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Melbourne faces fresh calls to drop its Grand Prix

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In today’s round-up: another politician urges Melbourne to stop hosting its F1 race.


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Residents fed up with noisy Grand Prix, says MP (The Age)

“The Grand Prix may have been a good deal in 1996 when it cost the government only AUS $1.7 million, but with falling crowd numbers and taxpayers footing a AUS $50-million-a-year bill, the state government should know to cut its losses and walk away.”

Bahrain withdraw from 2011 GP2 Asia Series calendar (GP2 Asia)

The cancellation means the GP2 Asia championship, which was supposed to include six races, is over after just one double-header event – unless further rounds are organised.

Barcelona future dependant on finances (Autosport)

“The future of the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona beyond the 2012 season will depend on economic factors, according to Catalunya’s president Artur Mas.”

Sebastien Buemi Q&A: I am hungry for points (F1)

“I definitely don?t want to go below last year. I at least want to be as good as last year. I want to be a regular points? scorer. I am really hungry for points. I didn?t have enough last season!”

Martin Brundle on Twitter

Mercedes has poor traction, McLaren looks shocking as if on cold tyres, Red Bull, Ferrari, Renault-Lotus-Lada and Williams all pounding round.”

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Sign of Progress at Austin F1 track

“Presidents Day was no holiday at the planned US Grand Prix site south-east of Austin. More machines – and bigger ones – moving around. What?s more, the sign is up, marking the spot.”

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From the archive

Race cancellations and postponements, like that we saw yesterday, don’t happen very often.

The last race to be postponed was the 1985 Belgian Grand Prix. And it wasn’t due to political unrest, but because the track fell apart.

Read about it below:

Comment of the day

A comment from Chris who had tickets for the now-cancelled Bahrain Grand Prix:

A friend and I bought tickets, flights and booked a hotel in Manama for the Bahrain GP at the end of 2010. I?ve been looking forward to it hugely, so was extremely anxious when the unrest began and it emerged that the race might be threatened. I?m sure there will be a lot of people who were in a similar situation ?ǣ checking the news every day for the last week or so to see how the situation developed.

Cancelling the race is probably the right decision. The start of a new F1 season should have a celebratory atmosphere, which, with all the security and tension, wouldn?t have been present in Bahrain. Any kind of radical behaviour from protesters, justified or not, would have been a disaster for the sport and the safety of the teams, fans and circuit staff is paramount. The situation is more severe than anyone in the UK knows, and they clearly need time to talk and to bring about change.

That said, from a purely personal viewpoint, I?m totally gutted that we won?t be going.

From the forum

An historical question on Cosworth from Clovis1982.

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