Felipe Massa heads the charts as Barcelona test ends

2011 F1 testing

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Barcelona, 2011

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Barcelona, 2011

Felipe Massa set the fastest time on the final day in Barcelona.

The Ferrari driver lapped the Circuit de Catalunya in 1’22.625 – the quickest time seen during the four-day test.

Lewis Hamilton managed a productive day in the McLaren. He completed over 100 laps in the MP4-26 which has struggled to accumulate mileage over the course of its first two tests.

However the day came to an early end for Jarno Trulli after a problem with Lotus caused a crash at Campsa a little over an hour into the test.

With the car needing extensive repairs he was done for the day.

Nick Heidfeld had a quiet start to the morning due to a problem with the Renault’s KERS. Pastor Maldonado’s Williams also had a KERS glitch relating to the water pump.

The Williams driver was later able to run a long stint but his car came to a halt at the end of it, bringing out the red flags.

Another stoppage came close to the end of the session as Michael Schumacher hit trouble in the Mercedes.

The session was re-started with 11 minute to go giving a handful of drivers the chance to complete a few extra laps.

Driver Car Best time Laps Difference
1 Felipe Massa Ferrari F150th Italia 1’22.625 121
2 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault RB7 1’23.442 69 0.817
3 Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR6 1’23.550 90 0.925
4 Nick Heidfeld Renault R31 1’23.657 95 1.032
5 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes MP4-26 1’24.003 107 1.378
6 Pastor Maldonado Williams-Cosworth FW33 1’24.057 121 1.432
7 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes VJM04 1’24.177 64 1.552
8 Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari C30 1’24.515 70 1.890
9 Jerome d’Ambrosio Virgin-Cosworth MVR-02 1’26.501 50 3.876
10 Michael Schumacher Mercedes W02 1’27.079 114 4.454
11 Jarno Trulli Lotus-Renault T128 1’29.992 18 7.367

2011 F1 testing

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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87 comments on Felipe Massa heads the charts as Barcelona test ends

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  1. Wow that was quick, Keith not Massa

    • that lap time from Massa was pretty quick, it’s faster than 2010 Spain GP, which prolly means it was a low fuel run on softer tires.

  2. sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 21st February 2011, 16:07

    Pretty sure Massa’s time was a qualifying sim (although I believe the session was red flagged so its hard to know).

    Brundle tweeted some great comments about today:

    Drivers will bitch like crazy bt I’m really liking what I’m seeing out on track. They are really having to drive the cars, loads of mistakes

    Mercedes has poor traction, McLaren looks shocking as if on cold tyres, Red Bull+Ferrari+Renault Lotus Lada+Williams all pounding round

    Torro Rosso looks solid, Buemi is chasing the throttle as hard as anybody. Watching cars it’s definitely going to be a wild +variable season

    All food for thought!

    • Toro Rosso incredibly high on the charts of all the tests! I hope they have improved.

      • Toro Rosso has show some promise, but still it’s a bit early to say where they are in relation to competition as i believe Merc has not show all it’s cards for now. but given all the data we have, it seems that all the 3 Merc powered cars are struggling.

    • In reality we could have drivers running around at 70 – 80% like Bahrain last year preserving tyres. I hope the tyres present the opinion for guys to run flat out and take on extra sets and not some middle ground where they try to complete on 2 or 3 sets.

    • Eggry (@eggry) said on 21st February 2011, 17:10

      I think Toro Rosso is faster than Merc at present.

      • JohnTheMan96 said on 21st February 2011, 23:08

        Rosberg’s time yesterday is roughly 4 seconds faster than Schumacher’s time today, strange isn’t it?

        And I doubt STR are faster then MERC

  3. ed24f1 (@ed24f1) said on 21st February 2011, 16:07

    Well it will be interesting to see what Massa says about the tyres.

    He’s probably got the most to gain from the switch to Pirelli tyres, and yet he has been very quiet about it this year, which is strange.

    Anyway, I think Ferrari and Red Bull look very close, but clearly ahead of the rest. Then, it is very close after that, and I think Renault, Williams and Toro Rosso will spring some surprises.

  4. Icemangrins said on 21st February 2011, 16:10

    good lord…. now can anyone go and ask if that was a glory run? I guess not…. as he is not schumi !!

  5. I am increasingly awaiting Massa to deliver great races seeing his results in tests and I really hope he will manage to be on the Hall of Fame by the end of 2011.

