Nick Heidfeld, Renault, Barcelona, 2011

Barcelona test day 4 in pictures

2011 F1 testingPosted on Author Keith Collantine

The third F1 test of 2011 has finished at Barcelona.

Here’s a selection of pictures from today’s test.

More pictures will be added here shortly.

F1 pictures

Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team

20 comments on “Barcelona test day 4 in pictures”

  1. Initially I was unsure about the Renault, but now I decided that it is beautiful. But I wish Renault would stop trying to be Lotus, and concentrate on being Renault.

      1. It just adds to the overall package too since he’s a German driver and those are the colors of the German flag, in fact he kind of has a small flag next to the big gold Q on the side of his helmet. Definitely my favorite helmet design this year.

  2. Off-topic but I’d like to ask (sorry if it has been mentioned before but I’ve not seen it)

    There’s a new app in the Apple Appstore for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, “F1 2011 Timing App – Championship Pass”. It is fairly expensive as apps go (about 30 $). Anybody can say if it’s worth it? Thanks!

    1. I’ve become used to the wings, I became used to them very quickly in fact, from the side you can’t even really notice the rear ones’ height and the front wings’ width doesn’t bother me either apart from all the additions and endplate variatios

  3. I’ve just noticed the very subtle Chinese dragon motif on Schumi’s helmet along with the characters for his wife and daughter’s names in Mandarin :] Bit of a fuzzy feeling now haha

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