Pastor Maldonado, Williams FW33 livery launch

Williams FW33 livery revealed

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Williams have revealed the definitive livery of their 2011 F1 car.

Their car will retain the blue-and-white of last year with stripes that hark back to their 1990s Rothmans livery.

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  1. What is the point of showing dark pictures of the ‘new’ livery?
    If that car was parked outside my house. I still would not recognize it. PR gone mad.

  2. their left-rear tyre is graining already.

  3. Does it still carry the Senna-sign?

    1. Yes it does – see the outside of the front wing supports

  4. Fun fact: this isn’t just a tribute to the FW16-FW19 livery. The white ring around the blue nose is pulled driectly from 2008’s FW30.

    1. Yes, they have had it since about then – the nose isn’t very different; I did use to think that the white bit in front of the cockpit they had there was sort of to remind us of this same Rothmans livery – odd that on this recreation of it they didn’t have it!

  5. 1 word – disappointed

  6. Didn’t really like it at first but on closer inspection, I think it’s loads better than last years boring effort. The red doesn’t really stand out but I don’t think that lighting helps.

    Personally, I think it could be one of the nicer looking cars when we get to see it at the next test in natural lighting.

  7. Are they also going to have problems in Canada ?

  8. My first thoughts were, a nod back to the 1995/96/97 livery (ouch just remembered that horrid red phase they had before the BMW involvement)

  9. I quit like it for a Williams livery. Look how they put the Venezuelans there where the red Castrol was in ’97.

    The thing I am really starting to feel bad about though is these tobacco liveries getting in. Sure Williams replaced the gold with silver, but still.

    It makes me think HRT might really be looking back to Luckys with their Cosmic Motors livery.

    After last years debate about the Marlbs barcode replaced by the pack of smokes by Ferrari I was wondering how long the other companies would put up with Ph.Morris fragrantly ignoring the agreement between the companies to adhere from this.

    Now we have the answer. They have sneeked way back in.

    1. This is an interesting point.

      The problem is that tobacco livery’s defined F1’s image for so long that they became intertwined.

      The Williams livery is a hark back to their successful period, which is why its more acceptable. The Renault livery is simply a cash in, the team is not the same one as back then.

      Either way though, because the liveries were so iconic regardless of their tobacco sponsorship, I don’t see it as subliminal advertising. That, and also the status of tobacco is completely different now to what it was in the early 90’s and before that. Smoking is no longer the same social behaviour that it used to be and without wishing to upset any smokers, it is much less acceptable too.

      1. Well but the tobacco companies are looking even harder for ways to get that tiny bit of exposure, now that rightout advertising is not allowed.

        And smoking seems to be on the rise in some European countries as well as in Asia.

        1. tomforpresident
          24th February 2011, 21:44

          i doubt it is some kind of comspiracy.

          also ferrari is the only company receiving money from a tobacco company.

          at the end of the day people like retro, f1 companies want to do things people like and in f1 retro means tobacco.

  10. look really nice!!

  11. Horribly non-descript Livery. It looks like they got an accountant to design it!

  12. What happened to the big numbers on the sidepods that they’ve used in testing??

    I loved them!!

  13. I’ll reserve my judgement for daylight. That lighting masks all the detail and makes it look cack!!

    I’m sure it will be more elegant in the flesh.

  14. HounslowBusGarage
    24th February 2011, 12:08

    I did a doubletake when I saw the side view. Just for a moment I mis-read PDVSA as HONDA!

  15. I like the back end, great shapes with a nice style. Problem is the front lets its down, it makes it look too fat. Overall I’m very disappointed it makes a fantastic looking car look very poor. I think I prefer the testing livery.

    They need some more imagination, they’re about as predictable as Ferrari with the colours !!

  16. It actually reminds me a bit of a Tyrell from the late 80s or early 90s.

  17. To all those doubters who were posting that Williams new livery was not worthy of the hype and would be the usual beige Ned ‘Bland’ers effort. You were… right, can’t believe I got caught up in it :-(

  18. Nothing new to see here.
    Some blue and white like last year, with a “la retro” silver.
    Interim livery was better IMO
    They should work on that blue, it’s way to dark.

  19. i really like it. the red stripes are great.

    1. they’re red?! I’m being dead serious here.

      1. Oh yeah, they are.

  20. I like it, in fact, I really like it.

    I have no clue why the reaction has been so bad,
    To be honest I think after the Mercedes, or in fact, maybe with it, this has to be my favourite. Just great.
    Fantastic. Can’t wait to see it in Melbourne.

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