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Teams to follow Ecclestone on Bahrain decision

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In today’s round-up: Teams to follow Ecclestone on Bahrain decision – once he decides.

Meanwhile testing continues at Barcelona. See the daily testing post for more details.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone ‘hopeful’ over Bahrain GP (BBC)

“Probably today if we had to make the decision on the information I’ve got, we wouldn’t do that. But anyway it seems as if – they say – it’s quiet, no big problems. Now, they’re there. I don’t know if I was there or you were there we’d say there are problems, I’ve no idea. But that’s what our people said. I’m more hopeful today than I was yesterday.”

Later, after further reports of violence in Bahrain, Ecclestone changed his mind:

Ecclestone still monitoring Bahrain unrest (RTE Sport)

“Two of my guys were there and they said they were looking out of their hotel window and that they saw a group of people supporting the king, with nobody causing any trouble. They said that all was quiet, that one of the main roads that was closed was now open again, and that was more or less it. They did say they would have to wait until later on today because of the funerals taking place, and that they did not know what the position would be until after that. So when I made my earlier statement it was based on the information I had at that time, as opposed to what is happening.”

Teams will follow FIA, FOM on Bahrain (Autosport)

“One is linked to the other; they are only a week apart. It wouldn’t make sense to go and test there if the race wasn’t to happen. We will wait for feedback from FOM and the FIA and make a decision accordingly. We are looking at some alternatives because we don’t know whether we can go to Bahrain.”

Anthony Davidson on Twitter

“Off to see the guys at Codemasters today to see the latest developments on the F1 2011 video game! Focusing on the new handling model.”

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A positive note going into the new season (Ferrari)

Stefano Domenicali: “The floatation on the stock exchange of Williams, a team which has played a key role in the history of Formula 1, demonstrates the vitality of our sport. At a time when the world economy is still going through a very delicate phase, especially in Europe, it is positive to see new methods being used to try and assure the future of the independent teams, in such a way that they have the means to compete at the highest level in the top category of motor sport in the world.”

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Comment of the day

Vitantonio Liuzzi at HRT: good or bad for his career? Here’s BasCB:

Looks like Liuzzi is looking forward to it. At least he will know, how the team operates and he will have seen something from Narain driving.

But without even having seen the new car, I guess it is hard to say whether this is a good road for Liuzzi. Going with a team with very little ressources and experience, no factory and no solid development team, what will it do for his career?

And how much cash will he have to bring to the table?

From the forum

What other race series are you following this year?

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Adrian Campos’s entry was taken over by Jose Ramon Carabante who put Colin Kolles in charge of running the team.