying that the usual suspects are looking strongest ( McLaren, RBR and Ferrari). In your opinion coz you are there too, who’s looking best over long runs and who’s looking the best of the rest?

    1. Not sure about McLaren because they’ve not done much running. But as you say the other two look good, clearly quick and reliable from the get-go.

      1. Renault look fast too.

  3. Could you please provide us with the lap times of Bruno Senna as of now? Thanks!


      Autosport have the times off to the side, only the best though. He hasnt done many laps so far, hoping for more later on. :)

  4. I’m bot sure whether or not it’s the paint, but that front wing on the RedBull looks huge. I’m sure Newey has a reason for that :)

  5. Anyone else noticing the large rubber pad on the nose of the McLaren?

    1. Yeah… You are right… I can only imagine it’s a device to measure airflow, They do seem to have all the other bits attached to the car so that seems to make sense.

      1. Or alter it….?

        1. Speaking of altering, which was my guess as well, did anyone else see that the Mercedes has the fins aside the radiator chopped down to about 8 inches? I checked and everyone else is running full length (to the top of the radiator) fins. Interesting.

      2. But it looks quite advanced and polished with the logo on it and nice rounded edges to be just some sensors (those are just taped on).

        Maybe Keith can ask McLaren about it?

        1. Lol its a shadow!! Look how it curves down the side of the front of the nose. Its the big media centre bridge that runs over the track.

          1. Nah. Look closer.

          2. That would be the first 3D shadow featuring a Mercedes star logo on it. Have a close look and you’ll see.

          3. Look again full screen and expanded; it is definitely not a shadow, unless those have matter and mass now.

          4. Err no really you look closer. Its not remotely 3d. Look at the tip of the nose, its is uneven where the light from the edge of the bridge is hitting the car.

            Why would their pointless rubber nose mat be fitted unevenly, he he. Its also not on any other mclaren picture from today and not something any team would have any reason to slap on the front of their car.

            Its the shadow from this:
            End of!

          5. If it was a shadow, there would still be a visual effect of the chrome. Also, looking at the shadows on the ground, it would be far less pronounced and far less local.

          6. It’s not a shadow – the sun wasn’t high enough, the light wasn’t strong enough and the bridge wasn’t close enough.

          7. Seriously I cant believe this, testing makes people go mad!

            If it was a shadow, there would still be a visual effect of the chrome.

            Exactly why you can still see the 3 pointed star and the 2 silver curves at 4 and 8oclock below the merc badge. where the bridge stretches across and down the sides of the nose unevenly in a 100% non 3d fashion.

            Also, looking at the shadows on the ground, it would be far less pronounced and far less local.

            Do you think a black shadow will be more pronounced on a highly reflective chrome nose or dull grey tarmac!?! The reflection is not on the front wing as the wing angles mean the sky from in front of the bridge is being reflected.

          8. Give up Adam. As Keith said (who is there) the bridge in question was not close enough.

            Plus I think its blatantly obvious anyway that its not a shadow.

          9. It’s hard to tell whether there is something on the car or if its just a reflection of something above. It’s not a “shadow” tho.

          10. Tell me where the 1 is of the Mobil 1 logo? The nose has a slightly downward slope, so it should be equally visible as the mercedes logo. It’s not visible, because whatever is on the nose is higher than the actual nose and thus blocking the sight of the 1.


      3. R u guys r nuts, its not rubber pad or any other device to measure airflow. Rather it is colored dye that helps to identify the pattern or aerodynamics effects of wings or other things………. it is so simple.. how could anyone miss that……..

    2. Anyone else noticing the large rubber pad on the nose of the McLaren?

      Thats McLaren’s innovative exhaust system, it blows hot air over the drivers faces to make them think their on a beach in the Seychelles.

      1. Haha… Thus making them relax and drive….. Faster?

        1. Or, like McLaren is just hot air?

      2. EBF – Exhaust blown face

  6. Senna’s gotta beat 1.20.361… And probably by a fair margin to impress and make it worth risking the lack of experience he has.