  6. I’m getting concerned with Renault’s KERS

    With one test to go (now two since there won’t be Bahrain), I hope they iron out the problems by then.

  7. alexander said on 21st February 2011, 16:22

    i think massa is back to his best
    i think the pirelli tyres suit him real good but we will have too wait and see what he says.

    @Fixy i completely agree with you

  8. BasCB (@bascb) said on 21st February 2011, 16:43

    It will be interesting to see, just how much quicker they will be with the last test being in Barcelona as well.

  9. It looks like STR’s radical ‘twin floor’ is doing the bizz!

    McLaren is handling like a Tesco shopping trolley.

    Mercedes is fish-tailing everywhere!

    Should be some big surprises down-under with just one test to go.

    • DCman (@) said on 21st February 2011, 17:55

      Rather have Mercedes fish-tailing than the front end washing out. They say that the aero package will be at the next test and that they have had over-heating problems.
      A lot of people say McLaren have bitten more than they can chew.
      STR looking sporty aren’t they.
      Wish the season would start already!

  10. superted666 said on 21st February 2011, 16:49

    Looks like Mclaren can’t get the setup correct, it feels like there missing some talent in the design department in recent years.

    I’ve held off doing this as i believe it gives them an unfair advantage, however I have decided that i’m going to offer them my services as a driver to partner Lewis.


  11. ManjuBoy (@manjuboy) said on 21st February 2011, 16:56

    It’s quite interesting that many of the driver’s quickest times came during the last 25 minutes of today’s session. Were they saving their short stint/super soft tire runs for last?


  12. The long runs from Hamilton look worringly slow. Schumacher’s long run on the other end seemed to be quite better.

  13. Geo Pav said on 21st February 2011, 17:08

    Don’t worry abt McLaren’s new car it’s too early and today was the first real testing 107 laps we put some good miles on the car, definately need a lot more for reliability, balancing, set up and tyres of course.

    • Nigelstash (@nigelstash) said on 21st February 2011, 23:53

      Have a look at the best times of each driver. Alonso did 1.23.978 on Saturday. Hamilton did 1.23 858 on Sunday. Look at the variables – Drivers are evenly matched (both dead quick). Track should be a bit quicker for Hamilton’s Sunday run. McLaren are a few days behind on their testing schedule. I’d say that is encouraging for McLaren. Red Bull look well ahead though.

  14. Eggry (@eggry) said on 21st February 2011, 17:18

    My speculation about performance Top 5

    Ferrari>=Redbull>Mclaren>=Renault>=Toro Rosso

    I think Redbull is still faster in term of a flying lap, but Ferrari is more consistent and faster in race sim. Mclaren is not so good in time sheet but they have not tried seriously until now. Today they had first over 100 lap, so I believe they will show real pace in the next test.

    I have a little doubt about Renault because of their inconsistent and reliability but if everything goes fine, they would comfortably stay within top5(as team). the most suprising of recent tests is Toro Rosso. They’re fast and very consistent. maybe they are faster than Renault and Mercedes. I believe Mercedes is definetly in serious situation.

    • I still expect RBR to be fastest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned up at Aus and in q3 suddenly went 3-5 tenths quicker than Ferrari.

      • Lemon (@lemon) said on 21st February 2011, 18:50

        Hope not that would be dull. But I expect you’re right!

        • If I am (unfortunately) right then hopefully they’ll be close on race pace so a Sunday is exciting. Although RBR were a little slower on race pace last year, had Seb crashing and collecting failures every other race and they still won! :P

          • You’re expecting a 2010 repeat but a little closer and also more limited (McLaren a little lower)? As much as high competition is very nice, I like championships where there are mainly two rivals and the others, whilst battling, are still below those two.

        • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 21st February 2011, 19:26

          I get that feeling as well. I think we’ll see even more poles for Vettel this year, and maybe less race wins as I agree with Eggry, that Ferrari (and maybe McLaren) will at least be on par with Red Bull on race pace, making it difficult for the Bulls to defend with the DRS in place and Alonso/Massa/Hamilton/Button breathing down their necks…

  15. Eggry (@eggry) said on 21st February 2011, 17:22

    Anyway, it seems like Renault’s KERS make so much trouble. Isn’t it Redbull using same one? at least I know they use the unit from Renault&Magneti Marelli. or they’re just dealing with it much better?

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