Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2011

Kubica out of intensive care and starting rehabilitation

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In today’s round-up: Kubica making progress and the difficulty of getting Bahrain back in 2011.


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Update on Robert with Dr. Rossello (Renault)

“He no longer needs intensive care so he has begun the rehabilitation process. He is now in his own large room so that he is as comfortable as possible. He has already started some gentle hand exercises with the slight flexing of his fingers.”

Lack of time means Bahrain grand prix faces likely axe this season (The Guardian)

“Brazil, it is understood, has paid extra money to regain that honour and nor would it welcome its race being put back a week, for it would clash with the climax to the domestic football season. The only alternative would be to stage the Bahrain race during the mid-season break in August, but the heat would be almost unbearable then.”

Back to good old days for F1, says Webber (Reuters)

“It’s back to the good old days isn’t it? It always used to be the season-opener and it’s a sensational place for it.”

Trulli: Pirellis lacking development (Autosport)

“In my opinion tyre wear is secondary compared to the tyre’s balance problems, because at the moment you get on the track with a new tyre that initially is understeering, and after three laps the behaviour is the opposite, that is impossible oversteering.”

F1 test analysis: A couple of graphs to get you thinking… (James Allen)

“There?s quite a significant difference in the rate of drop off, I?m sure you?ll agree. The softs last around 12-14 laps the hards around 20-22 laps.”

A look at the books (Joe Saward)

“One can only hope that Mallya?s troubles in the aviation business will not impact on his racing team.”

Danielle Amaduzzi photographs (eBay)

Via dank_ross

Williams F1 narrows price range for Frankfurt flotation (The Daily Telegraph)

“The shares sold in Williams will create a free float of about 28pc with the majority of the offering sold by co-founder Patrick Head. He will see his stake drop from 23.5pc to 5.8pc ?ǣ netting him a cool ??54m-plus.”

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Comment of the day

Simon thinks teams shouldn’t rely too heavily on CFD. Anyone else want to see him have a chat with Nick Wirth?

CFD and FEA are both tools but are fundamentally flawed as they can not compute every element of the real world, so they make some assumptions.

A lot of those assumptions themselves were derived from models made by computer to simplify the original calculations.

Whilst these tools can reduce lead times to investigate an idea, thorough testing can not be replicated in a CPU.

Also it takes an engineer to have the idea in the first place ?ǣ over reliance on technology leads to a generic design bases on probabilities, rather than a ??Newey-esque? feel for something good.

Sorry to blather on about it ?ǣ but I use these tools extensively and they are a little bit over-sold on their abilities.

I?d rather see cars whizzing around test tracks and Engineers who have a real feel for the subject, rather than a bunch of tech-heads sat in an air-conditioned building making virtual race cars.

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