    1. Boullier has already said that he won’t be driving and now he’s just doing km’s…

      1. Where did you get that?

        1. He said that in the interview for the polish site site as well it has been published by other media – Autosport

          -Renault team boss Eric Boullier has already ruled Bruno out of being in contention for the drive, because he doesn’t meet the team’s requirement of being an experienced driver. He’s giving the Brazilian some time in the car to help him build his experience…

          1. That makes sense to me. I’d love to see Senna in a decent car and on the grid this year, but not even I would make that call if I was Eric Boullier.

            They just can’t have two inexperienced drivers on the grid.

            I’d have picked Kubica and Senna though in the first place. ;-)

          2. If he is serious about giving Senna experience, the decent thing would be to give him some FP1 sessions alternating between cars like Force India did for H├╝lkenberg. I wish more teams would adopt this attitude for their 3rd drivers. With no testing it’s the best way of evaluating drivers and giving them mileage behind the wheel.

  7. Looking at that Ferrari/McLaren picture, I can’t help feeling there’s a bit of ‘ours are bigger than yours’ going on,,,,,

  8. I don’t want to buy into any of this Lotus Renault GP v Team Lotus marketing/one-upmanship garbage, but it really is pretty awesome to see “that” yellow helmet in a black and gold F1 car again.

    1. Danny Bahar sends his warm regards to you, the humble racing fan… As he sits a little more comfortably in his chair ;)

      1. I’m glad I didn’t pin my colours to either mast in that last post, I just said it was awesome to see! Now if Danny fances sending me a cheque I’ll be happy to disclose my favorite Lotus… ;)

        1. I think he’d be happy creating a warm fuzzy feeling in peoples stomachs. Especially in Brasil. He’s not naive. :)

          1. This is very true…pity then that Eric Boullier seems to be about ready to give Nick Heidfeld the race seat.

          2. Looks great doesn’t it, if only it looked like this however…


          3. Inoke, yes! That Renault without the red endplates looks much better! +1

          4. Even I like it like that!

  9. Is it the angle or are McLaren running a front wing with a different top inboard winglet size on the left to the right? The one on the left seems shorter, with a gap to the inner top winglet. The right seems longer, and connects with the top winglet. Seems to me the camera angle would effect the reverse if the winglets were staggered back of the inner top winglet…

    … Make sense?

    1. I get what you mean but I think its a combination of the camera angle and the angles that the winglets sit in relation to each other.

      1. True, but the fat lady isn’t singing yet, otherwise Nick wouldn’t be undoubted if he’s got the seat. Brunos got some space in which to blow EBs mind. It’s unlikely… But you never do know 100%

        1. *uncertain !

          Brain/iPad have stated irreconcilable differences evidently

  10. the-muffin-man
    13th February 2011, 10:04

    I’m not 100% sure of the safety of these forward facing exhausts.

    What happens when an engine blows? At the least I would have thought the driver would get a faceful of exhaust gases (which can’t be healthy!) and at the worst a plume of flames around the cockpit.

    1. I thinks it’d be fine, unless the car was stationary. Without refuelling though I reckon it’s unlikely any flame would come from the exhaust while stationary.

  11. He is already faster than Petrov was with 2 days of testing

    1. But without knowing anything about their respective programs, and knowing how much the track has “rubbered-in” that might not say all that much.

      That said, Autosport live noted a quote from Renault (Bouiller) noting that Senna wasn’t going to get the drive for lack of experience, but that it would be good to give him some experience in the car “for the longer term”. So I suppose that it could well be about giving Petrov some competition.

      Anyway, good for Senna to get some time in a faster F1 car again.

      1. that was entirely my point, shame the car is covered in petrovs financial backers.

