Vitantonio Liuzzi, HRT, Barcelona, 2011

HRT will not run in last day of Barcelona test

2011 F1 testingPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Vitantonio Liuzzi, HRT, Barcelona, 2011
Vitantonio Liuzzi, HRT, Barcelona, 2011

HRT say they will not run their car in the final day of the F1 test at Barcelona.

A spokesperson told F1 Fanatic: “We have covered our program today, so we are not driving tomorrow.”

HRT have run three different drivers during the test: Narain Karthikeyan, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Giorgio Mondini.

The team planned to run their new F111 at the next test in Bahrain. But there are doubts over whether that test will go ahead.

2011 F1 testing

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60 comments on “HRT will not run in last day of Barcelona test”

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  1. They are making things even worst for themselves.

  2. Their plan was to evaluate two drivers which they have accoplished.
    At a certain point it is of no benefit to test an old car, built to a different regulation, with new tyres that will operform differently when the car is changed.

  3. There has always been a culture of bashing the little guys in F1. Everyone in HRT have the same passion for f1 as anyone in the big teams, they probably work even harder with limited facilities and resources.

    Here’s an idea, lets just ban every team except Ferrari, Red Bull,Renault and McLaren coz those teams are cool and have lots of money.

    Lets make fun of the small teams with no sponsors until they disapear! Let’s admit it Williams are on the way out dont support them. All the new teams are just fly-by-nighters so forget them!

    I’m here to support F1, if I wanted to read everything negative and every scandal and every conspiracy theory I’d go to

    1. A lot of us here support the underdog. I always liked Minardi for its effort and spirit, and have been a supporter of Force India right from day one. Toro Rosso taking a race win in 2008 was definitely the highlight of they year for me.

      HRT on the other hand doesn’t show any promise. If you are entering the pinnacle of motorsport, you have to ensure you get into it with a plan. HRT didn’t organise their funding, direction, future plans, driver lineups, car design, testing schedules etc. Ive only been watching F1 for a short period of time (94 season onwards), and I haven’t seen a team more disorganised and clueless than HRT.

      So I hope you understand why everyone doesn’t support HRT with the same enthusiasm as you do.

  4. I might have missed it but why are the running an old livery?

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