    1 Barrichello Williams 1m19.832s
    2 Alonso Ferrari 1m21.074s
    3 Buemi Toro Rosso 1m21.682s
    4 Senna Renault 1m21.990s
    5 Kobayashi Sauber 1m22.207s
    6 Vettel Red Bull 1m22.222s
    7 Rosberg Mercedes 1m22.773s
    8 D’Ambrosio Virgin 1m22.985s
    9 Di Resta Force India 1m23.444s
    10 Button McLaren 1m23.602s
    11 Kovalainen Lotus 1m24.023s
    All timing unofficial. Updated: 10:27 GMT

    1. awsome time by barrichello!!!! Where that time came from. Is it a sign that, that rear of the car invention, it’s the tecnical eureka moment of the year?

      1. It was the first lap of an eight-lap run and by the end of it he was in the 1’23s so he was definitely on a softer compounds, probably the super-softs.

  13. That Force India looks like tank.

  14. It seems like Alonso’s helmet has a little picture of a helmet on it (see the image on Autosport’s live timing page, link in fordsrule’s post above).

    Does anyone know what it is?

    1. I think it is Kubica’s, not positive though. :)

    2. That’s a picture of Kubica’s helmet. Steph posted a picture link of a close-up yesterday.

      Nice touch, isn’t it?

      1. It actually is. +1 Fernando!

        1. Yep it’s Kubica’s. It reminded me of 09 when Rubens stuck a picture of Felipe’s on his. It’s a lovely gesture.

  15. Alonso – 1:20.4

    Ferrari, RBR, have got a 1:19 in them and maybe Mclaren and Renault but will we see it in the actual times?

    1. I think that ‘every’ team there could probably do a 1.19.

      1. Not every team there is about to have an IPO.

        Stick the softs on and pump up the share

  16. Maybe I’ve been slow to notice – but that little fin that the RedBull had on launch day has disappeared – so it really was there only for logo purposes; humble pie for me, I was arguing that “surely that’s not they way they do things”.

  17. Why does the Williams timing have some times for the other day but not others. Its not as if it just show the quickest times yet.

  18. I know you are mainly Maclaren fans,so sorry to interrupt, but what happened to Rosberg,Michael drove that car for 2 days with hardly any problems.

    1. Maybe after being satisfied with those tests (a lot of learning the tyres), they are now trying new bits again?

    2. Well as a F1 fan first and a Williams fan second I’m pretty happy right now.

      Not sure about Rosberg. His done something like 18 laps

      1. Whoops….*He has done*

    3. I know you are mainly Maclaren fans

      Don’t know where you got that idea from. The previous comments are about Red Bull, Williams, Force India, Renault and Lotus as well as McLaren.

      1. Keith Keep your great work, As far as i followed u i dont see any favoritism from you nor u did say something in favor of any particular team. I am a fan of F1 so team rivalry give me thrill but not hatred. so dont mind the foolish word 4m the little avenger ;-)

    4. @Dianna,

      I know what you mean, but most of the fans here just love F1… again, it is a British site so expect that there are more pro-Mclaren fans than Ferrari. There are a lot of Tifosi and other teams fans on here as well however. I’d guess 95% of the fans on this site are Adrian Newey fans…so we’ve all got that in common =)

      1. Hi Chris, Yes a Schumacher fan here and I am British!!! :)
        Also a Ferrari fan like you? AZnyway back to Autosport as my questiom wasn’t answered sadly.

    5. Yeah, Nico seems to be having problems with his car no matter the day. Michael managed to put in 200 laps in the past two days so his car seems to be sorted out.

      Williams must be happy that Rubens is eating up track and gathering data today.

      And those Ferraris keep pounding away. They’ll be tough at Bahrain.

  19. Keith,

    Is it just me or are the pictures not as good as normally (quality wise). I noticed that with yesterdays pics too. I normally use them as Desktop Wallpapers but these look quite pixelated… ;(

  20. Bruno should get the chance. Nick got many.
    Bruno fastest lap so far is 1 21 990 which is just 1.5 sec slower than Nick. He should set up the car nicely and go for Nick’s time of yesterday in the last hour of the day.

    Good Luck

    1. 1.5 secs slower with a much better track. That’s not so hot IMO.

      1. never know what strategies he is running, could be completely different to Heidfield. Although I do agree, I think Senna deserves the seat.

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